Social responsibility is the theory that a company should build relationships with the society and the environment where it’s located.

This involves actively cultivating and valuing these relationships with society, consumers and even employees instead of just being consumed with maximizing profits.

Although critics have frequently argued that environment is not actually a business stakeholder, businesses have a duty to act in the best interest of both society and their environment. This is otherwise known as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Companies around the globe take different positions on this and we have broken then down into four approaches to CSR.


Companies that take an obstructionist stance to social responsibility normally attempt to defend their economic priorities by blocking any attempts to point out the lack of social responsibility.

Making profits is the most important aspect of their business and although they are proud of it, they will deny any wrongdoing and use any obstacles available to them to deliberately derail or divert investigation of their practices when faced with specific social demands.


Companies that take the defensive approach to social responsibility aren’t socially responsible but they do a somewhat good job of hiding it.

Making profits is way more important to them than performing socially responsible actions.

They consider themselves neutral hence social responsibility isn’t a topic you can openly take up with them.

These companies make a point of following the law to ensure that others cannot take legal action against them. This does not mean that they do not perform actions that are detrimental to both society and the environment, they just look for legal ways of protecting themselves from lawsuits.


Companies that take this approach actually believe that social responsibility is just as important as making a profit.

They satisfy all legal requirements and normally attempt to meet ethical standards.

Such companies remain transparent about why they take specific actions and strive to be valuable to the society and the environment instead of hiding their actions.

These companies may even decrease waste creation, do away with animal-tested products and pay their employees fair wage.

They keep their records open to the public.

Although they strive to be socially responsible, they may change their policies in response to criticism just so they remain in their shareholders’ good books.


Companies that take a proactive approach to social responsibility make it a priority even if doing so ends up cutting into their profits.

They try to remain ahead of the curve in regards to social responsibility instead of reacting to criticism of their actions.

Most of them even include ethics in their mission statement and try to avoid any harm to the environment, the society or their employees.

Some of the actions associated with a proactive stance in companies include giving all employees living wage and benefits, instituting new recycling programs and donation of a portion of their profits to charity.


Although some companies still fail to give social responsible the respect it deserves, it is actually very beneficial to the overall business of a company if done willingly.

Nowadays, investors and consumers seek investments that aren’t just profitable, but also contribute to the welfare of both society and environment. Embracing  social responsibility can lead to maximization of shareholder value by reeling in those much needed investors while making sure that the consumers and community around you feel just as important.

Engaging in social responsibility will also boost morale for your company especially if you involve your employees in your social causes.

Social responsibility is not just the moral thing to do, it is good business practice.

What is the Purpose of Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate social responsibility is a business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders. It is also known also known as corporate citizenship.

This self regulated company practice is aimed at improving society or impacting positive change.

It addresses a variety of issues among them, human rights, education, health, safety, corporate governance, working conditions and environmental stability.

CSR efforts ought to be focused on real life challenges and should aim to impact real change.

To be authentic in ones CSR, a company should ensure that the work they do every day is connected to what they care about as a company.

If a company chooses to engage in opportunistic or short lived attempts at social impact instead of going all in to make real change, they are bound to be found out by keen investors and customers who may then discredit their whole mission.

CSR can also be used as a marketing strategy as long as the company continues to put in the work and gain tangible results.

Importance of CSR

  • Improves the company’s public image which appears more favourable to customers.
  • Gives the company an advantage over competitors who aren’t engaged in CSR.
  • Improves brand awareness and value by showing that the company is not just about profits but also reliable positive change.
  • Fuels customer loyalty since most people want to be part of a company with a vision and willingness to do good.
  • Increased revenue.
  • Attracts and retains talented employees.
  • Motivates employees and brings about greater productivity by engaging employees in CSR.
  • Helps the society to find solutions to every day issues.
  • Helps nonprofit organizations find support beyond individual donors because companies with CSR mostly offer donations and voluntary programs to them.
  • Sustainable changes such as reduced packaging actually reduce the production costs.

How Does Government Shape the Social Responsibility of Organizations?

The government, through the national, state and local branches, tries to shape social responsibility practices through both direct and indirect means.

Direct influence involves the establishment of laws and rules that dictate what organizations can and cannot do.

This form of regulation is based on social beliefs and how businesses should conduct themselves.

Such regulation includes company laws, regulations for pension funds, stock exchange regulations, laws on CSR reporting and penalties for noncompliance, among others.

The government can also provide incentive by putting in place tax exemptions for social or philanthropic investments, internet platforms and award schemes that increase the visibility of CSR activities, training and capacity building for Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and providing funding for research on CSR.

We have also witnessed intervention where the government has raised awareness on CSR by demonstrating how companies can contribute to sustainable development while also encouraging public sector engagement in the same.

The government can also partner with companies to tackle issues such as poverty reduction, access to health care and educational infrastructure to ensure that interested companies can really impact the change they desire.

What is Economic Responsibility?

Economic responsibility in CSR aims at striking a balance between business and the environmental and philanthropic practices.

Companies have a responsibility to find a solution that will facilitate the long term growth of the business while also meeting the set standards of both ethical and moral regulations.

Economic decisions made in a company have to be made by considering their overall effects on society and the business.

An example of economic responsibility is where a company incorporates recycled products into its manufacturing process. The company lowers the cost of materials used while taking up fewer resources hence benefitting the society.

Discuss Enterprise Architecture and How it Supplements and Enables Each Phase of SDLC

Enterprise architecture (EA) is the practice of analyzing, designing, planning, and implementing enterprise analysis to enable the successful execution of business strategies. EA helps businesses structure IT projects and policies to achieve desired business results and to stay on top of industry trends and disruptions using architecture principles and practices.

The goal of enterprise architecture is to create a standard IT environment with tight symbiotic links to the business side of the organization and its strategy. It promotes alignment, standardization, reuse of existing IT assets, and the sharing of common methods for project management and software development across the organization. If all these are implemented strategically and successfully, the result is cheaper, more effective Information Technology.

Enterprise architecture creates a map of IT assets and business processes and sets principles to govern discussions on business strategy and IT.

Enterprise Architecture and SDLC phases are related by the fact that EA provides the strategy and procedures to be followed during SDLC.

