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Psychology dissertation helpStudents doing a degree in psychology have to dedicate a lot of their time to studies because it is hard to understand the human mind. Most students doing Ph.D. or master’s degrees already have their careers on the roll; it is hard for them to spend time writing psychology thesis or dissertation papers. It is because of this reason Speedwriters comes in to provide psychology dissertation help.

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To order a psychology paper from us, you need to take very few easy steps.

1.The first step is choosing the subject and type of document. Subjects can be nursing, journalism, criminology etc. The type of document to be delivered can be a whole dissertation paper, or if you have done some parts of the work, you can order separate chapters of the dissertation. For example, you can request the following dissertation services from us:-

      • Dissertation abstract chapter
      • Dissertation literature review 
      • Introduction dissertation chapter.
      • Methodology
      • Research etc.

2.The next step is choosing the number of pages, paper urgency and your academic level. Remember, those three key factors determine the order cost. Assignments that are not urgent, clients pay less.

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Psychology Dissertation Topics

Psychology Dissertation Topics

Are you about to start your psychology dissertation? We understand how challenging it can be to settle on a topic. You want it to be researchable, have lots of resources to use, and portray your prowess in the course. We have compiled some of the best psychology dissertation ideas to get you through the topic hurdle and right into planning your paper. Take a look.

Choosing A Topic

The key to choosing a topic is thinking of something you can relate to, say, someone close to you. Maybe you have an alcoholic sibling and would like to write about them. There’s no reason not to put some light on a hot topic and open up a new world of research for you. Different varieties of psychology dissertation ideas The first variety to take is social psychology. Because of its focus on our social behaviour, many aspects of psychology can be examined within this topic. You can write about how people navigate social situations and how some of the traits we show may be nature or nurture. Consider the time and place when you do this research and compare it to how others have approached similar studies before. 

What Is A Good Psychology Dissertation Topic?

All psychology dissertation topics can be hard to begin with, because there is a lot to factor into the decision. You need to know the following about a good case for your dissertation – 

      • Is it researchable? 
      • Is it genuine? Is it fact-based?
      • Is it practical? Is it practical?
      • Does it fit the research paper format?
      • Does it even make sense?
      • How often do you need to do it? How long will it take?
      • Can you do it in-house? 
      • Can you pay someone to do it?

 If you found this article helpful, please check out my Psychology Dissertation topic page for more details. If you are interested in learning more about psychology and the methodology used, then get your homework done on what will get you qualified for a psychology position and develop a rewarding career.

Get Started With Your Research

Most psychology dissertation topics boil down to choosing what you think the most critical points are in your chosen field of study. You will want to remember a few things when beginning your research: The Psychology of Relationships: What is the relationship between the person and the way they do things? What are the unique traits of the individual and their relationship to others? How does this compare to societal norms and standards? How is the relationship between the person and the way they do things? What are the unique traits of the individual and their relationship to others? How does this compare to societal norms and standards?

Remember, your psychology dissertation ideas can be anything from mental health and clinical psychology to developmental psychology and psychotherapy. Once you have found a topic you are truly interested in, you’re all set. Also, you can avoid the hassle by simply hiring to handle your entire dissertation at some of the best rates online.


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The Difference Between Verse and Prose, and Why It Matters

prose vs verse

Prose and verse are both writing styles but they differ in that verse writing has rhythm and may have rhyming words at the end while prose is standard written language. You may have interacted with verse writing if you read lots of songs and poetry. In this article, we will discuss all the characteristics that define blank verse vs prose and why this information matters to you. keep reading to find out.

What Is Verse Vs Prose?

Prose is written language with no rhyming or rhythm. It can be anything from poetry to a report to a book report. The style of prose used depends on the genre of the book. For example, in prose writing, the dialogue is removed because it doesn’t fit the narrative style of the book. It is to the benefit of the writer to show action without any interruptions of dialogue. Prose writing uses a very organized flow to make the story interesting and readable for an audience. Prose style is used in a report to ensure that the reader gets the full benefit of what is being said. A student who writes in prose style needs to use imagery, similes, and metaphors to draw the reader into the scene. Verse writing is the language of poetry and song.

