Same Sex Marriage Synthesis Essay

Same Sex Marriage Synthesis Essay

Same sex marriage synthesis essay is typically a persuasive and a rather contentious academic assignment. In a same sex marriage synthesis essay, the writer should pinpoint the origin or the rationales under which same sex marriage is grounded, besides identifying and critically explaining the most controversial topics that characterize the same sex marriage. Additionally, it is important for the writer to emphatically show whether they are in support or against the same sex marriage right from the introduction paragraph.  Below is an example of an outstanding same sex marriage synthesis essay. 


In the contemporary society, same sex marriage remains one of the most controversial topics in socio-political as well as religious dimensions. Before getting into details, it is paramount to demystify what is same sex marriage. Same sex marriage entails the marriage between individuals with the same sexual compatibility. Perhaps, that is why same sex marriage is an issue in the modern world.  Whether or not same sex marriage is legal, it is apparent that it is a societal issue that needs to be revisited and regulated for the better of all people. Albeit some individuals are pro- same sex marriage, a substantial number of people are against the marriage of persons of the same sex.  This same sex marriage synthesis essay explores the issue of the sex marriage in legal, social, and religious perspectives.

The Legal Perspective of the Same Sex Marriage

It is still a controversial matter whether lesbians and gays should be accepted to married legally. At the current moment, most countries around the globe have not legalized same sex marriage due to lack of the same sex marriage law. Nevertheless, individuals supporting gay marriages have started to campaign so that gay marriage should have a legal introduction. In countries like California and other states of U.S, people ground the right of same sex marriage on the aspects of civilization and the need for freedom to choose one’s lifestyle. The controversy in legalizing gay and lesbian marriages is on the issue of family. It is common sense that lesbians and gays are incapable of naturally /biologically getting children. While this is the case, people with the same sex marriage claim that they are capable of imitating the convention ways of a family setting and still live a happy and satisfied life.

The legal dimension of gays and lesbians marriage also touches on the issue of children. When legislating the same sex law, it is crucial to be aware of the same sex marriage facts. To begin with, it is good to acknowledge that falling in love with same gender does not guarantee any hope of having children. In lesbian marriage, couples may get children through surrogate birth where any of the couples may be subjected to Artificial Insemination (AI), thereby becoming the actual mother. On the other hand, gay couples may get children by having a family member or get a female friend carry a baby on their (couple’s) behalf, then, upon delivery, adopt the baby and make it their own in the conventional ways of a family. Since children are critical to any family, a legal question that is always raised is how the couples teach children to fit in the way of life of their ‘parents’.  Additionally, the same sex marriage law is obliged to ensure that the fundamental rights of children in gay and lesbian families are not violated.

The Social Perspective

The social dimension of same sex marriage is largely concerned with the social identity of gays and lesbians within a particular society. For instance, it is controversial to know the gender type to accord to any individual who has been labeled a gay or lesbian. In the social dimension, it also becomes hard to know what gender roles to assign to couples in the same sex marriage. For example, in the case of lesbians, it is difficult to know plays the role of the husband and whole plays the role of the mother at home, so that they can be assigned a similar role in a social context. Additionally, it is a matter of high debate whether gays and lesbians have l rights, freedoms, and privileges equal to those of the couples in the opposite sex marriage. This is because lesbians and gays are subjected to immense social stigma especially in countries where the law against same sex marriage is rigid, and in societies with primitive customs that take same sex marriage as a taboo, therefore, an abomination. As such, individuals in the same sex marriage are like to receive unequal treatments and social statuses with couples in opposite sex marriage in social contexts.

The Religious Perspective

The religious dimension of gays and lesbians represents arguably the most debated scopes of the same sex marriage. Undoubtedly, the religious aspect of gay and lesbian marriage stands as the key reason for many conservative thoughts about same sex marriage. Christians, orthodox Jews, and Muslims often campaign against gays and lesbians marriage because they perceive the practice as an explicit violation of the design and intent for a family. In support of their arguments, the aforementioned religions quote and directly allude to specific scriptures in their holy books, thereby directly condemning the acts of homosexuality in their basic forms as well as meaning. The religious claim that homosexuality should be allowed stems from the fundamental and a rather obvious belief that God or the supreme creator made a woman for the sole purpose of making her a companion to a man. With such reason, it becomes a matter of common sense that only opposite sex should be allowed to marry and make a family. Religiously, therefore, the issue of the same sex marriage is unacceptable.


In summary, same sex marriage can be approached in three dimensions, namely the legal, social, and religious perspectives because it is one of the most controversial issues in the current society. Albeit social and legal perspectives are debatable, the religious perspective is presents most convincing and interesting evidences of their argument. Gay and lesbian marriages will still remain a contentious matter for many years, perhaps even centuries.

Synthesis Essay on Education

Synthesis Essay on Education

This is an example of Education synthesis essay written by speedy essay writers.

What Measures Should Be Taken To Improve the Education System of Most African Countries


In the recent past, the education systems of a substantial number of African nations have raised interest on whether the system is really fit for the current society. The need to revisit and question the validity as well as the relevance of education systems of African countries is as a result of presence of several graduates who lack relevant skills and know-how to perform in various professions.  To be more specific, there are professionals without the required proficiency to perform well in their careers. To make the education systems of the affected African countries valid, there should be a total change in the entire learning process, including the change in curriculum, improvement of learning infrastructure, proper  training of teaching professionals in all levels of education, and introduction of a concrete system of ethics among the students’ body.

Albeit this essay mainly centers on the ways to improve various parameters in African education system, it is imperative to discuss in details some of the factors that render the education system of most African countries irrelevant. The following are the main factors.

Factors leading to irrelevance of Various Education Systems in African Continent

Lack of Sufficient Infrastructure

A number of African countries lack enough and relevant facilities to support learning of various disciplines. Such a challenge affects learners pursuing technical courses such as engineering, medicine, and law. For instance, it is quite common to encounter a higher institution of learning that lacks proper and the state-of-art library. Such an institutions is incapable of producing properly competent professionals because of lack of a well-equipped research resource to enable learners broaden their knowledge and give them to a practical approach to learning. Additionally, the learning facilities a number of countries lack important resources such classrooms textbooks. Examples of such countries include the ones in sub-Saharan and Saharan regions that experiences constant drought that cause famine. Additionally, war-torn countries like Somali where learning facilities are constantly destroyed as a result of terror attacks. Lack of enough infrastructures is attributed to the poor funding by governments of respective countries as well as misappropriation and embezzlement of funds meant for education.