Importance of Enterprise Architecture

EA offers support for re-designs and re-organization during major organizational changes, mergers, or acquisitions. It also adds to the discipline in the organization by offering standard and uniform processes for more consistency.

EA is also used in system development, IT management and decision-making, and IT risk management to eliminate errors, system failures, and security breaches. It can also help businesses navigate complex IT structures or to make IT more accessible to other business units.

Other benefits of Enterprise Architecture include:

  • Allowing more transparent collaboration between IT and other business units
  • Giving business the ability to prioritize investments
  • Making it easier to evaluate existing architecture against long-term goals
  • Establishing processes to evaluate and procure technology
  • Giving a comprehensive view of IT architecture to all business units outside of IT
  • Providing a benchmarking framework to compare results against those of other organizations or standards

Software Development Life Cycle

It is also known as the Software Development Process.

It is comprised of a framework that defines tasks that are performed at every stage in the software development process.

SDLC explains how to develop, maintain, replace, and alter specific software. It is set to improve the quality of software and the overall development process.

SDLC Phases

  • Planning and Requirement Analysis

This is the most important and fundamental stage in SDLC. It is performed by the senior members of the team with inputs from the customer, the sales department, market surveys, and domain experts in the industry. This information is then used to plan the basic project approach and to conduct a product feasibility study in the economical, operational, and technical areas. The outcome of this study will define the technical approaches that can be followed to implement the project successfully with minimum risks.

  • Defining Requirements

This step involves a clear definition and documentation of the product requirements together with approval from both customer and market analysts.

It is done through a Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document which contains all the product requirements that need to be designed and developed during the project’s life cycle.

  • Designing the Product Architecture

Various design approaches for the product architecture are proposed and documented in a Design Document Specification (DDS). The DDS is reviewed by all concerned stakeholders and the best design approach is selected for the product. This decision is influenced by factors such as budget, product size, design modularity, time limitations, and risk assessment.

  • Developing the Product

The actual development and building of the product start here.DDA generates the programming code and the design is performed with a focus on detail and order to generate the code.

Developers are supposed to follow the coding guidelines defined by their organization and programming tools like compilers, interpreters, and debuggers are used to generate the code. Different high-level programming languages are used for coding. The programming language is chosen concerning the type of software being developed.

  • Testing the Product

This testing is done to detect, report, track, fix, and retest product defects until the product attain the quality standards defined in the Software Requirement Specification.

  • .Deployment in the Market

When the product has been tested and deemed ready, it is released into the appropriate market. Product deployment may happen in stages, depending on the business strategy of the organization in question. Sometimes a product may be released in a limited segment to be tested in the real business environment. This is commonly known as User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

The product is then released as it is or with suggested enhancements, depending on the feedback from UAT.

  • Maintenance

After the deployment of a product into the market, maintenance is carried out from time to time especially if there is a hitch or need for enhancement. These issues are taken care of by the developers.


How Enterprise Architecture Supplements and Enables Each Phase of SDLC

EA contributes to the development of optimal designs of various systems, including every stage of SDLC.

Preliminary Analysis Phase

This is where the concept of the product is conceived and the planning begins. It involves the execution of preliminary appraisals, the proposition of different solutions, description of costs along with benefits, and the submission of preliminary recommendations.

System developers consider every priority and how it should be addressed. Feasibility studies are conducted to establish the viability of improving or replacing the systems in question. The studies should cover the systems’ operational, economic, technical, political, legal, and human factor aspects.

In this phase, Enterprise Architecture provides critical input before the happening of in-depth vendor management. It helps determine the application assets, or resources, that ought to be purchased. Other significant processes establish the projects’ courses and the application resources that ought to be bought. Such processes relate to how particular solutions would be incorporated into given environments and how they ought to be developed.

Requirements Analysis Phase

In this phase, Enterprise Architecture comes in handy in the analysis of the information requirements of intended end-users and removing any incompleteness and inconsistencies in the requirements. It helps to appraise the planned systems and prepare the necessary specifications for the product being developed.

Design Phase

Enterprise architects depend on developers along with domain architects to describe the planned systems in detail. Enterprise Architecture practitioners visualize how the subsystems or modules will fit into given enterprises and create helpful design patterns and optimized design configurations. All this effort makes it easier to review system designs upon their completion.


Development Phase

Here Enterprise Architecture specialists help in optimizing application coding efforts. They provide insights into the standardization of coding processes and ensure that the processes follow laid down governance regulations.

Testing Phase

EA professionals determine how the attendant applications may be changed to optimize their eventual utility. If they establish that there are considerable architectural changes, they review those changes and assist project teams in conducting them appropriately.

Deployment and Maintenance Phases

In this phase, Enterprise Architecture guides the making of the required changes to the original software to make sure they do not turn into discontinuance.

System deployment includes enhancements and changes before decommissioning of the system. When software deployment is underway, EA specialists should not be engaged unless there are explicit needs.

Even so, they are very helpful in the optimization of software deployment procedures.

Cheap Custom MLA Papers

Cheap Custom MLA Papers

Introduction-MLA Citation Style

MLA is an abbreviation for the Modern Language Association, which is a language and literature-based organization.

There are other citation styles but the MLA format is mostly used for literature, language, liberal arts, and other humanities subjects.

Although you will mostly find MLA style in research papers, it is also comprised of other features such as in-text citations and the Works Cited page.

The MLA citation style creates a uniform format for scholars to document their sources and format their papers. This way, recognizing and understanding the types of sources used for a project becomes easier and encourages your readers to explore them, rather than just acknowledging them on the document.

An MLA citation ensures that credit has been given to the original author where information has been borrowed from a source and used in a research paper or assignment.

At the end of the research paper, there is a Works Cited list which contains all the citations placed in the project.


MLA Citation Format

The MLA citation format has been updated several times in the past, the most recent being the 8th edition released in 2016. Before this update, there were different formats for books, websites, journals, and the like, and it was up to scholars to find the right format.

The 8th edition came as a universal MLA citation format that included every existing source of information. It encourages the citation of URLs and allows the use of social media usernames and pseudonyms instead of an authors real name. A lot more updates have been included in this edition as possible to reflect the modern age of technology we all live in.


How to Cite Books in MLA Format

This is the most basic type of referencing. The items are lined up as follows:

Last name, first name. Title. Publisher, Year of Publication.