How To Find Prose Vs Verse

In verse, every line of a verse is the same length Verse paragraphs tend to be shorter Prose makes use of pronouns and adjectives in more creative ways As you look at the following passage from a well-known poet, you’ll see what I’m talking about. The poetic structure is different in prose: It was the very first thing in his mind to know his thoughts were sufficiently like a voice, that his experience might be read as words Another facet of poetic prose is the writing style. You will find the following examples below. You will have to choose which is most appropriate to your writing. Realistic Poetry is one of the most subjective forms of writing. When you begin composing a poem, you must decide which events are realistic and which are abstract.

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Verse Has Shorter And Simpler Sentences

The result is that verse tends to be faster-paced, simpler to read, and less complex than prose. Below is a classic passage from “Duma Nishi” (from the novel Shaman King) that seems like verse to me, yet it contains long, complicated sentences: No matter what, no matter how far we run, we will never be able to escape this fog. I thought of him, a single man whose legs were as calloused as an old man’s. He made a face, like he was annoyed. The Chinese call these people “paper dummies,” and they do everything you tell them to, but they will not move. In prose, the words are usually longer and make more sense For prose, a sentence is not so much a single unit as it is a unit of language that makes sense when read as a whole.

Verse Has A Clear Rhythm To The Sentences

In prose, we’ll need to pay attention to the sentence length. Verse runs much longer than prose, which helps to keep the work from feeling rushed. Verse is written in a single continuous motion, whereas prose can feel scattered Although verse flows much more naturally than prose, the lack of movement will feel clumsy in the flow of prose. Most important of all, verse is a collection of words that never need to be read in sequence, and prose is shorter. In verse, there’s a rhythm to the sentences that always keeps you moving forward. In verse, you always get the sense of movement and even urgency. This is the natural kind of poetry, and poetry is about action and motion.

Prose Has No Rhythm To The Sentences

Don’t let your sentence be too long or complicated, and definitely don’t use a lot of phrases in your prose. Make sure there are clear sentences and phrases in your work. In verse, there is a rhythm to the words Alliterations, such as the words “taut” and “bond” are okay in poetry. This is the type of verse that has a number of verses. You’ll find rhyming verses and meter in these. In prose, a lot of great descriptions are made You’ll find great metaphors and similes in prose. Make sure you include strong descriptions in your verse. In prose, the reader doesn’t get many extra details The prose version will be the whole story. For example, in the prose version of a biography of Gandhi, there will be only one side to the story.

How to Identify Prose Vs Verse

The Purpose of a Grammar Book You need to learn grammar because in order to perform in different industries, it’s important to understand the different points of grammar. For example, your English teacher will most likely give you a test on grammar and you should always know what to look for and understand. The reason you need to know grammar is because you need to develop an ability to learn, memorize and understand in order to succeed. Why You Need to Know the Differences Just like any other skill, you need to practice grammar until it becomes second nature to you. Most often than not, you will find that you have to master some level of your grammar in order to accomplish any goal.

Writing styles do not affect your writing ability. They are not essential qualities of writing to teach you to express yourself. Nevertheless, when you learn about them, you may be able to get away from some of the clichés of the popular writing styles. Knowing the differences can make your own writing better because you know what works best for you and what might hurt you. Moreover, you can look for interesting prose styles and add a little rhythm to your own work to make it more lively.

What Is the Definition of Poem Vs Prose or Free Verse

There are some key differences between verse and prose. Verse refers to rhyming and is written in rhyming verse and you might read poems and songs. Prose on the other hand is simply written standard written language and is generally found in textbooks and journals. The verse has some rhymes and the prose has none, but the prose still has rhythm and rhyme. Verse makes the writer feel like they are walking in a conversation with the listener. Verse has the listener’s needs and wants as the writer’s first priority. The prose emphasizes the writer’s needs and wants and leaves the listener wondering what the writer is going to say next. Prose on the other hand may emphasize dialogue, twists and turns, and twists and turns again, whereas verse may only emphasize dialogue or dialogue.

