Technology’s how to Impact on the Luxury Fashion Industry

Technology’s how to Impact on the Luxury Fashion Industry


In the recent years, individuals have become very keen on the types and designs of clothes and shoes they wear, and this has led to the significant growth of fashion industry. Fashion is a popular style and trend, especially in the clothing and foot wear industry. However, with the advancement in technology, the fashion industry has become very competitive and has grown to greater heights. The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in the fashion industry, has led to the designing of new clothes, makeup, and accessories which could otherwise not be designed without the help of technology (Na, 2015).

With the help of technology, designers can use 3D software as well as 3D printing of dresses through laser sintering. With this new technology in the market, it allows the flexibility of the material which performs almost like a textile material. With digital technologies such as parametric modeling, the designer can design complex mathematical scripted algorithms. On the same note, polygon modeling another digital technology that is widely used in the market today, it helps the designer to design organic designs.

It is worth noting that with the utilization and employment of technology in the industry, designers can be in a position to integrate vintage fashion and modern fashion to make high quality and unique clothing. Digitally crafted fashion pieces can be custom fit as well as costumed changed per individual, as a matter of fact, a slight alteration in the algorithm and the pattern size, as well as the design of a dress or a piece of clothing that is digitally made, can result in a new design (Bruzzi, 2013). This means that when technology is incorporated in the production of clothes, there is a variety of designs and patterns that a designer can choose from.


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