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Many students tend to mix different formatting styles after writing their assignments. Formatting is the last stage of any academic writing i.e. research paper, dissertation, term papers, and thesis. If you cannot format your academic paper, no need to worry because we can help you. In this article, I will introduce you to online custom formatting services that you can utilize. You don’t have to struggle writing the paper and then gamble with formatting whereas there are professional formatting services that you can order online. They are confidential and all communication is done privately using email.

Why it is important to format academic papers

Most students across the globe write academic papers and fail to format them according to professional editing and formatting standards that are approved. Formatting makes papers or another kind of presentations easy to read. For example ebooks, kindles, journal articles, term papers, dissertations have specific formatting styles that you need to adhere.

Apart from making presentations and papers easy to read, formatting also makes them look more professional especially documents like’s business reports or Ph.D. projects that are supposed to meet certain university standards.

Order Speed writers editing and formatting services is a custom essay writing service that not only writes an assignment from scratch but also helps students with formatting and editing services. We have been operating for the past 12 years helping students, authors, etc. by offering affordable services that cannot break their bank.

We boast a team of professional writers who are proficient with all formatting styles like MLA, Harvard, APA, Oxford, Chicago, CBE, Turabian, Vancouver, and others.

How our professional formatting services work

Ordering formatting services with Speedy writers is easy. We are very straightforward and there are no hidden charges. Below is how to order our formatting services.

  1. Go to our order page.
  2. Fill the order details.
  3. Register your account or sign in.
  4. Preview the order details.
  5. Submit then proceed to make payment.
  6. Once we receive the payment, your order will be assigned writers who will begin formatting the paper according to the descriptions you have given.
  7. After the paper has been completed, we will upload it in your account and you will receive an email notification.

We are very professional and we are here at your service to make your life easier while still improving your grades.

Different formatting styles

Formatting styles refer to the conventions and rules for presenting written or printed text. Different contexts and types of documents may require different formatting styles. Here are some common formatting styles:

  1. APA (American Psychological Association):
    • Often used in social sciences.
    • In-text citations (author-date format).
    • References page at the end.


    Smith (2010) found that…

  2. MLA (Modern Language Association):
    • Commonly used in humanities.
    • Parenthetical citations (author-page).
    • Works Cited page.


    (Smith 45).

  3. Chicago/Turabian:
    • Two styles: Notes and Bibliography, Author-Date.
    • Used in various disciplines.
    • Footnotes or endnotes for citations.

    Example (Notes and Bibliography):

    Smith, John. Title of Book. (City: Publisher, Year), 23.

  4. IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers):
    • Common in technical fields.
    • Numeric citation style.
    • List of references at the end.


    [1] J. Smith et al., “Title of Paper,” Journal Abbrev., vol. 10, no. 2, pp. 123-145, Year.

  5. Harvard Style:
    • Common in the UK.
    • Parenthetical author-date citations.
    • Reference list.


    (Smith, 2010).

  6. AMA (American Medical Association):
    • Used in medical and scientific writing.
    • Numeric citation style.
    • Reference list.


    Smith J, et al. Title of the article. Journal Abbrev. Year;Volume(Issue):Page.

  7. AP (Associated Press):
    • Common in journalism.
    • Simple and concise.
    • Focus on clarity and brevity.


    The event occurred on January 1.

  8. MLA (Markup Language):
    • Used in web development and writing for the web.
    • HTML, XML, etc., are examples.
    • Tags indicate structure.


    <p>This is a paragraph.</p>
  9. Legal Citation (Bluebook):
    • Used in legal writing.
    • Citations include elements like case name, volume, page, etc.


    Case Name, Volume Reporter Page (Court Year).

  10. Vancouver Style:
    • Common in biomedical sciences.
    • Numeric citation style.
    • List of references at the end.


    1. Smith J, et al. Title of the article. Journal Abbrev. Year;Volume(Issue):Page.

These are just a few examples, and there are many more styles depending on the discipline and type of document. Always follow the guidelines provided by the relevant style manual or the instructions given by your instructor or publisher.

Different formatting services we offer

Document formatting services

Nowadays every person can type and come up with a word document. After writing a word document, you need to format and proofread it. Not everyone is capable of formatting a document to make it more readable and professional.

If you do not have, prior formatting knowledge you can spend hours and hours searching for help online on the forums but you will end up with a poorly written and formatted paper. Instead of ending up with poor grades you can order our document formatting services online. Our professional writers and proofreaders will do the following on your paper:-

  • Format table of contents.
  • Create a list of figures as per your paper instructions.
  • Add paper margins, headers, footers and page numbers.
  • Edit your cover sheet; add a title page and author name.
  • Add all formatting requirements for the specific format.

Dissertation formatting services

The most frustrating part of a dissertation or thesis writing is formatting. Imagine going through a 30-page document correcting all the mistakes both grammatical and formatting errors. It is also important to note that most doctoral and PhD students get their documents returned several times because of poor formatting.

You do not have to spend several night hours learning different thesis and dissertation formatting styles because we can help you. Several students across the globe have used our dissertation and thesis formatting service, therefore, you only need to trust us with your first assignment and we will surpass your expectations.

Book formatting service

If you have several books, eBooks or kindles that you are working on, to be able to meet your goals and deadlines you need help of kdp, kindle or eBook formatting service. Nowadays most books are inform of kindles that are sold online on Amazon. There are several websites offering eBooks and kindle formatting services however, some are not legit. You need to be very cautious because they can throw your project into disarray by either failing to submit on time or delivering poorly formatted eBooks.

In our team of writers who mainly specialize in offering formatting services for authors. Once you order our professional book formatting service we will deliver your eBook or kindle on time after proper formatting.


We guarantee you the following once your order our custom formatting service.

  • Clearly formatted academic paper.
  • Proper bibliographies and references formatting.
  • We will properly cite your paper in the required style.
  • We will always remain 100% confidential.
  • 100% Money-back is guarantee.
  • We offer unlimited revisions.

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