Please note that the title is in italics. All words in the title must be capitalized save for the articles.

If there are two authors, the first author’s name should be written inverted and the second author’s name should be written in order, both joined by an “and”.

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In-text Citation

With in-text citations, you acknowledge a source by providing a brief reference to exactly where in the source you found the information. The reader can then use the complete reference listed in the Works Cited page at the end of your paper to verify what you have written.

In most cases, providing the author’s last name and a page number is sufficient. If you mention the author’s name in your text, only the page reference needs to be inserted in parentheses.


Works Cited List

This is the alphabetical list of works cited that appears at the end of your paper containing more information about all of the sources you’ve cited and allowing readers to refer to them, as needed.

It is very different from a bibliography. The main characteristics are:

  • The list of Works Cited must be on a new page at the end of your text.
  • Entries are arranged alphabetically by the author’s last name or by the title if there is no author.
  • Titles of books are italicizedand titles of articles are placed in quotation marks. All important words should be capitalized.
  • Entries are double-spaced (for this page, single-spacing is used).
  • For online sources, the date of access is an optional element. However, it can be helpful to include this information, especially if the source you are using does not have a date of publication.

Where to Buy MLA Paper Online

When writing course assignments, you are mostly required to cite your sources in one citation style or the other, one of the most common ones being MLA. The citation may seem like a very complicated aspect of academic writing and that is why we are here, to offer you cheap custom MLA papers.

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Related Questions

How do you cite a white paper in MLA?

A white paper is a report that is produced by a government agency or a research organization. These reports are very helpful sources for research papers in the specific fields covered by them. White papers are cited the same as all other government reports.

The citation should start with the name of the author, their last name, a comma, then their first name. If the author has not been credited you can use the name of the government agency or organization. A period has to be placed after the author’s name.

Next, you type the full title of the white paper and a period inside quotation marks. It is important to use the title case.

If the white paper has been released as a series or a collection of similar papers on a broad area of study, type the title in italics and put a period after it.

Next should follow the name of the publishing organization or agency followed by a comma and the date of publication followed by either a comma or a period.

It is also important to add the direct URL for the white paper without the https:// portion of the address and add a period at the very end.

Remember to include a supplementary citation at the end of a quotation or a paraphrase of the white paper.

It may be a bit difficult for you to keep up with all the tiny details, especially if you have a lot of assignments that need your attention and that is why we offer help with MLA style custom writings.

There is no need for you to memorize all these citation formats while your cheap custom MLA papers are just within your reach.

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Criminal Justice Homework Help

criminal justice homework help
We can help you with your criminal justice assignment

For you to tackle any criminal justice assignment successfully, you need to understand exactly what it is and how it relates to our everyday life. Only then will you have a clear perspective on the angle you are supposed to take with your essay, dependent on the specific question or topic at hand.


What is Criminal Justice?

Criminal justice is a collection of agencies and processes working together to ensure that justice is served to those who have committed a crime. It is not only about punishment but also controlling, minimizing, and rehabilitating crime. There are also institutions and government agencies which provide moral support for victims of various crimes.

Criminal justice is based on adherence to the rule of law. In the United States, criminal justice is categorized into different levels. These include the state, federal and local levels. Criminal justice is exercised daily by the police, prosecution, defense lawyers, courts, and prisons.

Reasons to Study Criminal Justice

  • Helping keep criminals out of society and deliver justice to those affected

If your interest in criminal justice stems from a need to help other people and keep the peace in your community, your heart is in the right place. People who work in the institutions named above earn a good living but there are a lot of sacrifices and hard work so you have to love what you do.

  • A lot of career options available

With criminal justice, you can work in law enforcement, become a detective, parole officer, or probation officer or even delve into cybercrime. All you need to do is find your passion or interest and let it guide you into becoming a member of the criminal justice community.

You can also work in institutions like Social Services, Immigration and Customs, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and many more.

  • Criminal justice careers are very exciting

You do not have to worry about sitting at a desk from 9 to 5 every single day. You get to travel, meet new people, conduct investigations, and even work on all manners of cases.

You can rest assured that you’ll never be bored.

  • There is always a demand for criminal justice majors.

Since law enforcement and public safety will always be a necessity, there will always be a job opening that requires your particular set of skills.

You get to put what you’ve been taught into action while also learning on the job and if you work smart enough, the promotions and salary increments will soon follow.

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How to Write a Good Assignment

Writing a good criminal justice assignment begins way before you start to write. This is what we call the data collection phase. You need to gather all information related to your topic, be it textbooks, databases, archives, or journals.

Next, you need to develop the format which your assignment will take. If you just throw all your points into the assignment or worse, arrange your content in a haphazard manner, you will not pass. As always, your assignment needs an introduction, body, and conclusion.

Being concise and relevant helps put across your points much better and keeps the reader interested. Do not add unnecessary information to increase your word count because your teacher is going to notice it.

The main body is where you get to show what you are made of. You should portray both your research and writing skills in a way that complements the information you are putting across. Close attention must be paid to paragraphing and the overall coherence of your assignment.

The conclusion is normally just a summary of the main ideas in your assignment and a justification or closing argument to support your thesis.

This sometimes comes as a bit of a task, even for the brightest students, and that is why we are here to offer you criminal justice homework help.

Areas of Criminal Justice

  • Law enforcement

Once a crime has been committed, the police handle the recording of statements, investigations, arrests, and also testimonies during the court hearings.

  • Prosecution

Prosecutors who represent respective states and file charges against lawbreakers.

  • Courts

This is where formal cases against offenders take place. Judges preside over the hearings and give sentences when the trial is over.

  • Correctional facilities

These have correction officers, parole, and probation officers who help rehabilitate the offenders so they can come out as better reformed citizens.

Why speedywriters.us for Criminal Justice for Homework Assignments Help

Here at speedywriters.us, our business is helping you hand in perfect assignments for perfect grades. Criminal justice homework help is something we do regularly and we are committed to giving you exactly what you have asked for. When you give us a criminal justice writing assignment, we allocate it to specialist writers who are well versed with that niche to ensure that what you receive is top content work. What’s more? We will revise your work as many times as we need to cover your requirements satisfactorily.

Our prices are very student-friendly and there is always responsive customer support to help you with your queries at all times.

Related Questions

What are some good criminal justice research topics?