Irrelevant Curriculum

A number of planned education experiences in some African countries’ educational curriculum do not meet the standards that produce a leaner with ability to respond appropriately with current problems in the contemporary society. As various studies have established, most university and college graduates lack the ability to solve a number of problems in real-life situations. It has also been observed that many curriculums in African education systems emphasize on theoretical as opposed to practical approach of solving problems. Such observations are attributed to the fact that the aforementioned curriculums do not embrace creativity in learning.

Poorly Trained Education Professionals

Many teachers and educational instructors in some Africa nations lack necessary competence to teach. The lack of professional competency can be classified in terms of content mastery and teaching methodologies. In some instances, teachers do not have enough knowledge of the topics in particular subjects. Additionally, the methodologies used to deliver the content do not meet the required instructional capacity to sufficiently impart knowledge and skills to the learner.

Measures That Should Be Taken to ameliorate the Education System of Most African Countries

To restore relevance and worth of education in African nations, there is need for concerted endeavors from various education stakeholders. Such stakeholders include but not only the governments of the victim nations, the teaching fraternity, learners, and the general society. The following are the key measures to take to resuscitate education systems in Africa.

Introduction of Relevant Curriculum

Curriculum is central to any educational system. Countries that have highly reliable and functional education have curriculums that produce holistic leaners with the capacity to address various challenges in the society.  For reliable educational system in the affected African nations, it is worthwhile to introduce and include learning experiences that enable learners to perform in various spheres of life. Besides, the curriculum should be designed in such a way that they embrace technology and creativity that empower learner to respond appropriately to current changes and emerging issues in the society.

Upgrading the Learning Infrastructure

Respective governments whose education systems are unreliable should provide enough and functional buildings to facilitate the leaning process. Such facilities should include classrooms and research centers like libraries. Besides, it is the responsibility of the government to ensure that learners have adequate resources such as books for smooth coverage of the curriculum. A particular government can improve and increase its educational infrastructure through direct funding and borrowing from potential and willing donors.

Proper Training of Teaching Professionals

Teachers and the associated educational instructors should be properly trained to attain the required competence in their areas of professionalism. Besides, professional competence enables educational instructors and teachers to impart the knowledge using the most reliable and relevant methodologies, thereby facilitating the learning process. Lastly the governments should implement in-service trainings to constantly update teachers on the current teaching methodologies that can be used alongside the existing skills to improve the efficiency of the learning process for the benefit of learners and instructors.

Restoring Ethics among the Learners

Proper morals and ethical practices in an educational system is a hallmark of learning. Students should be sensitized on the proper practices in learning. For instance, the government should emphasize values of commitment and academic honesty in education. Learners should, therefore, be notified on the dangers of cheating and be encouraged to refrain from such academic malpractices.


Improving education systems of African countries characterized by dysfunctional curricula, poorly trained teaching professionals, and inadequate infrastructure require a unified approach.  Introduction of a relevant curriculum, proper training and facilitating of teachers and learning instructors, upgrading and increasing the quantity and functionality of learning infrastructure, and restoring a solid ethical system for the learners are the key measures that can be used to upgrade the fallen educational systems of some African nations. However, all the education stakeholders should play their respective roles in improving education.

History assignment Help

History assignment Help
history assignment help

Before we can discuss history assignment help it is very important first to understand what is history. History is a Greek word which basically means the study of the past and present. History tend to explain the people, societies and events of the past in order to help us understand them.

History is a very common subject in humanities   and quite a number of students learn it. Even though most old people find history interesting, youths who are student don’t really find the subject appealing. The lectures tend to be long and boring because tutors are not able to associate history with any topics in real world. It’s even more boring for student doing practical courses like information technology and nursing.

Students who don’t like history subject mostly turn to cheap essay writing services online  to request for history assignments help. In this post we are going to discuss everything about you need to know about history writing assignments. But before that let look at some of the reasons why we study history.

Reasons why we study history

Before students begin history study, this is a very common question that most ask themselves or even ask their lectures. Why do I need to study such a boring subject? Yes, history could be boring but there is importance of studying it. For example: –

1.History helps in understanding people and society

In order to understand how societies and ethnic groups of people behave   you need a lot of information stored for you to read. With help of history it can be easy to understand people operations and societies.

Even though there are other subjects that attempt to explain people behavior they mainly rely on the current information. For example, it is very hard for students to understand war while their countries are at peace. But they can understand war when they read history books about World war one and world war two.

2.Studying history helps us in understanding changes in our society and how they came into existence

Another reason why history is an important subject is because it is the study of the past which causes the present and future. In order to understand something that happened and predict the future we have to look at the past.

For example, in order to understand what caused American Congress dominance or what caused World war one to happen we have to look at the factors that took a change in past.

Recent history can explain a certain development however that is not enough because we have to look at past events so that we can understand the cause of change.

3.Helps in moral understanding

Study of history helps us understand past moral situations of history and this enables us to test our moral sense. People who have overcame several serious life challenges can provide inspiration to others.

4.History provides us with identity

Most modern nations schools teach history as a form of providing identity to young’s ones who are still growing on information about how families and institutions on how they were formed. History also provides families with genealogy   and also helps in understanding ways in which families engaged with large historical change.

5.History study is important for a good citizen

History study is very important for someone who is a good citizen. In school curriculum, history is incorporated to help the students learn more about roles of a citizen and what it means to be a good citizen.

Also history provides us with information’s on how several institutions emerged and how the problems were solved. Information about how societies interacted with others can also be learnt. History study also encourages habits of mind that are important in public.

Every student who is studying history is required to submit several assignments before they can complete the course. History assignment topics are of different types because history is also a wide subject. Below are some of the tips that can help you in writing a good history assignment.

How to write a good history assignment?

Did you know the reason why most students look for history assignment help online is because? It’s because writing these assignments is not an easy task. A perfect history essay should have the following elements.

  • At least two or more events that are historical.
  • Two or more persons referenced in the history that were of great important at that time.
  • Relationship effect and cause during the historical phenomena during that period.
  • Evaluation of history importance during that period.
  • Perfect use of terms ad concept on the subject you’re writing about.