Pros And Cons Of Both Styles

The pros of verse writing are that it has rhythm and flow, which is excellent for storytelling and writing lyrics. Prose writing is more organized and structured, which may help you to focus and keep the flow in a longer essay or story. The only con about both styles is the use of punctuation and sentence structure. If you’re writing verse you don’t need grammar and punctuation, and while prose is easy to proofread, it’s difficult to proofread verse because many poets tend to use a lot of accent and extra words to help the rhyme scheme.

This article has introduced you to the different styles of writing and how to write verse as well as how to write prose. Try using one style for a week and see which one you like best. Once you are satisfied with your style, try using another style and see how it works. The way you write is going to dictate how you feel while you are writing and the way you feel will also determine how you feel about the work. We hope you find this information useful. 

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Buy Persuasive Essay

Buy Persuasive EssayWhat Is A Persuasive Essay And Why You Should Buy One Online

It is also known as an argumentative essay. A persuasive essay is an academic writing that uses reason and logic to show that your point of view is more legitimate than another. To do this, you must expose clear arguments and support them with convincing logical reasons and facts.

Examples Of Persuasive Essay Topics

The biggest problem with persuasive essay topics is that students do not get enough instructions. You may ask your professor for clarifications and how they are done, but instructions only leave you with a general idea, and yet you are required to complete the essay within a specified deadline. With such an information deficit, it is almost impossible to write an inspirational persuasive essay. If you just got a persuasive essay assignment and do not know where to start, you can browse through the following persuasive essay topics to provide a basis for your research and writing:

  • Should parents pay their kids for doing house chores?
  • Should abortion be legal?
  • Should gambling be banned in the USA? Among others.

Remember to choose a topic that inspires you to write a lot but also gives you many resources from which you can research. Persuasive essays are based mainly on facts and not hearsay; therefore, you need to find a topic that gives you access to lots of resources.

Parts Of A Persuasive Essay

Before we dive into the outline of a persuasive essay, you should remember the three elements that make up such papers: logos, ethos, and pathos. Logos appeals to reason and logic. It is expressed through facts that are presented logically. Ethos appeals to ethics. You must persuade or convince the reader that what you are saying is right from an ethical point of view. Pathos appeals to emotion; how to awaken the reader’s interest with emotions including sadness, sympathy, or any other emotion to make your main argument even more persuasive.

Your persuasive essay must attain a certain level of balance between pathos, ethos, and logos. That is the only way to convince the reader to adopt your perspective. Once you have picked a topic and done enough research, you are ready to start considering the structure of your essay. You can write brief points in the outline to determine what you would like to address in each section of the essay. Refer to the outline below:

  • Introduction

Brief Background – Say your chosen topic is “Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized,” some background information may include how marijuana was used before civilization and how it came to be illegal in the US and other countries worldwide. Proceed to answer the question in your topic; this can be a yes or no. Next, we have the thesis statement. If your question’s answer was yes, then you must explain why that is your position.

  • Body

Here, you must lay down all the points from your research in an organized manner. We recommend sticking to one point per paragraph to avoid repetition. You can include any number of paragraphs depending on the required length. In the last paragraph, you can argue the opposite view based on the research you have done on the topic. Of course, this argument needs to be somewhat weaker than the position you have chosen throughout your essay. Otherwise, you may end up discrediting your entire thesis.

  • Conclusion

The conclusion is where you wind up all your points to form a logical ending. You can summarise your strongest points and give your final stand without focusing too much on the finality of your essay.

Why You Should Buy Persuasive Essay Online

1. Non-plagiarized work: As long as you buy your essay from a reputable essay writing service online, you can expect original content written by a professional. You do not want to risk submitting plagiarized work and getting in trouble with your professors.

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5. Saves time: What do you do if you have a ton of assignments all due on the same day? Buy a persuasive essay online. This way, you can take care of other responsibilities without neglecting your assignment.

What to Look For In a Persuasive Essay Writing Service

Choosing a professional service provider to buy a persuasive essay online can prove to be challenging, but here are a few handy tips:

  1. Consider their level of experience and online reputation. You don’t want to entrust your persuasive essay to a service that has never handled a similar project before.
  2. Cheap is expensive, but it depends on the essay writing service you go with. If they charge insanely low prices for the same service compared to other providers, they may not be credible. Go for a service with reasonable prices and value for money.
  3. Make sure you check reviews and recommendations in order to buy custom essays of great quality.
  4. It is also necessary to check the company’s background and history before making a decision on the kind of essays to buy online.
  5. You should provide the paper writing service agent with detailed information about what you want to write about.

