How are drugs used in other cultures and ethnic groups?

How are drugs used in other cultures and ethnic groups? What roles do their cultures have on the use of these substances? What groups use them for spiritual reasons and what groups shun them. What do you think of these practices?

These posts must be analytical in nature and not a comment like, “I agree”. You may agree, but you must back it up with an analytical statement that must include referenced material to back up your statement. This is a graduate level class. You should conduct you class work as such. However, you must make sure you stay very diplomatic in your views and do not have behavior unbecoming a Master’s level student. If you would like to post more than once on a given day, only one post will be used toward your grade, so make sure you do cite your sources internally and following your post using APA style guidelines on your main post. I have had students make errors and forget to reference the citation and return back to the thread to correct the forgotten reference. This is okay, but students must change prior to the close of the full discussion board. I will NOT be reminding you to do this throughout the course. Make sure you reference your views. If you cannot reference your views with one of the aforementioned references, do not post that viewpoint until after you have created the four required posts. You will find help with citing using APA in the course material or helpful websites section of the Blackboard class. If your APA citation internal or external to your post is wrong, missing, or your statement is not backed by scholarly references, your post will lose points. You may also use outside scholarly sources. Students should be able to and are required to reference their statements with scholarly sources using APA Style guidelines

No more than 15% direct quotes