There are more than a hundred topics related to criminal justice that can make good research topics. Some of them include Criminology, Types of crime, Criminal justice ethics, criminology theories, and the History of criminology.

If you are looking for a criminal justice research topic, do some research and settle on the one that intrigues you the most then you can dig into it as much as you like.

Is criminal justice a good career choice?

It is. Criminal justice offers an array of lucrative jobs that will see you have the most exciting experiences on the job. If you are interested in public safety and making a difference in society, there is no reason why you shouldn’t pursue it.

Is criminology hard to study?

Criminology is one of the most well-researched courses that exist. There are thousands of reading materials and authorities to help navigate through your studies.

Like every other course out there, you have to put in a little effort and be eager to learn so that you can take in as much as there is to learn about it.

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 Bank Of America Swot Analysis

 Bank Of America Swot Analysis
Bank Of America Swot Analysis essay

Like any other type of business, the Bank of America majorly focuses on financial services for profit-making. The second-largest bank in America also deals in multinational banking, making it an international bank that operates beyond the USA’s borders. Being the largest bank means the Bank of America leads in the market capitalization and bank holding.  

You don’t need to be told that the bank is a choice for many people in the U.S and the world. The fact that there are hundreds of large chains of ATMs and banking centers makes it a more popular banking institution than any other. 

This article is about SWOT analysis of one of the leading firms in the banking industry. We want to establish how, over the years, this giant bank has been able to remain consistent in service delivery and dominant in the financial sector. Is it because of the bank’s emphasis on continually analyzing and reviewing the SWOT analysis?

Well, maybe that has been the case. 

But what is this SWOT analysis?

We could say it is a framework that makes it possible and easy for a specific organization to identify the internal strategic and external strategic factors carefully. The idea behind discovering these vital factors is to enable the bank to do a more comprehensive situational analysis.

For most companies, the SWOT strategic tool is a vital technique that comes in handy when there is a need to scrutinize the current Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats. The SWOT analysis isn’t a one-day interaction that ends at analyzing the market trends.

The analysis is a more comprehensive and immensely interactive process that involves uninterrupted coordination from various departments within the bank. As earlier mentioned, the analysis involves all the departments and needs a more organized group for effective execution. 

Further, the Bank of America SWOT analysis aims to unearth the many opportunities and threats that may bring the bank to its knees. It is important to note that the Bank of America began using its current name in 1998 after merging with NationsBank. 

What is the value of this SWOT analysis?

The main aim is always to provide the bank with a clear roadmap on what to improve on and how to minimize the weaknesses. The weaknesses sometimes referred to as internal strategic factors, can bring the bank’s activities to a grinding halt if enough care isn’t taken. 

The analysis also comes up with solutions to the external strategic factors through various branch and departmental managers. The external factors that comprise the bank’s opportunities and threats are essential in helping the bank develop a more comprehensive recovery plan. 

Strengths of Bank of America

The Bank of America is a multinational financial institution with roots and branches in all the 50 states of the United States of America. The giant financial institution within the USA alone serves more than 67 million customers and small business operators. But more than the dominant presence in the United States of America, the bank also serves millions of consumers from more than 35 countries spread across other continents. 

Winning Various Awards and Accolades Has Been A Major Area Of Strength for the Bank

As a multinational bank, the institution has majorly focused on providing quality services with unmatched financial packages. As a result, millions of people worldwide have invested their money and other properties in the bank, making it a number one choice for most customers around the world. 

The Fortune magazine named the Bank of America one of the top 100 Best Companies to world for in February 2019. That was a shot in the arm for a financial institution trying to set base in almost all the countries in the world. 

The same month of February saw the bank bag another prestigious accolade from the J.D. Power. The recognition, the highest in customer satisfaction by companies, further cemented the bank’s commitment to providing unwavering support to customer interaction and quality banking services delivery. 

While the two awards may look negligible in the eyes of many people, they mean so much to a financial institution that has remained constant in providing top financial challenges amid insurmountable challenges. 

It is also essential to note that the two awards are just among the many won by the bank in 2019. 

Bank of America has total assets of $2.17 trillion, making it the second-largest financial institution in the U.S. In terms of private wealth management, the bank also comes second, after Merrill Wealth Management. 

Weaknesses of Bank of America

Generally, weak points are areas where an organization can improve upon. When we talk about strategies, it means making some decisions that sometimes end up not being as effective. However, with the SWOT analysis, an organization can analyze and build on the weak links for strategic positioning. 

The bank has been unable to counter the challenges posed by new entrants in the market. They have, therefore, lost several customers.

The company hasn’t been able to come up with a wide range of products for customers. 

Financial planning has always been poorly done. Currently, the bank uses cash on non-important things. 

The bank hasn’t been able to diversify its area of operation. It had failed in the past when it tried moving into other product segments. 

The bank is still stuck in past technologies, making it very difficult to compete with other institutions that have put technology at their operations’ heart. 

The bank is currently operating below the industry average profitability ratio. 

Opportunities and Threats

Bank of America has continued to expand beyond the USA’s borders and into other countries worldwide. And the market penetration, characterized by the establishment of new branches, is one of the main reasons the bank has consistently grow and remained dominant. 

Therefore, the bank’s market penetration is an opportunity to grow the financial powerhouse beyond the boundaries of the United States. 

Some of the opportunities include:

·         Expansion through market penetration

·         Growth through diversity in products and product development.

·         Reducing risks by exploring other products


The primary threat to Bank of America is the stiff competition from other similar financial institutions. The SWOT analysis states that this external factor can reduce the market share of the company.

·         Other forms of threats include:

·         Cyber insecurity and other security breaches related to mobile baking

·         The severe effects of cryptocurrencies

Key points from the analysis

The above SWOT analysis comprehensively covers the challenges the bank faces in its daily operations. The identified strengths and weaknesses are not an alien concept in the banking industry. 

There is room to turn the weaknesses into the bank’s operations cornerstone and make the opportunities count. 