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  • Customer Reviews

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Our customer support is reliable and available when needed the most. There will never be a case when we are not answering or delaying your emails. We provide impeccable customer service and maintain consistent communication. 

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A persuasive essay is good only if:

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What is an agile Mis infrastructure?

What is an agile Mis infrastructure? What is an agile Mis infrastructure? 

Agile Mis infrastructure is the action of making data and resources available to users within an organization.

Most organizations greatly depend on IT infrastructure to bring services and goods to their clients. To realize its full potential and increase productivity, an organization should optimize all the business operations. Agile MIS infrastructure aids the changes needed in business processes.

What is Mis

MIS stands for management information systems. It is the study of technology, organizations, and people and how they relate.

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Enterprise Architecture 

What are the seven characteristics of an agile Mis infrastructure?

Below are seven characteristics of an agile Mis infrastructure:-


Its ability of the user to access certain resources and task-performing ability. Restrictions can be set on certain users while the administrator can have access to the system.


Availability in the world of business means the time in which the system must be up and running. An unavailable system cannot be useful. Some systems like internet service providers require High availability for continuous operations.


Companies are dynamic, and they undergo continuous changes. The system should be flexible to accommodate changes in the company and business without going down. We can think of a scenario where a company receives an order from a global customer, which had not been planned for before. The system in place should flex to accommodate a business change.


Portability is the ability of an application to be able to run on different devices and software platforms. Good systems are built to run on different devices like mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Most common operating systems run on Windows, Linux, etc.


It ability of a system to perform its functions accurately and give users reliable information they need. Accurate information means that the tasks performed have no error.


This is another important characteristic of an agile Mis infrastructure. It refers to how the system can be upgraded or scale up to meet organizations growing demands. We can also define scalability of the system as the ability to increase production and meet customer’s needs.


This is the ability of the system to comprehend user needs. A good system should be easy and efficient to use designed in a way that it is user-friendly.

Which of the following is a benefit of a solid Mis infrastructure?

There are several key benefits of a solid Mis infrastructure. They include the following:-

  • Reduce operation costs
  • Increase or improve productivity.
  • Optimize organization business operations
  • Prevent the system from failures or crushes.


Agile Mis infrastructure should help an organization realize its goals in the business operations. It should also scale depending on changes in business operations.

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Branches of History

Branches of HistoryMost students think history is only the study of the past. To understand past historical events, one has to study history carefully. Students who want to study history in college should at least know the branches of history that they are likely to come across in college.

In this article, we look into branches of history, exploring each with a detailed explanation. Before that also, I should introduce you to history homework help. Most students have part-time jobs. It may be hard to complete assignments; therefore, you can seek help by getting someone to do your history homework at a fee.

Top 9 Branches of History

Political history

Political history is a common branch of history that focuses on a detailed look at leaders, political processes, and events occurring or that have already occurred. Political history is mainly looked into the rise and fall of various political systems.

Cultural history

Culture is another part of history that is learned as an area of study. Culture history involves the study of different life aspects like traditions, rituals, and different languages.

Environmental history

This very new history branch looks into the study of the environment.It looks into how human life’s activities are influencing the environment.

Intellectual history

The evolution and development of ideas are dealt with in intellectual history. It is a study of the thought of different people and how their thoughts have shaped history.

Food history

Food history is a branch of history that focuses on culinary science comparing various cultures in different countries. It is a unique history branch that looks into the sociology, cultural and economic impact of food.

Social history

Social history focuses on people’s customs and traditions, comparing them with significant events that have occurred or happened in the past. Events that happen greatly influence the living and working of society.

Diplomatic history

This branch of history focuses on the relationship between two countries, their diplomats, and their diplomatic processes. Topics explored include peace, war alliances, and treaties signed.

