Breaking News Story-Jessica Drake Accuses Trump of Sexual Misconduct.

Breaking News Story-Jessica Drake Accuses Trump of Sexual Misconduct.

Another Gross Accusation in the Long List of Accusations against Donald Trump.

In the wake of the growing list of sexual misconduct accusations against Trump, another damning accusation has come from unexpected quarters. Adult film star Jessica Drake has reinvigorated the debate on Trump’s sexual misconduct after alleging that Trump made unwanted sexual advances on her. Donald Trump is the current Republican Party presidential nominee. The recent accusations against Trump have sparked a huge online debate over Trump’s sexual misconduct. Various groups have debated Trump’s suitability as a U.S. presidential candidate. While a faction of people see the growing list of accusations as a mere smear campaign against Trump, a majority of the people has considered the accusation as serious, and an indicator that Trump should not seat on the presidential seat.

Over the recent past, a spate of sexual misconduct accusations has bedeviled Republican Party nominee Donald Trump. The sexual misconduct allegations detail the unwarranted sexual advances of Trump against various women, including Jessica Drake, the latest victim to come out openly. According to Drake, Trump made unwarranted sexual advances on her 10 years ago while at a golf tournament. After exchanging pleasantries, Trump allegedly invited Drake to his room. Drake honored his invitation but chose to go accompanied by two other women whom she failed to disclose. Upon entering his room, Trump allegedly touched the three women inappropriately. Drake insists that Trump kissed them and made inappropriate touches, a behavior she really abhorred. Various individuals took to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and others condemning the acts.


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