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Same Sex Marriage Synthesis Essay

Same Sex Marriage Synthesis Essay

Same Sex Marriage Synthesis Essay
Same Sex Marriage Synthesis Essay sample

Same Sex Marriage Synthesis Essay

Same sex marriage synthesis essay is typically a persuasive and a rather contentious academic assignment. In a same sex marriage synthesis essay, the writer should pinpoint the origin or the rationales under which same sex marriage is grounded, besides identifying and critically explaining the most controversial topics that characterize the same sex marriage. Additionally, it is important for the writer to emphatically show whether they are in support or against the same sex marriage right from the introduction paragraph.  Below is an example of an outstanding same sex marriage synthesis essay. 


In the contemporary society, same sex marriage remains one of the most controversial topics in socio-political as well as religious dimensions. Before getting into details, it is paramount to demystify what is same sex marriage. Same sex marriage entails the marriage between individuals with the same sexual compatibility. Perhaps, that is why same sex marriage is an issue in the modern world.  Whether or not same sex marriage is legal, it is apparent that it is a societal issue that needs to be revisited and regulated for the better of all people. Albeit some individuals are pro- same sex marriage, a substantial number of people are against the marriage of persons of the same sex.  This same sex marriage synthesis essay explores the issue of the sex marriage in legal, social, and religious perspectives.

The Legal Perspective of the Same Sex Marriage

It is still a controversial matter whether lesbians and gays should be accepted to married legally. At the current moment, most countries around the globe have not legalized same sex marriage due to lack of the same sex marriage law. Nevertheless, individuals supporting gay marriages have started to campaign so that gay marriage should have a legal introduction. In countries like California and other states of U.S, people ground the right of same sex marriage on the aspects of civilization and the need for freedom to choose one’s lifestyle. The controversy in legalizing gay and lesbian marriages is on the issue of family. It is common sense that lesbians and gays are incapable of naturally /biologically getting children. While this is the case, people with the same sex marriage claim that they are capable of imitating the convention ways of a family setting and still live a happy and satisfied life.

The legal dimension of gays and lesbians marriage also touches on the issue of children. When legislating the same sex law, it is crucial to be aware of the same sex marriage facts. To begin with, it is good to acknowledge that falling in love with same gender does not guarantee any hope of having children. In lesbian marriage, couples may get children through surrogate birth where any of the couples may be subjected to Artificial Insemination (AI), thereby becoming the actual mother. On the other hand, gay couples may get children by having a family member or get a female friend carry a baby on their (couple’s) behalf, then, upon delivery, adopt the baby and make it their own in the conventional ways of a family. Since children are critical to any family, a legal question that is always raised is how the couples teach children to fit in the way of life of their ‘parents’.  Additionally, the same sex marriage law is obliged to ensure that the fundamental rights of children in gay and lesbian families are not violated.

The Social Perspective

The social dimension of same sex marriage is largely concerned with the social identity of gays and lesbians within a particular society. For instance, it is controversial to know the gender type to accord to any individual who has been labeled a gay or lesbian. In the social dimension, it also becomes hard to know what gender roles to assign to couples in the same sex marriage. For example, in the case of lesbians, it is difficult to know plays the role of the husband and whole plays the role of the mother at home, so that they can be assigned a similar role in a social context. Additionally, it is a matter of high debate whether gays and lesbians have l rights, freedoms, and privileges equal to those of the couples in the opposite sex marriage. This is because lesbians and gays are subjected to immense social stigma especially in countries where the law against same sex marriage is rigid, and in societies with primitive customs that take same sex marriage as a taboo, therefore, an abomination. As such, individuals in the same sex marriage are like to receive unequal treatments and social statuses with couples in opposite sex marriage in social contexts.

The Religious Perspective

The religious dimension of gays and lesbians represents arguably the most debated scopes of the same sex marriage. Undoubtedly, the religious aspect of gay and lesbian marriage stands as the key reason for many conservative thoughts about same sex marriage. Christians, orthodox Jews, and Muslims often campaign against gays and lesbians marriage because they perceive the practice as an explicit violation of the design and intent for a family. In support of their arguments, the aforementioned religions quote and directly allude to specific scriptures in their holy books, thereby directly condemning the acts of homosexuality in their basic forms as well as meaning. The religious claim that homosexuality should be allowed stems from the fundamental and a rather obvious belief that God or the supreme creator made a woman for the sole purpose of making her a companion to a man. With such reason, it becomes a matter of common sense that only opposite sex should be allowed to marry and make a family. Religiously, therefore, the issue of the same sex marriage is unacceptable.


In summary, same sex marriage can be approached in three dimensions, namely the legal, social, and religious perspectives because it is one of the most controversial issues in the current society. Albeit social and legal perspectives are debatable, the religious perspective is presents most convincing and interesting evidences of their argument. Gay and lesbian marriages will still remain a contentious matter for many years, perhaps even centuries.

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Synthesis Essay on Education

Synthesis Essay on Education

Synthesis Essay on Education
what are the Factors leading to irrelevance of Various Education Systems in African Continent

Synthesis Essay on Education

This is an example of Education synthesis essay written by speedy essay writers.

What Measures Should Be Taken To Improve the Education System of Most African Countries


In the recent past, the education systems of a substantial number of African nations have raised interest on whether the system is really fit for the current society. The need to revisit and question the validity as well as the relevance of education systems of African countries is as a result of presence of several graduates who lack relevant skills and know-how to perform in various professions.  To be more specific, there are professionals without the required proficiency to perform well in their careers. To make the education systems of the affected African countries valid, there should be a total change in the entire learning process, including the change in curriculum, improvement of learning infrastructure, proper  training of teaching professionals in all levels of education, and introduction of a concrete system of ethics among the students’ body.

Albeit this essay mainly centers on the ways to improve various parameters in African education system, it is imperative to discuss in details some of the factors that render the education system of most African countries irrelevant. The following are the main factors.

Factors leading to irrelevance of Various Education Systems in African Continent

Lack of Sufficient Infrastructure

A number of African countries lack enough and relevant facilities to support learning of various disciplines. Such a challenge affects learners pursuing technical courses such as engineering, medicine, and law. For instance, it is quite common to encounter a higher institution of learning that lacks proper and the state-of-art library. Such an institutions is incapable of producing properly competent professionals because of lack of a well-equipped research resource to enable learners broaden their knowledge and give them to a practical approach to learning. Additionally, the learning facilities a number of countries lack important resources such classrooms textbooks. Examples of such countries include the ones in sub-Saharan and Saharan regions that experiences constant drought that cause famine. Additionally, war-torn countries like Somali where learning facilities are constantly destroyed as a result of terror attacks. Lack of enough infrastructures is attributed to the poor funding by governments of respective countries as well as misappropriation and embezzlement of funds meant for education.