Art history

Art is a branch of history that studies visual arts like paintings, drawings, and architecture. It focuses on unraveling the meaning behind the arts.

Economic history

Economic history’s main aim is to focus on processes of economic that have happened in the past and how they influence economies in different countries. The study looks into markets, ways of production, and consumption.

Those are the main branches of history. Before we conclude this article, I think it will be necessary to list some of history students’ careers they can take.

  1. Lecture
  2. Professor
  3. Historian
  4. Archaeologist
  5. Librarian
  6. Museum manager etc.


History is a broad subject. Most students cannot answer history assignments comfortably without the help of a tutor. To hire tutors online to help with your assignment, visit Speedwriters, a reliable cheap essay writing service.

Do my history homework for me

Do my history homeworkDoing history homework can sometimes be fun, especially for students who love the subject. Students who are good at reading, this is the most straightforward subject that you can score straight A with minimal effort. However, this is different case for a group of students who are good in mathematics and science subjects, which are more practical than history. Such students are likely to perform poorly in history.

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homework assistance

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Apple swot analysis For Improving Decision Making

Apple Inc. is a multinational technology company with its headquarters in California. The company’s main operations involve designing and manufacturing various technology products such as mobile phones, computers, networking solutions, watches, media devices, accessories, digital content, and related software. Apple Inc. commenced operations in 1976 with the manufacture of computers. Due to the use of new and innovative designs in its products, the company enjoyed high sales, which promoted its growth into a global technology company. Over the years, the company has diversified investments from the manufacture of computers to include various personal electronics and digital content. Apple Inc. enjoys a high brand loyalty and is currently ranked as a highly valued brand in the world. This paper is an analysis of Apple Inc.’s corporate strategy and a recommendation of ways to improve strategy.

External Stakeholders


There is stiff competition in the technology products market. It is worth noting that rapid technological advances and new product developments characterize the market (SEC, 2017). The dynamic nature of the market makes it difficult for companies to survive in the market. Frequent innovations and product improvements are the only way that companies may survive in such a dynamic market. This leads to higher costs of research and product development (SEC, 2017). Owing to the diversity of products, Apple Inc. faces stiff competition in various business segments. In computer manufacturing, the company faces still competition from Dell Technologies Inc. Other competitors in this segment include Lenovo Group, HP Inc., Sony Corporation, and others. In the smartphone segment, Samsung Group is the major competitor. Another strong competitor is Fitbit, Inc., which manufactures wearable devices. Other competitors are IBM, Huami Corporation, and Cray Inc.

Majority of the competitors in the computers and smartphone segments employ aggressive pricing strategies in order to take over the market. These competitors have low cost structures. In addition, majority of the competitors use a different operating system for their products (SEC, 2017). Apple Inc. uses Mac Operating system (macOS) in all its hardware products while most competitors use Microsoft Operating System. Apple Inc. has developed the iOS as the preferred operating system for its smartphones. Even with continuous innovation and product development, Apple Inc. will continue facing stiff competition in the market since it is easy for other technology companies to imitate its product features. The competitors have the financial capacity, technical skills, and experience to develop or improve on the existing products.


The industry faces various challenges that could significantly affect Apple’s performance. Global economic conditions may have a significant impact on the company’s performance. It is worth noting that the larger share of the company’s products ends up in the international market, accounting for about 63 percent of the total sales (SEC, 2017). Global financial conditions may pose a significant risk to the company’s profitability. For instance, currency exchange fluctuations, political turmoil in overseas markets, new government regulations, and other factors may considerably affect market performance. The global market for the various electronic devices is subject to high competitiveness and rapid product evolution. Various forces such as stiff price competition, reducing profitability margins, rapid product evolutions, technology changes, and other forces characterize the global market place. These factors contribute to significant risks in the industry.