Features of the essay on the history

Before you can begin writing us history assignments or any other type of world history is defining the features. The first step in writing a history assignment is choosing the period of history you will write about. The period of writing, the essay should note the characteristics of the period and pick important facts.

Historical facts

Facts can further be subdivided into scientific and historical. The first ones are those that happened in history and have localized time and space.

Scientific facts are those that depends on the scientists results while making conclusions while historical events are based on historical sources.

When picking facts, it is important to list events that happened in the period but also highlight the described in period of events.

Evaluate available knowledge

Evaluating the estimated knowledge of the subject is very important. The knowledge is manifested in different scientific points of views.

Historical personality characteristics

One method of looking at historical personality is its description. In order to get a good grade, you are required to describe roles of historical persons in a certain period while still depending on the historical facts.

Where can you get history assignment help

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History is a very interesting subject therefore history assignments should also be easy to tackle when you have the right information. Apart from having the information, the student is also required to follow the correct format of writing history essay.

Related Questions

How to teach history in an interesting way?

Here are different ways in which you can make history interesting as a teacher. Below are some of the ways: –

Incorporate story telling way

Generally, history is a collection of different very funny and interesting stories. Normally stories are sweet and every child enjoys them sitting down with older people listening at them. As a history teacher, ditching the books and making a circle to tell stories on history can be a interesting way of teaching history.

Debating and discussions

The best way to stimulate student’s minds is by giving them questions to discuss or debate. Let them speak out their opinions on different history topics.


Another great way of making history interesting is trips to where students can have a look at ancient weapons and artifacts and this will enhance learning.

Dissertation consulting services

dissertation consulting
Hire speedy writers dissertation consultants

You might be wondering what dissertation consulting is all about or who are dissertation consultants. Dissertation consulting is an academic process of mentoring students who are writing their dissertation papers. It is important to note that dissertation writing is a major requirement before they can graduate.

Dissertation consultants are experienced and skilled academicians with Ph.D. or masters level who are capable of guiding students pursuing various degrees to be able to choose the right topic and deliver a perfect thesis or dissertation.

Studies show that there are several students over 40% who fail to graduate because they cannot complete the dissertation or thesis work. Because of that reason students result in using dissertation consulting and editing services.

Dissertation basic structure

Not all dissertations have the same structure. It depends on your research topic, discipline and approach. For example, dissertations written in humanities tend to be long essays whereas if you are doing a science dissertation it will have below structure.

1.      Title page

Dissertation first page should have the title, student name, institution, department, the program you are studying and date of submission. The dissertation title should be precise and descriptive.

2.      Acknowledgments

This part is optional in dissertation and thesis writing. Normally when doing research there those people or organizations that come into your help. You can acknowledge them if you feel there is a need or fail to include this part. If you are going to write acknowledgment you can include your family members, research participants, and your supervisors.

3.      Abstract

The dissertation short summary is called abstract. It is normally between 150 – 300 words long.A perfect dissertation or thesis abstract should include the following:

  • Include the main topic.
  • State research aims.
  • State methods used in the research.
  • In brief, write the main results of the research.
  • Write a conclusion.

Supervisors recommend writing abstract once you are done writing the whole dissertation because you will have full knowledge of the topic.

4.      Table of contents

The table of content outlines the dissertation structure. If you have not keenly followed or added all the chapters in the dissertation paper they will be visible by a single glance on the table of contents. A table of contents should include all the chapters, their subheadings, and page numbers.

Note that using a word you can generate a table of content if you included heading.

5.      Introduction

In the introduction, it is where the writer introduces the topic to readers and explains the purpose of the research at hand. Once the reader is done reading the introduction he/she should know what to expect. A good introduction for a dissertation should have the following qualities:-

  • State down the research topic and all background information.
  • Write the research scope while narrowing down the topic focus.
  • Look into previous research on the same topic.
  • Indicate your research questions.
  • Give a detailed overview of the structure your dissertation will take.

All the information that you give in the introduction should engage the readers, it should be relevant and clear.

6.      Theoretical framework or Literature review

Before you can start writing your dissertation paper, thorough research on the topic should be done to gain an understanding of the topic. Wondering how to do a literature review? You should:

  • Look at journals and books then select the relevant ones.
  • Analyze and evaluate every source you have.
  • Make connections between the sources to come up with patterns and gaps.

7.      Research methodology

Methodology chapter details how you did the research giving the readers chances to assess the validity of your results. Include the following in research methodology:

  • Research type e.g. experimenting, quantitative or qualitative.
  • Data collection methods for example surveys, archives, and interviews.
  • Indicate details of where and when you did the research.
  • Indicate data analysis methods.
  • Materials and tools used.
  • Problems you encountered while doing research and ways you overcame them.
  • Research methods evaluation.

8.      Results and finding

There are various ways of presenting the results of a dissertation. A dissertation should be clear about the results and discuss them.

If you are writing a dissertation about social sciences, you should demonstrate findings that will put together the results and discussions.

9.      Discussion

Under the discussion chapter, the writer reviews the meaning and implications of the result. The results are interpreted in detail discussing if they fit the framework that you came up with within the earlier chapters.

10.  Conclusion

This is a very important section in dissertation writing. It is a summary of all the research. All the key points are included here.

11.  References

References also are known as bibliographies. There are various kinds of referencing and it is upon the lecture or professor to provide you with the referencing style that you should use.

12.  Appendices

The final part of any dissertation paper is appendices. This part contains only the important information that answers the research topic or question.

In case you included documents like interviews, tables, and figures that do not fit in the dissertation body can be included here.

Editing and proofreading

The final stage of dissertation writing is editing and proofreading. If you cannot edit and proofread, you can hire dissertation consultants who can help you in editing your paper. Apart from editing, formatting your dissertation paper to meet the required guidelines is very important. There are several services online that offer dissertation editing help however not all are legit.

Why students need dissertation help

There are several reasons why students seek help form dissertation consulting services that help them in completing their research work. Student’s curriculums in USA, Uk, Canada and Australia, dissertation plays are a very important and crucial role.

There are students who cannot do dissertation formatting correctly and therefore consultants come to their help. It is important to note that dissertation-consulting services do not only coach students but they can also do the actual writing.