Irrelevant Curriculum

A number of planned education experiences in some African countries’ educational curriculum do not meet the standards that produce a leaner with ability to respond appropriately with current problems in the contemporary society. As various studies have established, most university and college graduates lack the ability to solve a number of problems in real-life situations. It has also been observed that many curriculums in African education systems emphasize on theoretical as opposed to practical approach of solving problems. Such observations are attributed to the fact that the aforementioned curriculums do not embrace creativity in learning.

Poorly Trained Education Professionals

Many teachers and educational instructors in some Africa nations lack necessary competence to teach. The lack of professional competency can be classified in terms of content mastery and teaching methodologies. In some instances, teachers do not have enough knowledge of the topics in particular subjects. Additionally, the methodologies used to deliver the content do not meet the required instructional capacity to sufficiently impart knowledge and skills to the learner.

Measures That Should Be Taken to ameliorate the Education System of Most African Countries

To restore relevance and worth of education in African nations, there is need for concerted endeavors from various education stakeholders. Such stakeholders include but not only the governments of the victim nations, the teaching fraternity, learners, and the general society. The following are the key measures to take to resuscitate education systems in Africa.

Introduction of Relevant Curriculum

Curriculum is central to any educational system. Countries that have highly reliable and functional education have curriculums that produce holistic leaners with the capacity to address various challenges in the society.  For reliable educational system in the affected African nations, it is worthwhile to introduce and include learning experiences that enable learners to perform in various spheres of life. Besides, the curriculum should be designed in such a way that they embrace technology and creativity that empower learner to respond appropriately to current changes and emerging issues in the society.

Upgrading the Learning Infrastructure

Respective governments whose education systems are unreliable should provide enough and functional buildings to facilitate the leaning process. Such facilities should include classrooms and research centers like libraries. Besides, it is the responsibility of the government to ensure that learners have adequate resources such as books for smooth coverage of the curriculum. A particular government can improve and increase its educational infrastructure through direct funding and borrowing from potential and willing donors.

Proper Training of Teaching Professionals

Teachers and the associated educational instructors should be properly trained to attain the required competence in their areas of professionalism. Besides, professional competence enables educational instructors and teachers to impart the knowledge using the most reliable and relevant methodologies, thereby facilitating the learning process. Lastly the governments should implement in-service trainings to constantly update teachers on the current teaching methodologies that can be used alongside the existing skills to improve the efficiency of the learning process for the benefit of learners and instructors.

Restoring Ethics among the Learners

Proper morals and ethical practices in an educational system is a hallmark of learning. Students should be sensitized on the proper practices in learning. For instance, the government should emphasize values of commitment and academic honesty in education. Learners should, therefore, be notified on the dangers of cheating and be encouraged to refrain from such academic malpractices.


Improving education systems of African countries characterized by dysfunctional curricula, poorly trained teaching professionals, and inadequate infrastructure require a unified approach.  Introduction of a relevant curriculum, proper training and facilitating of teachers and learning instructors, upgrading and increasing the quantity and functionality of learning infrastructure, and restoring a solid ethical system for the learners are the key measures that can be used to upgrade the fallen educational systems of some African nations. However, all the education stakeholders should play their respective roles in improving education.

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History assignment Help

History assignment Help
history assignment help

Before we can discuss history assignment help it is very important first to understand what is history. History is a Greek word which basically means the study of the past and present. History tend to explain the people, societies and events of the past in order to help us understand them.

History is a very common subject in humanities   and quite a number of students learn it. Even though most old people find history interesting, youths who are student don’t really find the subject appealing. The lectures tend to be long and boring because tutors are not able to associate history with any topics in real world. It’s even more boring for student doing practical courses like information technology and nursing.

Students who don’t like history subject mostly turn to cheap essay writing services online  to request for history assignments help. In this post we are going to discuss everything about you need to know about history writing assignments. But before that let look at some of the reasons why we study history.

Reasons why we study history

Before students begin history study, this is a very common question that most ask themselves or even ask their lectures. Why do I need to study such a boring subject? Yes, history could be boring but there is importance of studying it. For example: –

1.History helps in understanding people and society

In order to understand how societies and ethnic groups of people behave   you need a lot of information stored for you to read. With help of history it can be easy to understand people operations and societies.

Even though there are other subjects that attempt to explain people behavior they mainly rely on the current information. For example, it is very hard for students to understand war while their countries are at peace. But they can understand war when they read history books about World war one and world war two.

2.Studying history helps us in understanding changes in our society and how they came into existence

Another reason why history is an important subject is because it is the study of the past which causes the present and future. In order to understand something that happened and predict the future we have to look at the past.

For example, in order to understand what caused American Congress dominance or what caused World war one to happen we have to look at the factors that took a change in past.

Recent history can explain a certain development however that is not enough because we have to look at past events so that we can understand the cause of change.

3.Helps in moral understanding

Study of history helps us understand past moral situations of history and this enables us to test our moral sense. People who have overcame several serious life challenges can provide inspiration to others.

4.History provides us with identity

Most modern nations schools teach history as a form of providing identity to young’s ones who are still growing on information about how families and institutions on how they were formed. History also provides families with genealogy   and also helps in understanding ways in which families engaged with large historical change.

5.History study is important for a good citizen

History study is very important for someone who is a good citizen. In school curriculum, history is incorporated to help the students learn more about roles of a citizen and what it means to be a good citizen.

Also history provides us with information’s on how several institutions emerged and how the problems were solved. Information about how societies interacted with others can also be learnt. History study also encourages habits of mind that are important in public.

Every student who is studying history is required to submit several assignments before they can complete the course. History assignment topics are of different types because history is also a wide subject. Below are some of the tips that can help you in writing a good history assignment.

How to write a good history assignment?

Did you know the reason why most students look for history assignment help online is because? It’s because writing these assignments is not an easy task. A perfect history essay should have the following elements.

  • At least two or more events that are historical.
  • Two or more persons referenced in the history that were of great important at that time.
  • Relationship effect and cause during the historical phenomena during that period.
  • Evaluation of history importance during that period.
  • Perfect use of terms ad concept on the subject you’re writing about.