Apple’s ability to remain relevant in the market largely depends on the ability to introduce new and innovative products. Apple Inc. must strive to remain ahead of the competition at all times. This means making high investments in research and development. Currently, the company holds numerous patents and copyrights resulting from research and development. Some of the competitors have introduced superior products in the market in terms of hardware and software. This has made the competition in the market even stiffer. Apple Inc. holds the largest market share in terms of unit shipments with 19.3 percent, followed closely by Samsung with 18.6 percent (Statista, 2017). More information can be found on fig. 1.1


Apple Inc. obtains components for manufacture of various devices from multiple vendors. The company faces direct competition with other manufacturing companies for various components in the market. As such, the components used in the manufacture of mobile communication devices, personal computers, and media devices are subject to market demand and supply forces. Fluctuations in demand and supply of the components may significantly affect the price of these components, and consequently the operations at the company. Additionally, Apple Inc. uses some unique components. For such components, there is the possibility of experiencing shortages since a few suppliers deal with such components.

Apple outsources the manufacturing of various hardware components. The outsourcing partners are located in Asia, Ireland, and a few in the U.S. The company outsources hardware for its Mac computers from Ireland. A few are also manufactured in the U.S. Some outsourcing partners act as the sole supplier or manufacturers of components and hardware. The company also sources some components from single locations. This increases the risk of experiencing shortages should an adverse event affect the normal operations of the outsourcing partners. The management has made efforts to maintain close ties with the outsourcing partners in order to ensure the smooth flow of components. Nonetheless, a significant risk of failure exists due to the few number of outsourcing partners and the uniqueness of the components. The essence of outsourcing was to reduce manufacturing costs (Finkle & Mallin, 2010).


Apple Inc. markets its products directly to consumers. The consumer groups include individual consumers, businesses, education market, and governments. The company sells a large share of the products directly to the consumers. This is through online stores, retail stores, and direct sales force. Apple Inc. also resells various products such as digital content through the online platforms. Indirect product distribution channels include wholesalers, network carriers, value-added resellers, and others such as retailers. Apple Inc. enhances customer buying experience by running own stores, which are strategically located to increase customer convenience. For instance, the company operates most of the stores in shopping malls where most customers frequent.

In the recent past, Apple Inc. has mainly focused on the young population for the sale of its products. As such, the company has established programs and products that aim at improving students’ learning experiences. According to the SEC (2017), the company has made efforts to boost learning by integrating technology products into the teaching-learning process. The aim is to improve student achievement and create awareness for its products. The company prices its products relatively higher compared with the competition. This could have an effect in the demand of its products due to affordability issues especially in developing nation markets.

Governmental Entities

Apple Inc. is subject to domestic as well as foreign laws and regulations. Governments across the world are likely to develop new laws and regulations that may have a significant adverse effect on the company’s operations. Government regulations may affect the company in many areas including labor, tax, billing, quality of products, import controls, e-commerce, data privacy regulations, environmental concerns, and in other aspects. Countries have different laws regulating mobile communication devices. For instance, some countries require all handsets to be capable of supporting more than one carrier network, while others may require that the devices support only a single carrier network. All this has significant impact to the financial position of the company. Apple Inc. has registered a number of worker rights violations especially in China. The high production targets and quality standards has led to outsourcing partners putting extreme pressure on workers with little regard of their basic rights (Chan, 2013). This has led to serious labor issues.


In the recent period, Apple Inc. has stepped up efforts in the corporate social responsibility segment. This comes after criticism of the lack of the company’s engagement in philanthropic activities. With the coming of the new CEO, Tim Cook, the company has established a number of corporate social responsibility programs in a bid to change the company’s image (Duvovskiy, 2018). One of the programs is the Global Volunteer Program, which enables employees to select projects in the local communities for support. The company has also established a program to empower and educate workers from different areas. Over 280,000 workers took the course in 2016 (Duvovskiy, 2018). Apple has made efforts to reduce the overall power consumption, including that by its devices. This is in an effort to conserve the environment by reducing the total power consumption by its gadgets.

Internal Stakeholders


Shareholders provide the much-needed financing to the company for a share of the profits in return. According to Khan & Alam (2015), Apple Inc. employs a low shareholder return policy, meaning that shareholders get relatively lower returns for each dollar invested. The low shareholder return policy has led to concerns among shareholders concerning the company’s ability to ensure balance between corporate interests and delivering shareholder value. Apple Inc. has in the past reported conflicts between shareholders and the management. Part of the conflict has been the emphasis on the short-term over the long-term goals. The shareholders accuse the management of sidelining the short-term goals of the company such as shareholder returns.