Every student is required to submit a professional dissertation in order for them to score good grades. Overall student grade is determined by all the assignments , term papers, and other academic writings.

With the help of a dissertation consultant, you can ease out the stress that comes along way with writing a dissertation or thesis paper. There are experts who are capable of meeting all the dissertation requirements.

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  11. During your oral defense, we will help you in preparing.

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Coursework writing consultancy

coursework writing consultancy
Affordable assignment writing consultancy

One of the toughest tasks that college and high school students have to do is writing their coursework. Coursework writing is time-consuming and you need to have particular knowledge about the subject before you can begin writing. Because of this reason, most students look for coursework writing consultancy companies for help.

In this article am going to explain the reasons why you should use   Speedy writers assignment writing consultancy and some of the benefits you will enjoy by using essay-writing services.

What does it take to write coursework?

Coursework writing is any form of assignment where students are required to do research and practice on a certain course then summarize the results of their research topic or subject.

If you are to write your own coursework, you will have to take a lot of time and be willing to put the effort in order to achieve a good grade. These kinds of assignments have to be taken seriously because they determine the overall grade at the end of the course.

College and high school life is full of fun and extra curriculum activities. Most students spend their time especially weekends hanging out with friends, partying or participating in games. Such kinds of students have no time to do their coursework assignments. They rely on coursework writing services. If you are looking for someone to do your coursework, you do not have to be worried because our coursework writing help is reliable, affordable and legit.

Speedwriters coursework writing service

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Reasons why we are the best coursework writing consultancy

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Services that we offer

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We are capable of meeting your coursework writing needs

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Assignment communication technology

Information communication technology assignment help

Communication technology refers to all the hardware and software that are used in the processing and communicating information. Processing and communication information involves-Data gathering, storage, retrieving, processing, analyzing and disseminating. Communication technology is also referred to as Information technology. In every organization, it is the task of ICT professionals to develop, install and maintain all the systems i.e. hardware and software useful in communication technology. All ICT professionals who pursue undergraduate or postgraduate come across all types of assignments on various subjects on communication technology. Doing assignment communication technology is one of the toughest parts in pursuing an ICT course. Because of that reason, As Speedy writers we found the need to come up with information and communication technology assignment help to assist students who are pursuing computer science and other ICT related degrees, diploma, masters or Ph.D. courses.

In this article, we will not only discuss assignment communication technology but we will focus on understanding everything about ICT.

Types of communication technology

Technology has changed the ways in which people communicate with each other. Nowadays there are several, easy and cheap ways to send and receive information from different parts of the world. Below are the major ways in which people communicate around the world.

  • Mobile phone and Telephones

The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham bell in 1876. During those days, the telephone used landlines installed from one house to another in order for people to communicate. Undersea cables enabled countries to communicate with one another.

It was until 1973 when Dr. Martin Cooper invented the first mobile phone or the cell phone and he made the first call to Graham. The cell phone made communication easier because it did not require interconnected cables but the use of satellites and towers. The invention made it possible to send messages, videos, and images other than vocal communications alone.

  • Radio

Radio is a technology of sending signals and communicating by the use of radio waves. In the early days i.e. between the 1900s and 1910s radio, technology was mainly used by the sea vessels to enable them to communicate with others.

Later on, Radio started being used in the form of advertising. In order to gain listeners, radio producers incorporated entertainment.

  • Television

After the invention of the radio, then came to the invention of Television by Lee DeForest in 1947. Television or tele is a telecommunication media used transmitting both sound and moving images.  At first, no one ever thought that televisions were feasible and they could have any commercial or financial value.

According to WIKIPEDIA Television is the main mass media in the USA with 96% of citizens own at least one TV set.

  • Internet

The Internet is a global interconnection of computer systems. High bandwidth cable connections called backbone connects continents easing data distribution.

The Internet came into use in the 1990s because of research on previous telecommunications projects like those that ARPANET.

 The Internet was used by the military to connect different computers in order to transfer data between computers.

Over the years, the use of the internet has exploded with over 2.5 billion users using the internet across the world.

What students study in Information communication technology course?

When studying ICT courses, students acquire basic knowledge and then they can specialize in different areas.

  • Computer systems component-This is mostly done in the first semester where student learn different types of computer hardware and their functions. Students learn how various hardware can be interlinked for them to communicate. Students also learn the importance of computer components like motherboard, RAM, ROM, CPU, etc.
  • Different computer and wireless technologies-Students get to learn various types of computers like tablets, laptops, and smartphones. They also go in deep detail to learn different wireless communication methods like 3G, 2G, etc.
  • Computer operating systems-There are two major operating systems i.e. Linux and Microsoft OS. Students here learn different command lines used in various operating systems and using the graphical user interface. At the end of OS units, students are capable of understanding how operating systems function in performing various tasks.
  • New technologies-There are several emerging technologies in ICT that are changing people’s lives. Some of the emerging technologies include the following:- Artificial intelligence, Robotics, Biometrics
  • System security and safety-This is a necessity in every organization to have a cyber-security expert who can mitigate and prevent cyber-attacks. Through cyber-attacks, companies can lose very critical information to their competitors and even lose money through fraud. Actually, cybersecurity are some of the emerging course that is on-demand in ICT.
  • Applications of ICT in various industries-In every company or industry, there is an ICT department. The ICT department is very critical for the day-to-day operations of any company. As an ICT student, you have to understand how information systems are being used in various types of industries. For example, learn how ICT is useful in medical research, scientific laboratories, booking systems, banking, etc.
  • Networking issues-There is a lot to study about the network. Students learn various methods of data transfer and security problems that they should address. Network and communication issues are mainly about data security during transfer over the network.
  • Computer networks- In this unit in the ICT course explains how various network systems are used. Here students understand how the internet, internet service provider, routers and other networking devices work seamless to form LAN, WAN, and WLAN. Configuration and troubleshooting of the devices is very important when studying computer networks.
  • Data storage devices-Students get a chance to experiment using various storage devices like hard disks, tapes, drives, flash, etc. Processed data is stored in the form of information. Information storage matters because some devices can corrupt it making it useless. For example, information stored in a flash with a virus can be corrupted and it can require a data recovery specialist to recover it.
  • Output and input devices –Raw data is fed to the computer-using keyboard, scanners, mouse, cameras, microphones, and joysticks. Once the data has been processed, it is output using output devices like Monitor, printer, headphones, etc.