Features of the essay on the history

Before you can begin writing us history assignments or any other type of world history is defining the features. The first step in writing a history assignment is choosing the period of history you will write about. The period of writing, the essay should note the characteristics of the period and pick important facts.

Historical facts

Facts can further be subdivided into scientific and historical. The first ones are those that happened in history and have localized time and space.

Scientific facts are those that depends on the scientists results while making conclusions while historical events are based on historical sources.

When picking facts, it is important to list events that happened in the period but also highlight the described in period of events.

Evaluate available knowledge

Evaluating the estimated knowledge of the subject is very important. The knowledge is manifested in different scientific points of views.

Historical personality characteristics

One method of looking at historical personality is its description. In order to get a good grade, you are required to describe roles of historical persons in a certain period while still depending on the historical facts.

Where can you get history assignment help

If you are stuck writing your history assignment as Speedy writers, we can help you. We boast the best team of writers who are capable of working on different subjects like nursing math’s etc. The reason why we call ourselves the last-minute essay writing service is because we are capable of working  on very urgent academic assignments in less than 6 hours.

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History is a very interesting subject therefore history assignments should also be easy to tackle when you have the right information. Apart from having the information, the student is also required to follow the correct format of writing history essay.

Related Questions

How to teach history in an interesting way?

Here are different ways in which you can make history interesting as a teacher. Below are some of the ways: –

Incorporate story telling way

Generally, history is a collection of different very funny and interesting stories. Normally stories are sweet and every child enjoys them sitting down with older people listening at them. As a history teacher, ditching the books and making a circle to tell stories on history can be a interesting way of teaching history.

Debating and discussions

The best way to stimulate student’s minds is by giving them questions to discuss or debate. Let them speak out their opinions on different history topics.


Another great way of making history interesting is trips to where students can have a look at ancient weapons and artifacts and this will enhance learning.

Dissertation consulting services

dissertation consulting
Hire speedy writers dissertation consultants

You might be wondering what dissertation consulting is all about or who are dissertation consultants. Dissertation consulting is an academic process of mentoring students who are writing their dissertation papers. It is important to note that dissertation writing is a major requirement before they can graduate.

Dissertation consultants are experienced and skilled academicians with Ph.D. or masters level who are capable of guiding students pursuing various degrees to be able to choose the right topic and deliver a perfect thesis or dissertation.

Studies show that there are several students over 40% who fail to graduate because they cannot complete the dissertation or thesis work. Because of that reason students result in using dissertation consulting and editing services.

Dissertation basic structure

Not all dissertations have the same structure. It depends on your research topic, discipline and approach. For example, dissertations written in humanities tend to be long essays whereas if you are doing a science dissertation it will have below structure.

1.      Title page

Dissertation first page should have the title, student name, institution, department, the program you are studying and date of submission. The dissertation title should be precise and descriptive.

2.      Acknowledgments

This part is optional in dissertation and thesis writing. Normally when doing research there those people or organizations that come into your help. You can acknowledge them if you feel there is a need or fail to include this part. If you are going to write acknowledgment you can include your family members, research participants, and your supervisors.

3.      Abstract

The dissertation short summary is called abstract. It is normally between 150 – 300 words long.A perfect dissertation or thesis abstract should include the following:

  • Include the main topic.
  • State research aims.
  • State methods used in the research.
  • In brief, write the main results of the research.
  • Write a conclusion.

Supervisors recommend writing abstract once you are done writing the whole dissertation because you will have full knowledge of the topic.

4.      Table of contents

The table of content outlines the dissertation structure. If you have not keenly followed or added all the chapters in the dissertation paper they will be visible by a single glance on the table of contents. A table of contents should include all the chapters, their subheadings, and page numbers.

Note that using a word you can generate a table of content if you included heading.

5.      Introduction

In the introduction, it is where the writer introduces the topic to readers and explains the purpose of the research at hand. Once the reader is done reading the introduction he/she should know what to expect. A good introduction for a dissertation should have the following qualities:-

  • State down the research topic and all background information.
  • Write the research scope while narrowing down the topic focus.
  • Look into previous research on the same topic.
  • Indicate your research questions.
  • Give a detailed overview of the structure your dissertation will take.

All the information that you give in the introduction should engage the readers, it should be relevant and clear.

6.      Theoretical framework or Literature review

Before you can start writing your dissertation paper, thorough research on the topic should be done to gain an understanding of the topic. Wondering how to do a literature review? You should:

  • Look at journals and books then select the relevant ones.
  • Analyze and evaluate every source you have.
  • Make connections between the sources to come up with patterns and gaps.

7.      Research methodology

Methodology chapter details how you did the research giving the readers chances to assess the validity of your results. Include the following in research methodology:

  • Research type e.g. experimenting, quantitative or qualitative.
  • Data collection methods for example surveys, archives, and interviews.
  • Indicate details of where and when you did the research.
  • Indicate data analysis methods.
  • Materials and tools used.
  • Problems you encountered while doing research and ways you overcame them.
  • Research methods evaluation.

8.      Results and finding

There are various ways of presenting the results of a dissertation. A dissertation should be clear about the results and discuss them.

If you are writing a dissertation about social sciences, you should demonstrate findings that will put together the results and discussions.

9.      Discussion

Under the discussion chapter, the writer reviews the meaning and implications of the result. The results are interpreted in detail discussing if they fit the framework that you came up with within the earlier chapters.

10.  Conclusion

This is a very important section in dissertation writing. It is a summary of all the research. All the key points are included here.

11.  References

References also are known as bibliographies. There are various kinds of referencing and it is upon the lecture or professor to provide you with the referencing style that you should use.

12.  Appendices

The final part of any dissertation paper is appendices. This part contains only the important information that answers the research topic or question.

In case you included documents like interviews, tables, and figures that do not fit in the dissertation body can be included here.

Editing and proofreading

The final stage of dissertation writing is editing and proofreading. If you cannot edit and proofread, you can hire dissertation consultants who can help you in editing your paper. Apart from editing, formatting your dissertation paper to meet the required guidelines is very important. There are several services online that offer dissertation editing help however not all are legit.

