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Apart from mathematics subject that is considered compulsory, English is another mandatory subject English speaking nations. This means every student has to go through doing assignments that are course requirements. The fact that English is not an easy subject especially when it comes to writing; students are compelled to seek English assignment help online.

In most universities and colleges, the requirement for admission is writing an application essay that is submitted to the lectures so that they can consider you for admission. A poorly written admission essay is the reason why some students are not admitted to some schools.

In this article, we are going to look into online English assignment help in detail. We will determine the reasons why students prefer ordering essays and other types of assignments online but before that let first look at what English study is all about.

What is English study?

It is a field of study or discipline that involves the exploration of texts written in English literature. Students in high school, primary, undergraduate and postgraduate in countries that speak in English normally study this subject and it is mandatory.

English study can be grouped into four main categories:-

  • Literature-Is the study of writings from authors around the world written in the English language. Students who major in Literature learn how to analyze novels, plays, and stories to decipher the writer’s message.
  • Composition –is the study of writing and reading concepts. Well-written compositions pass certain messages they are meant for. Grammar, structure and citation method are key when writing composition.
  • Language-This study focuses on the present and past status of the English language.
  • Linguistics-It’s a unique field of study normally taught in linguistics departments. This field analyzes language structure like sound and meaning.

English taught in schools should not be confused with the one taught as a foreign language. The fact that English is a wide field of study, it is hard for some students to complete composition and literature assignments at the same time. Below are some of the reasons that compel students to seek English literature assignment help.

Why students use online English assignments helps?

Around the globe, there are many students using English assignment writing services. Even those in native English speaking countries like the USA, UK, etc. prefer the services because of the following reasons.

1.Unable to tackle hard topics:

From writing rhetoric analyses essays to writing descriptive essays English assignments are very hard for some students. Those who cannot cope of with writing in the class prefer using English essay assignments help to ensure they do not fail in class.

2.They are last-minute homework help for students:

Online essay writing services will take care of all your projects that require very little time to complete. If you have more than one literature or general English assignment to be complete, these services can be of help.

3.Lack of relevant information:

Before one can begin writing any type of academic paper, researching and finding the relevant information is very important. Students who do not have good research skills may not be complete their assignments on time. Those who do complete end up writing very low-quality papers that earn very low grades. Poor researching skills compel some students to use online assignment help services.

4.Some students are ESL:

You must be wondering what does ESL mean?ESL stands for English as Secondary language. Students who do not come from English speaking countries tend to have a poor vocabulary. Some ESL students are not even capable of constructing an English sentence. Due to the lack of good grammar, vocabulary and excellent writing skills, such students prefer using online writing services.

5.University assignment help services guarantee good grades:

To perform well in English assignments you need to have the right information. Online English writers who have written for several years are capable of completing any hard topic, therefore good grades are guaranteed when you use these services.

6.The service is borderless:

Online assignment helps services can be accessed from anywhere. You can easily order essays from the comfort of your home, make payment and within hours, you receive your paper on your email.

7.It is a service that you can order any time:

Online assignment help services are the best. At any time of the day, you can request someone to work on your assignment and you get it before it’s due. What else would a college, university or high school student ask for other than a reliable and cheap custom writing service?

Who can do my English assignment?

Normally students who use queries like “do my English homework for me” on the internet are the ones who need help with English homework. If you are also looking for the same I would recommend you to try Speedy writers online essay writing service.

If you consider Speedy writers for homework assignment help online, you will enjoy the following services without looking further

1.Essay writing

Speedy writers are capable of writing all types of English essays i.e. definition, narrative, descriptive, expository, persuasive, argumentative, analytical, comparison, contrast, critical, rhetoric, review, etc.

2.Letter writing

There are different types of letters written in various formats. The purpose of the letter determines the tone and format used. Writing letters is an art that one learns progressively through a long period of writing. Due to advances in technology, letters are less used nowadays because people are turning to emails hence email writing is now considered a form of art also in English.

3.Article writing

This is a form of writing where the student is given a topic to argue his/her points and then take a stand. Article writing focuses on a large audience base like magazine readers and focuses on current issues. Students studying journalism courses in college are tasked with writing articles so that they can be articulate.

4.Literary criticism

One of the most important category of literature assignment is discussing literature obtained from old or recent sources.