With the above information, you now understand how vast information technology courses can be. Several students face many problems when working on an assignment on ICT. For example, students doing programming, if they are given networking assignments they are likely to get bored and they will not deliver quality papers.

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Speedwriter’s Information technology assignment help 

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How to order technology assignment

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Frequently asked questions

Below questions, a student asks regarding assignment communication technology students ask.

What are the advantages of communication technology?

  1. Technology has made it easy for everyone to voice out their concerns especially those who cannot speak in public.
  2. Helped to reduced stereotyping-The fact that communication technology has done away with face-to-face communication, has reduced stereotyping especially among company employees. This boasts employee self –esteem and they are able to perform better.
  3. Discussions are nowadays more open-Through forums and chat groups, every employee even the low-level managers are able to contribute and aid in critical decisions making in an organization. Everyone can hire his or her views without any fear.
  4. It is now easy to manage information –Nowadays some organizations have gone paperless i.e. they do not require to keep huge files in the office to store and retrieve customer’s or client’s information. ICT systems have made it easy to store information in computer systems and it can be retrieved from any place by accessing the internet. This has made the organization more productive because technology saves most of the time that could be used organizing files.
  5. ICT speeds communication and information sending-Use of emails, faxes, Voice over internet and text messaging systems, it is now easy to send any kind of information from one organization branch to another with ease. Data can also be accessed from one central place over the internet called database.
  6. Speeds organization decision making-Use of communication technology systems, it is now easy to make critical organization decisions within hours. Computer software is capable of analyzing information and decision can be made depending on the data retrieved from the company database. You do have to spend long hours boardroom meetings to make decisions.

Above are just a few positive impacts on communication technology. The development of communication technology systems are not only coming along with positive impact but there is also a negative impact on society. With that said, let now look at some of the negative, impacts of communication technology.

What are the disadvantages of communication technology?

  1. Risks of cyber-attack-Communication technology systems centralize information in one database. If there are no measures to prevent access by the wrong people, organization information is at risk. In addition, hackers can compromise information integrity if they are capable to gain access. Attacks by the virus also can lead to data loss in just one minute. Organizations are incurring more costs hiring cybersecurity experts, acquiring hardware and software that can mitigate cyber threats.
  2. It is costly to install communication technology system-Only organizations with funds are capable of installing and maintaining communication systems. An Information communication system will require servers, end-user computers, networking devices like routers, internet service provider and software that have run on the computers.
  3. Social media has reduced social interaction among people-Due to increase the use of communication technology, listening and speaking skills have degraded since people are nowadays communicating over the internet.
  4. Has led to a digital divide among people born in different digital era times.
  5. Increased cyber-bullying has led to deaths.

What are the examples of information communication technology?

There are several examples of communication technology that we can list. Below is a list of just a few major examples:-

  • Internet,
  • Computers,
  • Social media,
  • Podcasts
  • DVDs,
  • Emails,
  • Videotapes etc.


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Psychology content writing services

psychology content writing services
Hire SEO mental health writer

One of the most complicated courses you can take in college is a psychology degree or diploma. It is because of this reason why several students prefer to use psychology content writing services to write their dissertation, research or even homework.

What attracts most students to study psychology courses is because there are very interesting topics associated with this course. However, some students drop the course, when it gets more demanding with several research assignments that you are required to complete. Even undergraduate students are often tasked with writing dissertation papers that one has to pass to proceed with the course.

Not only students are hiring or looking for best psychology writers but also website owners who are therapists. Writing content for therapy website requires some expertise in writing SEO therapy content.

In this article am going to break it down for you reasons why you should hire Speedy writers to do your entire psychology project or write psychology content for your new website. Psychology content writing services are nowadays on-demand and only a few services are legit and affordable.

Challenges students face when writing psychology essays or dissertation papers

There are several reasons that compel students to look for a freelance psychology writer.

  • Psychology is practical-Most students are not aware that psychology requires you practically apply the knowledge. Examples of practical applications in psychology essays are drawing diagrams, charts, etc.
  • Students studying psychology have to be attentive-Students who are not attentive in the class fail to acquire any knowledge. Evaluating other psychology essay examples can be helpful in understanding the key features that make a good paper.
  • In order to tackle real-life problems, psychology student needs to be professionally Concentrating on theory cannot help you in achieving professionalism in psychology. Because of that, students are willing to buy first-class psychology essay example or read free psychology journals online.
  • Psychology is a popular course-The The fact that psychology courses are gaining a lot of popularity, there a demand for better results therefore students are now turning to mental health content writers.

Looking for someone to write your psychology essay

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Reasons why you hire our psychology writer

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  • We do a thorough research when writing-Detailed and extensive research is required when tackling assignments. We understand this and that the reason why it takes time when writing psychology papers.
  • Professional psychology writers will work on your assignments-The fact that this is not an easy subject; it can be a daunting task for a normal content writer to complete the assignment. Psychology assignments are assigned to the best writers with diverse knowledge of sociology and therapy.
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed-Breach of confidentiality in academic writing can lead to student suspension from the college. We carefully handle our client’s information and all communications are done privately on the email.
  • A+ assignment guaranteed-When it comes to academic writing, we are very professional in all aspects. This is the most reliable and affordable psychology content writing services you can find online.

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Perfect Assignment: How to write A+ Assignment in college

Perfect Assignment
How to write an assignment

All college or high school students are occasionally tasked with writing assignment and most find it to be a daunting task. In this article, I will guide you on how to write a perfect assignment that can get you good grades. There are tricks and methods that you can use in writing a perfect assignment.

Assignment writing can be time-consuming especially when you have several teachers or lectures giving you homework on different subjects. If you cannot manage writing all assignments maybe you should consider hiring a professional writer who can complete the homework for you.

You may be wondering the reason why the teacher keeps bombarding you with assignments every weekend until you have no free time. It is good to note the importance of assignment writing.

Importance of writing assignments

Assignments are meant to enhance learning at home when students are not in school. I have managed to list and explain some advantages of doing assignments.

1.      Enhances knowledge about certain topics

Through assignments, students do research on the topics in order to answer the questions. The research helps in the development of cognitive skills because students are exposed to a lot of information new to them.