Board of Directors

The major role played by the Board of Directors is to check on the actions of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and others in corporate leadership. The Board of Directors ensures that the decisions made by the CEO and senior executives are ethical and made in the best interests of the shareholders (SEC, 2018). The Board of Directors also ensures that the company is committed to employing the highest standards possible to achieve business success. The Board of Directors has appointed various Board Committees that act on its behalf to monitor various activities in the company. Independent Chairs head the various board committees. There are three Board Committees, which are the Nominating Committee, Audit Committee, and the Compensation Committee (SEC, 2018). Each Board Committee is charged with a particular function. For instance, the mandate of the Audit Committee is to monitor the company’s financial statements for any discrepancies and ensure compliance with financial reporting standards.


The management plays a crucial role in improving the performance of any company. The company’s past performance has largely mirrored the top executives’ corporate strategies. Poor corporate strategies have led to the near downfall of the company in the past. Founded in 1976, the company became largely successful, eventually going public in 1980. By mid 1990s, the company experienced reduced demand for its products due to the proliferation of the consumer market with cheaper computers running on Microsoft Windows systems (Mallin & Finkle, 2011). Power struggles among the top executives worsened the decision-making at the company. This led to the exit of one of Apple’s co-founders, Steve Jobs. In 1997, Gil Amelio, the then CEO purchased NeXT, a start up by Steve Jobs (Mallin & Finkle, 2011). This led to the return of Steve Jobs to the company’s management as CEO.

Steve Jobs significantly improved the performance of the company through various efforts. For instance, he influenced the opening of Apple’s retail stores across the country for improved customer experience. Steve Jobs made changes to the hardware used on various products. Another significant change was in software development, where he promoted the development of important software through acquiring software companies. Through Job’s management strategies, the company significantly improved profitability and growth. From 1999, Apple’s stock has significantly improved from as low as 1.14 dollars to the current price of over $160 per share. Fig.1.2. shows Apple’s stock prices from 1980 to 2018. According to Chikhale & Mansouri (2015), Steve Jobs employed charismatic leadership style at the company, greatly improving motivation among customers, investors, and employees.


Employees are also critical in the success of the company. The return of Steve Jobs into the company saw the dissolution of board members (Finkle & Mallin, 2010). Jobs dissolved the then board members and replaced them with new members whom he could trust. This was in an effort to bring change in the company. The company’s leadership has made significant efforts to promote employees’ job security and thus improve job motivation. During the 2008/2009 recession, the company managed to retain all employees amid the harsh market environment (Finkle & Mallin, 2010). Apple Inc. has one of the highest employee retention rates in the U.S. In a recent survey, employees rated Apple highly with regard to job satisfaction (Silverberg, 2016). Employees were more satisfied with work environment, collegiality, and benefits.

Apple inc swot analysis

A SWOT analysis is an evaluation of a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. A SWOT analysis is important since it helps in providing a clear picture of the competitive environment facing an organization. The following is the SWOT analysis for Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. SWOT Analysis

·         The company has a strong brand image

·         High profitability

·         The company is a market leader in various products and services

·         A good supply chain management that enhances customer experience


·         High prices of its products

·         Apple products incompatibility with other products in the market

·         Weak distribution channels in most foreign countries

·         High dependence on the iPhone as the key product


·         The opportunity to expand operations in the service segment

·         New patents and copyrights from research and development activities

·         Diversification of products

·         More product compatibility with those of competition

·         Focusing on the low-end market


·         Stiff competition in the market

·         Frequent new products in the market

·         Imitation of its products

·         Global economic changes



Apple Inc. may improve its competitive position through various ways. First, there is need to ensure increased compatibility of its products with those of the rivals. Compatibility of products with those of rivals is a critical factor that consumers may consider while making a purchase decision.  Apple Inc. has already made efforts to improve the compatibility of its Mac Computers with Microsoft products (Finkle & Mallin, 2010). For instance, the company has made Mac computers that are compatible with Windows operating system. Apple Inc. can improve competitive advantage by slightly lowering the price of its products, which target the high-end markets. Alternatively, Apple-Inc. may develop low-cost products specifically targeting the low-end markets. This would increase its market penetration especially in developing countries. Lastly, there is need to increase funding in research and development. Research and development plays a critical role in ensuring the success of any company through continuous product development and innovation.