5.Story writing

This is a type of writing where students are asked to stories that are relevant and attention-grabbing.

Other types of English assignments for college that we do tackle at speedywriters

  • Poetry
  • Book review and analysis
  • Movie reviews.
  • Literary journals.
  • Personal statement.
  • Grammar
  • Resume writing etc.


Why use our English homework help?

Speedywriters.us is one of the reputable and affordable essay writing service that you can use for English literature & philology homework. More than two thousand students across the globe who have used our service have recorded good grades in their courses. Several factors make us stand out from other assignment help Uk or assignment help USA services. They include the following:-

1.We guarantee privacy:

Every company that takes customer’s data has the responsibility of keeping the information secure and safe. The information should not be disclosed to any third party company to ensure its integrity. At Speedy writers customer information is very critical therefore, all the writers and support team handles client information carefully. You can rest assured that the information you submit on our site will always remain private and confidential.

2.Affordable prices:

Our English assignment help services aim at helping both college and high school with top-notch academic papers without breaking their banks. The price we charge is pocket-friendly.

3.High-quality papers:

Despite our prices being little compared with other assignment help services, we never compromise on the quality of our papers. Our writers deeply do research before writing the assignments.

4.Plagiarism free papers:

Submitting plagiarized academic papers is one of the reasons why students fail. Our professional writers always make sure every sentence maintains its originality. All the assignments are written from scratch and to prove that we always provide Turnitin reports to our clients.

5.Timely delivery:

When it comes to online assignment submission, time is very critical. We are very strict when it comes to the delivery of assignments. Writers who fail to meet the deadline are high penalized therefore it is on rare cases that client paper is delayed for more than 2 hours.

6.24/7 Customer support:

Speedy writers is a fully-fledged essay writing company with a team of writers and support team. Having been in an online essay writing service for a decade now we do understand the importance of customer support. We are always ready to take your questions, order modification details, reference materials any time of the day.Our customer support effectively bridges the communication gap between the writer and the client.

7.Money-back guarantee:

When you seek English assignment help from our service, we strive hard to deliver exemplary top-notch academic papers. However, clients who are not satisfied with our work after revision can always request a refund that takes one day to process. Orders delivered late are also eligible for a refund.

8.Unlimited revisions:

Once the order has been completed, the client has two weeks that he/she can request revisions. The writers may fail to add some key points when writing therefore; there is room for revision as per client specifications.

9.Flexible essay service:

We have a team of writers who are capable of handling any type of assignment. Apart from English homework; we have mathematics experts who can handle math homework and other assignments in different courses like nursing

The writers are also well versed with various writing formats, citing and referencing methods.

With all the above factors, its quiet evidence you stand to gain a lot when you use our English assignment writing service. If you are still not sure about our capability in writing quality papers, take time and click samples on the menu to see some of the work we have written for our clients. However, if you are ready to order English assignment help now below is our ordering process.

How to order English assignments for middle school or college?

Our ordering system is quite simple and straightforward with no hidden charges. To order any kind of assignment, follow the following steps:-

  1. Click Order Now button on the menu. Go ahead and fill the order details and the system will calculate the order price. Attach all the required reference materials.
  2. The next step is to log in to a client account or register a new customer. Once logged in preview the order.
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Related Questions

How can I write my English assignment?

Tackling English assignments remains to be one of the hardest tasks in college and high school especially when it is urgent. These types of assignments are very delicate because the wrong choice of words can alter or change sentence meaning.

Other factors that make English assignment hard to complete include the following:-

  • Poor writing skills
  • Lack of enough time.
  • Poor grammar.
  • Lack of enough research resources.
  • Subject interest.

In order to tackle English assignments or any other type of academic writing, following a certain procedure is key to ensuring you write a good paper.

Below are the steps to take when writing an English assignment:-

1.Understand the topic:

If you are in the position of choosing your own topic, make sure you choose a topic that interests you.

2.Do research on the topic

Once you have chosen your topic, it is now time to do research. Read all the necessary material that will enhance your knowledge of the topic. Research on the internet and scholarly material relevant to your topic.

3.Collect relevant material

Not all material you read on a certain topic is relevant. Check for information relevance before using it. The information should also be up to date and reliable.