2.      Assignments help in developing student writing skills

Assignments can be grouped in  academic writing category. They are normally given in the form of writing essay, term paper, etc on certain topics. These forms of writing help students to develop writing skills that are important. Students with good writing skills perform well in the exams.

3.      Enhances student analytical skills

Assignments give students the chance to experiment on new ideas they have when answering the questions. Analytical skills are very important because they help us understand and be able to solve various problems in life.

4.      Improve research traits

Through the use of assignments, students have the opportunity to do research on different topics. Doing research is a very engaging activity that broadens student knowledge and helps them in critical thinking.

5.      Use of real-life examples improves learning

Students can relate real-life examples with the topic they have been given. Students are able to discover new learning ways every time they are required to write an assignment.

Types of assignments

During the course of the study, students are tasked with writing various types of assignments. We have managed to identify the common types and explained them below.

  1. Research essays-This is a form of writing on a certain topic or issue. The research essay answers a certain question and the writer can argue his/her points using facts. A typical essay comprises of three main parts i.e. introduction, body, and conclusion.
  2. Reports– Writing a report normally involves the presentation of an investigation or an issue and further recommending actions to be taken. Reports can be categorized into many different types like business reports, scientific reports, etc.
  3. Case study-Is a detailed investigation done over a certain length of time. Normally case studies are useful when collecting and presenting information that is detailed about a certain person, situation or group of people.
  4. Article review-The The main purpose of a writing article review is evaluating data in the article, results or research methods.
  5. Literature review-This is a type of assignment that focuses on identifying all the key areas in literature, understanding current thinking and finding the gap in the research.

Above are the common types of assignments teachers request students to complete. It is now time to learn some assignment writing tips.

How to write an assignment

If you want to write a perfect assignment below are important steps of assignment writing that can be helpful.

Step 1: Understand the topic

Before you can begin writing assignments, it is always very important to read and understand the topic or question. Some students normally fail because they skim-read the question without noting important keywords.

Keywords are used to direct the student to the required information. For example, you can be asked to “Discuss the use of pathos and ethos in rhetoric writing”.Take the following steps in analyzing the question.

  • Underline the question or bold it e.g. discuss, examine, etc.
  • After every paragraph refers to the question you are discussing.
  • Rewriting the question helps in understanding the information, you require adding.

Step 2: Do research and plan

Doing the research and planning will give you the assignment format that you should follow when you begin writing. Planning helps in understanding what you will be working toward to achieve.

Look at the following when planning assignment content format

  • Assignment length-Determine how long the assignment should be in terms of words and their aspects. For example, an assignment can require you to draw diagrams.
  • What are the key points that you need to include-Every essay paragraph should be unique and pitching on a certain key point.
  • What the assignment format-Different tutors will require you to format your assignment using various types of formatting methods like APA, MLA, etc.

Step 3: Create an assignment structure

A structure can also be an assignment outline. A basic assignment structure comprises of the following three main parts:

  • Introduction

An introduction is a small paragraph in the assignment headings that explains in a few words what you are going to talk about. This part introduces yourself to the audience what you are going to discuss and the purpose of the writing.

  • Body

The main body of an essay is where the writer discusses the arguments. This is where the writer can evaluate different theories and explain his/her recommendations. Mostly, the tutors tend to analyze and see if you are able to make decisions appropriately. Using research make sure you support your claims. Let every paragraph discuss only one idea.

  • Conclusion

The conclusion is the closing remarks of your assignment. It is normally a summary of what you have already discussed therefore it is recommendable never to introduce a new topic or idea when writing a conclusion.

Step 4: Check for plagiarism

It is a requirement that every student should submit assignments that are plagiarism-free. If you have used different resource materials from the internet, make sure you add references. You can check for plagiarism using checking software like Turn tin.

Step 5: Proofread and edit

Proofreading and editing can help you in getting good grades in your assignment. In order to be thorough when checking for errors, give yourself a break after writing. Then come back fresh to check for errors.

When proofreading and editing, check the following:

  • Check for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Ensure your assignment structure is correct.
  • Read your assignment to check if your assignment answers its objectives.
  • Check to ensure the assignment is readable and the word count is correct.


Writing a perfect assignment does not require you to perform any miracle other than following the assignment structure and format when writing. If you are not able to complete your assignment, you can hire Speedy writer’s professional essay writing service.

English Assignment help

English Assignment help
English Assignment help

Apart from mathematics subject that is considered compulsory, English is another mandatory subject English speaking nations. This means every student has to go through doing assignments that are course requirements. The fact that English is not an easy subject especially when it comes to writing; students are compelled to seek English assignment help online.

In most universities and colleges, the requirement for admission is writing an application essay that is submitted to the lectures so that they can consider you for admission. A poorly written admission essay is the reason why some students are not admitted to some schools.

In this article, we are going to look into online English assignment help in detail. We will determine the reasons why students prefer ordering essays and other types of assignments online but before that let first look at what English study is all about.

What is English study?

It is a field of study or discipline that involves the exploration of texts written in English literature. Students in high school, primary, undergraduate and postgraduate in countries that speak in English normally study this subject and it is mandatory.

English study can be grouped into four main categories:-

  • Literature-Is the study of writings from authors around the world written in the English language. Students who major in Literature learn how to analyze novels, plays, and stories to decipher the writer’s message.
  • Composition –is the study of writing and reading concepts. Well-written compositions pass certain messages they are meant for. Grammar, structure and citation method are key when writing composition.
  • Language-This study focuses on the present and past status of the English language.
  • Linguistics-It’s a unique field of study normally taught in linguistics departments. This field analyzes language structure like sound and meaning.

English taught in schools should not be confused with the one taught as a foreign language. The fact that English is a wide field of study, it is hard for some students to complete composition and literature assignments at the same time. Below are some of the reasons that compel students to seek English literature assignment help.

Why students use online English assignments helps

Around the globe, there are many students using English assignment writing services. Even those in native English speaking countries like the USA, UK, etc. prefer the services because of the following reasons.

