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  Sociology Assignment Help
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Sometimes, students’ lives can be stressful and challenging, especially when you have several classes to cover, and it’s even worse when you have practical classes with projects due in few days. Such scenarios lead students to submit very poorly written papers and retain or even drop out of their course.

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How to Write a Sociology Assignment

There is no shame in needing some clarification regarding your sociology assignments. Like any other academic subject, sociology is governed by specific rules that you must familiarize yourself with before tackling an assignment comfortably. This article discusses sociology as a subject, standard features in a sociology assignment, and how to write a sociology assignment for good grades. Take a look.

What Is Sociology

Sociology is the scientific study of the institutions and individuals in a society, its functions, compositions, structure, and organization. Sociology aims to provide a clear understanding of society and the various changes that have affected its structure. Therefore, a sociology assignment would require you to answer a societal unknown (a question in a society whose answer you don’t already have. Your sociology assignment will help you analyze, understand, and compare different times in society; past, present, and future, thus broadening your understanding of the institutions of society.

Ideally, a sociology assignment will pose a research question, and you will be obliged to write and find sensible clues to it. As such, you must work on each aspect of the assignment to answer the research question comprehensively. Remember, your assignment can create grounds for more research with other students adding to it or attract written criticism. Since a sociology assignment is based on empirical evidence and observable experiences, you must conduct a methodical investigation of events; interpreting, explaining, and describing occurrences as they took place.

Structure of a Sociology Assignment Paper

  • Proposal

Your proposal can take up to two double-spaced pages. Unless your professor states otherwise, the standard page specifications are one-inch margins, size 12 font, and Times New Roman. You will be required to:

  1. Please provide a brief and concise description and explanation of your research topic, why you think it is relevant to the course and why you consider it a crucial study area.

  2. State and discuss your primary research question

  3. Point out your data source(s) and analysis method. Explain how you will collect data and how you intend to use it to discuss your research question.

  4. Explain the relevance of your data sources to the research question and how they further the research question.

  • Literature Review

As the name suggests, this ought to be a review of recent, valid literature on your research topic. Your review should summarize between 5 and 10 literary sources (these can only be journals or books, no news stories, and websites) that aren’t part of your course outline. Besides providing summaries, you must explain how the sources relate to each other, similar theories, conclusions, and the like. You can also critique their content that relates to your research. You can cite sources in your course outline, but ensure you have at least 5 “original” sources to be on the safe side. Also, you should explain how your research paper contributes, confirms, challenges, or complicates existing literature on your research topic.

  • Methods

Here you explain the research methods you employed and how appropriate they were in helping you answer your sociology research question. Remember to go deep into the details; how many surveys you conducted, the number of people you interviewed, and or how you chose text to analyze for your research if you used textual analysis.

  • Findings

In this section, you must make the main argument of your research paper. Explain the answer to your research question, including sections if you used them in your analysis. You must support your findings with data from your research including percentages, statistics, and quotes.

  • Discussion and Conclusion

This is basically a summary of your argument. Recapitulate how your findings support or challenge the data sources in your literature review and how they contribute to current literature. You can suggest pending questions you think ought to be researched and answered.

  • PowerPoint Presentation

Ideally, your research presentation should last about 5 minutes. Since this time isn’t enough to read over your entire research paper, you must provide brief but comprehensive explanations of each section of your project. Here, you can even draw conclusions from your course materials. You must be able to relay your research, arguments and draw connections in a logical manner while engaging with other students (your audience) for top marks.

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  • Symbolic interaction is the primary sociology theory framework and looks into how people develop and rely on social interaction.

  • Conflict theory-Derived from Karl Marx’s work, this theory looks into how power produces social order.

  • Functionalist theory

  • Strain theory

  • The feminist theory looks into women’s and men’s status in society.

  • Chaos theory

  • Critical theory

  • Game theory

  • Social learning

  • Chaos theory

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