4.Understand your paper outline

There are different types of outline depending on the type of writing. Draft your paper structure and if you are not sure, it is important to ask your lecturer or teacher.

5.Write attention-grabbing introduction

One of the most important part of the composition is an introduction. The introduction briefly states and explains the topic. Using facts, questions, and statistics, you can grab the reader’s attention. The rule for writing a good introduction is keeping the paragraph simple, short, catchy and objective.

6.Write the assignment

 Use the information you have gathered. Organize the assignment in paragraphs each pitching on a certain point.

7.Use simple language

Assignments should not be written using complicated words that readers will find hard to understand. Keep the language simple for clarity.

8.Edit and proofread

Once you are done writing the assignment, proofreading and editing to remove errors is important. Add all the missing facts and topics to complete your paragraphs. Also, format the paper according to the requirements.

9.Add references

This is the final stage of academic paper writing. All reference materials you have used should be added at the bottom using MLA, APA or any other format.

How do you structure an English assignment?

Structuring an English assignment can vary depending on the specific requirements of the assignment and the level of education you are in. However, here is a general structure that you can follow:
  1. Title or Heading:

    Provide a clear and concise title that reflects the main topic or theme of your assignment.

  2. Introduction:

    Start with an engaging introduction that introduces the topic and provides some context.Clearly state your thesis or main argument that you will be exploring in the assignment.

  3. Background or Context (if necessary):

    Include any relevant background information or context that the reader needs to understand your argument or analysis.

  4. Body Paragraphs:

    Organize your ideas into paragraphs, each focusing on a specific aspect of your thesis.Start each paragraph with a topic sentence that introduces the main point of the paragraph.Support your points with evidence, examples, or quotations from relevant sources.Provide analysis and interpretation of the evidence to demonstrate how it supports your thesis.

  5. Counterarguments (if applicable):

    Address any potential counterarguments to your thesis and explain why your position is stronger.

  6. Conclusion:

    Summarize the main points of your assignment.Restate your thesis in a different way.Provide a broader perspective or suggest implications of your findings.End with a strong concluding statement.

  7. References or Works Cited (if required):

    List all the sources you used in your assignment, following the appropriate citation style (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago).

  8. Formatting:

    Follow any specific formatting guidelines provided by your instructor, such as font size, line spacing, and margins.

  9. Proofreading and Editing:

    Before submitting your assignment, carefully proofread it for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.Check the overall flow and coherence of your ideas.

Remember to tailor the structure to the specific requirements of your assignment and to seek clarification from your instructor if you have any questions about the assignment guidelines.

Which topic is best for English assignment?

The best topic for an English assignment depends on various factors, including your interests, the specific requirements of the assignment, and your target audience. Here are some broad categories that you can consider, and within each category, you can find more specific topics based on your preferences:
  1. Literature Analysis:

    Analyze a specific literary work, such as a novel, short story, poem, or play.Explore themes, characters, symbolism, or the author’s writing style.

  2. Argumentative Essays:

    Take a stance on a controversial issue and present arguments to support your position.Topics can range from social issues to literature-related debates.

  3. Comparative Analysis:

    Compare and contrast two or more works of literature, characters, themes, or authors.

  4. Research Papers:

    Explore a literary or linguistic concept in-depth through research.Investigate the historical context of a literary period.

  5. Creative Writing:

    Write a short story, poem, or play.Create a character or world and develop a narrative around it.

  6. Book Reviews:

    Review a recent or classic book, providing your analysis and recommendation.

  7. Language and Linguistics:

    Explore linguistic theories, language acquisition, or the evolution of language.Discuss the impact of language on culture and society.

  8. Film or Media Analysis:

    Analyze a film or TV show in terms of its storytelling, cinematography, or cultural impact.Compare a film adaptation to its original literary source.

  9. Speech Analysis:

    Analyze a famous speech or presentation.Discuss the rhetorical strategies used by the speaker.

  10. Environmental Literature:

    Explore literature related to environmental issues.Analyze how literature reflects and responds to environmental concerns.

Before finalizing a topic, consider the assignment guidelines, your own interests, and the audience for your assignment. Choose a topic that allows you to engage with the material and express your ideas effectively. If you’re unsure, it’s always a good idea to consult with your instructor for guidance and feedback on potential topics.