  • Unable to tackle hard topics-From writing rhetoric analyses essays to writing descriptive essays English assignments are very hard for some students. Those who cannot cope of with writing in the class prefer using English essay assignments help to ensure they do not fail in class.
  • They are last-minute homework help for students-Online essay writing services will take care of all your projects that require very little time to complete. If you have more than one literature or general English assignment to be complete, these services can be of help.
  • Lack of relevant information-Before one can begin writing any type of academic paper, researching and finding the relevant information is very important. Students who do not have good research skills may not be complete their assignments on time. Those who do complete end up writing very low-quality papers that earn very low grades. Poor researching skills compel some students to use online assignment help services.
  • Some students are ESL-You must be wondering what does ESL mean?ESL stands for English as Secondary language. Students who do not come from English speaking countries tend to have a poor vocabulary. Some ESL students are not even capable of constructing an English sentence. Due to the lack of good grammar, vocabulary and excellent writing skills, such students prefer using online writing services.
  • University assignment help services guarantee good grades-To perform well in English assignments you need to have the right information. Online English writers who have written for several years are capable of completing any hard topic, therefore good grades are guaranteed when you use these services.
  • The service is borderless –Online assignment helps services can be accessed from anywhere. You can easily order essays from the comfort of your home, make payment and within hours, you receive your paper on your email.
  • It is a service that you can order any time-Online assignment help services are the best. At any time of the day, you can request someone to work on your assignment and you get it before it’s due. What else would a college, university or high school student ask for other than a reliable and cheap custom writing service?

Who can do my English assignment?

Normally students who use queries like “do my English homework for me” on the internet are the ones who need help with English homework. If you are also looking for the same I would recommend you to try Speedy writers online essay writing service.

If you consider Speedy writers for homework assignment help online, you will enjoy the following services without looking further

  1. Essay writing-Speedy writers are capable of writing all types of English essays i.e. definition, narrative, descriptive, expository, persuasive, argumentative, analytical, comparison, contrast, critical, rhetoric, review, etc.
  2. Letter writing-There are different types of letters written in various formats. The purpose of the letter determines the tone and format used. Writing letters is an art that one learns progressively through a long period of writing. Due to advances in technology, letters are less used nowadays because people are turning to emails hence email writing is now considered a form of art also in English.
  3. Article writing-This is a form of writing where the student is given a topic to argue his/her points and then take a stand. Article writing focuses on a large audience base like magazine readers and focuses on current issues. Students studying journalism courses in college are tasked with writing articles so that they can be articulate.
  4. Literary criticism-One of the most important category of literature assignment is discussing literature obtained from old or recent sources.
  5. Story writing-This is a type of writing where students are asked to stories that are relevant and attention-grabbing.

Other types of English assignments for college we do include the following

  • Poetry
  • Book review and analysis
  • Movie reviews.
  • Literary journals.
  • Personal statement.
  • Grammar
  • Resume writing etc.


Why speedy writers for English homework help is one of the reputable and affordable essay writing service that you can use for English literature & philology homework. More than two thousand students across the globe who have used our service have recorded good grades in their courses. Several factors make us stand out from other assignment help Uk or assignment help USA services. They include the following:-

  1. We guarantee privacy: Every company that takes customer’s data has the responsibility of keeping the information secure and safe. The information should not be disclosed to any third party company to ensure its integrity. At Speedy writers customer information is very critical therefore, all the writers and support team handles client information carefully. You can rest assured that the information you submit on our site will always remain private and confidential.
  1. Affordable prices-Our English assignment help services aim at helping both college and high school with top-notch academic papers without breaking their banks. The price we charge is pocket-friendly.
  2. High-quality papers-Despite our prices being little compared with other assignment help services, we never compromise on the quality of our papers. Our writers deeply do research before writing the assignments.
  3. Plagiarism free papers-Submitting plagiarized academic papers is one of the reasons why students fail. Our professional writers always make sure every sentence maintains its originality. All the assignments are written from scratch and to prove that we always provide Turnitin reports to our clients.
  4. Timely deliveryWhen it comes to online assignment submission, time is very critical. We are very strict when it comes to the delivery of assignments. Writers who fail to meet the deadline are high penalized therefore it is on rare cases that client paper is delayed for more than 2 hours.
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Our customer support effectively bridges the communication gap between the writer and the client.

  1. Money-back guaranteeWhen you seek English assignment help from our service, we strive hard to deliver exemplary top-notch academic papers. However, clients who are not satisfied with our work after revision can always request a refund that takes one day to process. Orders delivered late are also eligible for a refund.
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The writers are also well versed with various writing formats, citing and referencing methods.

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How to order English assignments for middle school or college at

Our ordering system is quite simple and straightforward with no hidden charges. To order any kind of assignment, follow the following steps:-

  1. Click Order Now button on the menu. Go ahead and fill the order details and the system will calculate the order price. Attach all the required reference materials.
  2. The next step is to log in to a client account or register a new customer. Once logged in preview the order.
  3. Check all the assignment details and if they are okay click submit. Go ahead to submit payment. Once we have received the payment, we will assign your order to writers. The writers will complete the paper before the deadline and it will be emailed to you.

Related Questions

How to effectively tackle English assignment

Tackling English assignments remains to be one of the hardest tasks in college and high school especially when it is urgent. These types of assignments are very delicate because the wrong choice of words can alter or change sentence meaning.

Other factors that make English assignment hard to complete include the following:-

  • Poor writing skills
  • Lack of enough time.
  • Poor grammar.
  • Lack of enough research resources.
  • Subject interest.

In order to tackle English assignments or any other type of academic writing, following a certain procedure is key to ensuring you write a good paper.

Below are the steps to take when writing an English assignment.

  1. Understand the topic-If you are in the position of choosing your own topic, make sure you choose a topic that interests you.
  2. Do research on the topic-Once you have chosen your topic, it is now time to do research. Read all the necessary material that will enhance your knowledge of the topic. Research on the internet and scholarly material relevant to your topic.
  3. Collect relevant material-Not all material you read on a certain topic is relevant. Check for information relevance before using it. The information should also be up to date and reliable.
  4. Understand your paper outline-There are different types of outline depending on the type of writing. Draft your paper structure and if you are not sure, it is important to ask your lecturer or teacher.
  5. Write attention-grabbing introduction-One of the most important part of the composition is an introduction. The introduction briefly states and explains the topic. Using facts, questions, and statistics, you can grab the reader’s attention. The rule for writing a good introduction is keeping the paragraph simple, short, catchy and objective.
  6. Write the assignment– Use the information you have gathered. Organize the assignment in paragraphs each pitching on a certain point.
  7. Use simple language-Assignments should not be written using complicated words that readers will find hard to understand. Keep the language simple for clarity.
  8. Edit and proofread-Once you are done writing the assignment, proofreading and editing to remove errors is important. Add all the missing facts and topics to complete your paragraphs. Also, format the paper according to the requirements.
  9. Add references-This is the final stage of academic paper writing. All reference materials you have used should be added at the bottom using MLA, APA or any other format.