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United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). (2018). Apple Inc. Notice of 2018     Annual Meeting of Shareholders and Proxy Statement. Retrieved from    a1.pdf


Fig.1.1. Smartphone Market Share in Terms of Unit Shipments


Fig.1.2. Apple Inc. Stock Price History


Bank Of America Swot Analysis

What Are The Examples Of Databases?

What Are The Examples Of Databases?A database is an organized data set held in a server or computer. Structured data is organized such that computers and humans can understand.

Are Spreadsheets Databases?

Spreadsheets are a type of database where data is contained by workbooks of one or multiple worksheets. Within worksheets, data is organized into columns and rows of cells. As such, spreadsheets really are a type of database.

They are various other applications for sorting or storing data known as Database Management Systems (DBMS).

Database Management Systems (DBMS)

A DBMS is software that facilitates the creation and management of databases. There are more than 300 systems representing 11 models of organizing data.

Relational DBMS

The most popular examples of relational data management systems are Microsoft Access and MySQL. They are used by almost all websites and apps you can think of. A Relational DBMS is like spreadsheet software. Data is organized into workbooks of tables containing columns and rows. The terminology for a Relational DBMS is databases of items characterized by their attributes and records.

In Access, data is stored in tables. Tables are like mini-spreadsheets that store one kind of data. They can contain numerous fields like columns in spreadsheets. You can easily set up each field in a table to allow or prevent users from entering certain information.

Relational databases are defined by schemas that describe relationships between formatting and items in attribute records. For instance, a schema may specify stores have sales and sales have dates, which are expressed yyyy/mm/dd.

Since its introduction in 1979, Relational DBMS has greatly surpassed navigational databases and influenced databasing in many sectors and industries. Relational DBMS has withstood numerous challenges posed by supposed disruptors, partly by accommodating changing needs. For instance, some systems of Relational DBMS have been stretched with modern, innovative features, including hierarchies, inheritance, non-atomic attributes, and user-defined data types.

However, the rise in popularity for NoSQL databases poses a significant challenge for Relational DBMS as the go-to data storage system for most data analytics requirements. You can read more about relational databases here 

Document Stores

A well-known example of document stores is MongoDB. Document stores, also known as document-oriented database systems, have no schema, just like spreadsheets. As such, records can be non-uniform, have a nested structure, or both, and values can be stored as arrays.

Document stores are a leading example of NoSQL databases. They are growing more popular as effective solutions to certain data management challenges.

Document stores are quite similar to graph databases and can be categorized as a subclass of key-value stores. Native XML databases are a subclass of document stores in their own right. Merging these databases, however, yields no real advantage.

Document stores are compatible with internal notations (like JSON), which undergo direct processing. You can store JSON documents as a string in a key-value store or relational database. The databases are designed to efficiently store and update documents.

Search Engines

Search engines are a type of NoSQL database management system designed for searching data instead of editing it.

Some features of search engines include:

  1. Support for complex search expressions
  2. Full-text search
  3. Stemming (reducing inflected words to their stem)
  4. Ranking and grouping of search results
  5. Geospatial search
  6. Distributed search for high scalability

Why Should Students Seek Help With MS Access Assignments?

Why Should Students Seek Help With MS Access Assignments?Access is Microsoft’s Database Management System (DBMS). It comprises a graphical user interface, a relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine, and software development tools. If you need help with your MS Access assignment, you have come to the right place.

Structure of MS Access

In Access, every bit of information is related to an object. The main objects are forms, tables, queries, and reports. If you are experienced in other database systems, you have probably seen the term database is used to refer to only those files that are used to store data. However, in Access, all the major objects related to storing data are included, including the objects that automate data use.

MS Access is called a database because it can be used to store information. Here are the four areas that you should master:

1. Database creation

• Relational database

• Flat file

2. Data input

3. Query

4. Report

You can learn more about creating access database  here .Its a great resource.

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