Why students need dissertation help

There are several reasons why students seek help form dissertation consulting services that help them in completing their research work. Student’s curriculums in USA, Uk, Canada and Australia, dissertation plays are a very important and crucial role.

There are students who cannot do dissertation formatting correctly and therefore consultants come to their help. It is important to note that dissertation-consulting services do not only coach students but they can also do the actual writing.

Every student is required to submit a professional dissertation in order for them to score good grades. Overall student grade is determined by all the assignments , term papers, and other academic writings.

With the help of a dissertation consultant, you can ease out the stress that comes along way with writing a dissertation or thesis paper. There are experts who are capable of meeting all the dissertation requirements.

If you intend to hire a dissertation coach, I would recommend you use our speedy writer’s dissertation editing and writing service.

Speedywriters.us dissertation consulting  help

Stuck writing your dissertation, this is the right service for you. We will help you with the following services at affordable prices.

  1. Choosing topic-The topic choice is very important before you can even begin writing the dissertation. Our dissertation experts will help you in selecting a good topic that can lead to research depending on your discipline.
  2. Proposal writing-Once a student is done choosing the topic the first thing to write is the proposal. The proposal must be well written so that the professor can approve it. Working closely with you we will be able to come up with research questions and hypotheses that are testable. Looking at the gaps that may exist in the literature we will be able to come up with a problem statement and choose a theoretical framework.
  3. Introduction-With help of our writers working closely with you, we will identify the research problem.
  4. Literature review-Dissertation coach will help you in searching, selecting, summarizing and organizing your articles in a correct way that will tell a story.
  5. Methodology choosing-We will help you discuss your research design and select the appropriate one. Providing steps by steps, we will do quantitative and qualitative study.
  6. IRB-IRB review process is a tough one especially for students who are not aware of it. Will help you in navigating and completing it.
  7. Managing Data-We will be there to help you in overall data management i.e. Merging, cleaning and code.
  8. Dissertation data analysis help– Data plan validating, conducting descriptive statistics i.e. quantitative and qualitative data analysis.
  9. Discussion-After we are done writing findings and results in interpretation, we will help you in coming up with future research.
  10. Power point-We will prepare your PowerPoint presentation.
  11. During your oral defense, we will help you in preparing.

Reasons why you should choose our service

There are several reasons that make speedy writers the best cheap essay writing service. Apart from dissertation and thesis consulting; we have experts in all fields of writing. Our bio writers can deliver the ultimate attention-catching biography while our math experts can work on your math’s homework.

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Dissertation and research writing has never been easy for students who are not good at writing. It is because of this reason why we came up with a cheap dissertation consulting service that every student across the globe can afford.

Coursework writing consultancy

coursework writing consultancy
Affordable assignment writing consultancy

One of the toughest tasks that college and high school students have to do is writing their coursework. Coursework writing is time-consuming and you need to have particular knowledge about the subject before you can begin writing. Because of this reason, most students look for coursework writing consultancy companies for help.

In this article am going to explain the reasons why you should use   Speedy writers assignment writing consultancy and some of the benefits you will enjoy by using essay-writing services.

What does it take to write coursework?

Coursework writing is any form of assignment where students are required to do research and practice on a certain course then summarize the results of their research topic or subject.

If you are to write your own coursework, you will have to take a lot of time and be willing to put the effort in order to achieve a good grade. These kinds of assignments have to be taken seriously because they determine the overall grade at the end of the course.

College and high school life is full of fun and extra curriculum activities. Most students spend their time especially weekends hanging out with friends, partying or participating in games. Such kinds of students have no time to do their coursework assignments. They rely on coursework writing services. If you are looking for someone to do your coursework, you do not have to be worried because our coursework writing help is reliable, affordable and legit.

Speedwriters coursework writing service

There are several essay writing services available online however very few are legit. Today I will introduce you to a legit essay writing service called Speedywriters.us. With a team of custom coursework writers, we have been helping students for the past 10 years delivering quality academic papers. Below are some of the reasons why students prefer using our coursework help online.

Reasons why we are the best coursework writing consultancy

Standing out among hundreds of thousands of coursework website, that online today is not easy. It requires a dedicated team of writers and customer support. We have managed to maintain a huge client base because of the following reasons:-

  • Professional essay writers-We have the best essay writers in our team. The writers can determine the success of any writing consultancy. We normally hire the best writers and assign orders depending on the writers expertise. For example, math experts are tasked with solving mathematic problems while technical writers do write resumes and client biographies.
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  • Cheap prices-For only $9.9, you can get a one-page custom written essay. Comparing our prices with other company’s we are fair to students. We do understand that students do not earn any money especially those who are undergraduates or are in high school that why the price increases for Ph.D. and master’s assignments. You will not break your bank when you use our writing services.
  • Plagiarism free essays-All our assignments are written from scratch and we never send the same assignments to other students. We are aware of how submitting a plagiarized paper can affect your grade.
  • We have responsive customer support ready to take your queries and orders any time. Normally our customer support bridges the gap between customers and writers.
  • Free unlimited revisions-We do not charge our clients extra money to revise their orders. Students who are not satisfied with our professional essay writer’s work can either request a revision or ask for a refund.
  • We are confidential. Your information is safe with us. We never disclose your details to any third party company.

Services that we offer

Our coursework writing consultancy offers a wide range of academic writing services.

  • Writing essay services-We have writers who are capable of writing all types of essays e.g. descriptive essays, expository essays, rhetoric analysis essays
  • Blogs and website SEO content writing-Writing search engine optimized content especially for website and blog owners is no an easy task. You can use our article writing service to order any content for your new blog.
  • Term papers
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We are also capable of covering all types of courses or fields of study like engineering, information and communication technology, literature and English, nursing courses. It is quite clear that we are a one-stop for all forms of academic and technical writing services.

We are capable of meeting your coursework writing needs

Apart from meeting all your coursework writing needs, we will also deliver top-notch research papers that will better your grades. The fact that you can directly contact the support team means that all your essay instructions can be followed.It is also easy to request modifications in the final essay. Working closely with our team by contacting them on the chat means you will get coursework help with less hassle.

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Assignment urgency does not matter

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It is not easy to find a reputable writing consultant to do all your coursework. Speedy writers is one of the reputable coursework writing consultancy that you can rely on for all your academic writing. If you still in doubt make sure, you check out our work on the samples page.