Difference between academic writing and technical writing

difference between academic writing and technical writing
What are the difference between academic writing and technical writing

Most students and even professional writers are unable to understand the difference between academic writing and technical writing. These are two very different types of writing and they differ in style of writing however there are two or three similarities. In this article, we are going to compare technical writing vs academic writing and understand what it entails writing each of the papers.

What is technical writing

 Technical writing is a form of writing that involves documenting processes in occupational and technical fields like software engineering, computer hardware; robotics, etc. A technical writer who communicates to another person in a clear way does this type of writing.

Experienced technical writers make sure their writing is concise, easy to comprehend, audience targeted and contain no errors. The writer is also supposed to be aware of the target audience’s existing knowledge before he/she can begin writing a technical document. Below are some of the characteristics of technical writing.

Characteristics of technical writing

  • Target certain audience-Every technical writing has a target audience that the writer focuses on. The audience’s knowledge determines the writer’s content and phrases to be used.
  • Solves audience problems-All technical papers tend to answer certain questions or explain the process that the audience seeks to know or understand.
  • Focuses on the company culture and goals-Technical papers are custom made for a certain organization depending on the goals they want to achieve and the culture.
  • Can involve several technical writers-The fact that technical documents focus on enlightening a large audience base, several technical writers can chip in to produce a document that is clear to the target audience.
  • Incorporates design to make it readable-Graphs and other forms of information representation make the technical documents more understandable. Images and words can also be used for visual representation.
  • Clear, informative and straightforward-Technical writers should always stick to the subject. Avoidance of technical words and the use of direct language makes it easy for the readers to understand.
  • It is a structured type of writing-Technical writing should be structured to make it easy for the target audience to access the information they need.

Types of technical writing

There are different types of technical writing depending on the information and the target readers. Below are examples of technical writing.

  • Software manuals-These are end-user instructions that come along with new software. They use user-friendly language to explain how the software works and troubleshooting guides.
  • Project proposals-Before a company can begin working on any project, there must be a project proposal. The proposal details project work, tasks that project will do and implementation method. The proposal includes the cost of the project and the timeline for completing it.
  • Websites-Technical writers are tasked with writing about us page when developing a company website.
  • White papers-These are papers written by experts in the field describing how to solve certain business problems. They can include marketing strategies or ways of preventing a company from cyber-attacks.
  • Case studies-These are reports about peoples or a certain situation after studying it for a specified period of time, which is indicated in the report. At the end of the case study, the report has a solution to the problem.
  • Datasheets-They are documents that detail key features and specifications in a machine, software, etc.

What is academic writing

Academic writing is also known as scholarly writing is a clear, concise type of writing that is backed up with a reference for aiding the reader to understand the paper content. This type of writing uses formal style and tone and uses short sentences.

Each type of academic writing has certain writing structures that every writer should follow to deliver a good academic paper. Academic writing is a requirement for completing college courses.

Types of academic writing

  • Book reviews.
  • Movie reviews.
  • Custom essays.
  • Research papers.
  • Term papers.
  • Dissertation writing.
  • Personal statement.
  • Thesis statement.
  • Abstract.
  • Coursework

Characteristics of academic writing

Before you can begin any form of academic writing, keep the following in mind:-

  • Plan-Make sure you plan what you are going to write about. Gather all the required information and research to ensure it is current.
  • Draft outline-For any form of academic writing you need to define your outline. The outline will help you in formulating your content ideas.
  • Determine your tone-Avoid use of slangs and hard vocabularies so that your reader can understand you well.
  • Type of language-When writing academic paper, your words should be clear and well-chosen.
  • Use of evidence-Use evidence and reference materials to support your opinions.

Structure of academic writing

Any academic writing has three distinct key structures. These are the introduction, body, and conclusion. However, it is important to note that the structure of academic paper depends on the type of writing.

  1. Introduction

When writing an introduction, the writer has the chance to grab the reader’s attention by use of a popular phrase, statistics or use of questions. The introduction also details topic background information and gives an outline of the content in the paper.

  1. Body

The body of any academic paper is where the writer states his/her argument and goes ahead to give supportive evidence. All the information gathered analyzed for the reader to understand.

  1. Conclusion

The conclusion is the last and very important part of any academic paper. A good conclusion should do the following:-                                          

  1. Summarizes the key points in the paper.
  2. Connects and relates all the ideas in the paper.
  3. Answers critical questions and shows how.
  4. Can call for action by recommending more research on the topic.
  5. The conclusion can also pose a question to the reader for more research.


Now that we have written all the key features of academic and technical writing it is now time to compare these two types of writing.

Comparing Technical vs academic writing

We are now going to list similarities and differences between technical and academic writing.

Difference between technical and academic writing

There is a major difference between these two forms of writing based on their style of writing.

  1. Goal-oriented vs theory proving

Academic writing is all about proving a certain writer’s idea or theory by use of supportive evidence whereas technical writing tends to explain how to solve certain tasks or problems.

  1. Process vs results

Technical writing tends to explain steps by step explaining a certain process whereas academic writing is result-driven based on certain data or research.

  1. Target readers

Technical writing targets end-users in a company that wants to know how to solve certain tasks or problems whereas academic writing targets scholars who have expertise in a specific field.

  1. Writing styles

Academic and technical writing have different writing styles. They cannot be mixed therefore an academic writer cannot write a technical paper.


  1. Structure

In both academic and technical writing, the writer has to write an introduction. In technical papers, the writer mentions the need for the paper or research and lists the methodologies used. Same to academic writing where the writer has to grab the reader’s attention and state the topic.

  1. They are all formal writing

Technical writing and academic writing can be grouped into one category of formal writing. They both have certain writing tone and vocabulary. However for one to shift from academic writing to technical writing there are practices that one has to understand first especially the writing styles.


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