Buy coursework online | Cheap coursework writing service US

Buy coursework online
Cheap coursework writing service US

Nowadays it is very easy to buy coursework online from the comfort of your home using a personal computer or mobile phone. This is a good thing especially for students who are struggling to complete their coursework. However, most students who are looking for cheap coursework help don’t know that there are many scammers who have taken over by setting up a website that purports to offer essay writing services whereas they don’t.

If you are looking for writing services online, it is my hope that the above statement has not put you off. In this article, I will break it down for you everything about custom writing services and suggest where you can buy cheap coursework. Before that left first look at what college coursework is all about.

What is coursework in college?

College coursework is work assigned to students by their trainers or teachers so that they can develop independent skills that can enable them to solve all practical problems in their field of study. Coursework writing can involve the following activities: research, experimentation, practice, etc.

In most universities, colleges and high schools, coursework grades are very important because they are combined with exam results to determine overall course grade at the end of the study. Therefore passing coursework assignments can help you in getting a good grade.

Actually writing coursework essays should be very easy for you because you have all the time to do research and come up with a top-notch paper. It is also important to note that writing coursework yourself can help you in consolidating the knowledge you have learned at the end of the course. However, there are unavoidable circumstances that force students to buy coursework online. Below are just a few.

Reasons why students use coursework writing service

Online coursework writing service has been there for decades and it will remain there as long as the internet remains. There are several reasons that compel students to use coursework help services.

  • Lack of time

Most college and university students especially those doing postgraduate degrees have less time working on their coursework assignments. The reason is that some may be part-time students who have daily jobs that they have to attend.

Therefore, instead of getting poor grades because of shoddy completed assignments, they instead use cheap coursework writing services that do not break their banks.

Lack of time does not only affect working students, but also the ones doing undergraduate degrees. Campus life is full of fun especially for students who are outgoing. Weekends are very busy for such students because they are full of trips and outdoor games, therefore, no time for doing their coursework.

  • To better their grades

Some students are very brilliant when it comes to practical skills and very poor when doing theoretical work that involves a lot of writing like term papers, essays, etc. Such kinds of students can avoid getting poor grades by utilizing online essay writing services that are affordable and legit.

One good thing about professional writers is that they have years of experience writing coursework assignments in their specialization field. This means that there are no chances of getting plagiarized or incorrectly formatted papers.

  • Affordability

Even though not all coursework writing services are cheap, there are some e.g. Speedy writers that are affordable and legit. Custom writing services that are not expensive charge their clients between $10  to 15 USD for a 250 words page with 7 days urgency. If you have been spending more than that, it is high time to find affordable service that will not drain all your money.

  • Lack of relevant material

If you do not have the right course content, you are likely to incorporate unique but useless material and vocabulary that is not needed in writing a coursework paper. Such incompatibility in any kind of writing can render all your effort just a waste of time.

Instead of wasting time and getting bad grades with your coursework papers, it is recommendable to use writing services.

  • To avoid the use of outdated reference materials

Even the brightest and intelligent students can use outdated reference material without knowing. Maybe you have never thought of how such a mistake can affect your grade. Trainers or teachers when they come across a paper written using out of date material they get an impression of a student who does not have any knowledge about his/her course. Coursework experts can help you in proofreading, editing, and formatting such papers to ensure they are up-to-date.

  • Poor planning

Any paper written without proper pre-planning will result in a poorly written paper that is full of flaws that teachers are likely to discover easily. A paper that has poor research work will fetch you very poor grades, therefore such students prefer to buy coursework online.

Can anyone do my coursework online? YES, Hire

A common search that students do on the internet when they want to buy cheap coursework is “can anyone do my coursework for me”.If your searching for the same also you’re in the right place because you can order coursework help at Speedy writers.

We are going to save your time by getting rid of all academic writing burdens that you may encounter in all your study period. What else would you need other than a legit essay writing service that delivers custom papers that are correctly formatted ready for submission?

Several factors make us the best online essay writing services and set us apart when compared with other writing companies. Once you start using our cheap coursework help, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Well formatted papers will only email you flawless papers of your academic assignment that are ready for submission. You will not need to perform any proofreading or editing because we have a team of editors who do final proofreading on the assignments before they are sent to our clients.

We are capable of writing all coursework in all academic fields like nursing, engineering, etc. because we boast a team of several specialized professional writers. We have been writing for the past two decades and we understand what it takes to deliver A+ academic paper.

In addition, if you are looking for someone who can edit my coursework, avoid the risk of getting poor grades by using our proofreading and editing service.

  • We are deadline-driven

All our professional writers are aware of how tough we are when it comes to meeting deadlines. Deadlines are given first priority when our customers use our coursework to help to avoid late deliveries that can make them get zero marks.

All the papers are sent to our customers before they are due to give them time to go through the papers to ensure they have no flaws. In case there are some corrections, which are very rare, our writers are always ready to correct them without requesting any additional money.

  • No extra charges and we are affordable

Our prices are very affordable and no extra charges you will be required to pay after paying for an initial order cost. The ordering system is simple and straightforward. It will calculate your order cost depending on your assignment urgency, the number of pages, academic level, and subject.

  • We are last-minute coursework help service

What do we mean by last-minute coursework help service? This means that we are capable of tackling any kind of academic assignment no matter its urgency. We have a team of writers in all fields ready to work on your assignment and deliver in less than six hours.

Even though we are a last-minute essay writing service, we never compromise on the quality of papers we deliver to our clients.

  • Plagiarism free papers

We do understand that delivering plagiarized academic papers is a serious mistake with severe consequences in every college. Normally before sending papers to our clients, we first check them for plagiarism using the right software available.

To access all the above benefits, hit the order button on the menu and proceed to submit the coursework assignment. However, if you are not ready to buy coursework online today below are writing tips that can be of your help.

Helpful Coursework Writing Tips

Writing an excellent academic paper in any field does not involve performing any miracle but the use of a clear procedure. When writing any coursework assignment, follow the below steps:

  1. Collect all required data

This is the most important stage of any kind of academic writing. If you get it wrong here, it means you will have wasted all the time you will spend writing. Before you can begin writing, you need to collect all the required information from different sources like libraries, journals, coursework notes, and the internet.

All the collected data or information has to be verified to ensure it is up-to-date and it is credible otherwise, your answers or writing may be obsolete just like the material used.

  1. Choose the right topic

Choosing coursework topic is a very hard task for many students even brilliant ones. The wrong choice of topic can get you bad grades. It is always advisable to choose a topic that interests you because you are likely to write a paper that will be interesting to your readers.

A good topic should not be very narrow or very broad. Avoiding popular topics is also recommendable because they have been explored therefore it is hard writing anything new.

  1. Consult your professor

Do not begin writing without first consulting your professor. Your professor, he/she can help you with more information regarding your topic once you discuss. The professor is likely also to give you a go-ahead with writing or he/she can request you to pick another topic.

  1. Create an outline

Once you have chosen the right topic, gathered all the data and the professor has given a green light to continue with writing, it is now time to create an outline.

An outline is just a sketch of your whole paper divided into different parts like introduction, body, conclusion, etc. The paper outline depends on the type of paper that you are writing.

  1. Write a draft

Writing a draft paper is putting everything into words while paying less attention to mistakes like spelling etc. However, you should avoid plagiarism by not copying other students to work or copying internet materials. Submitting plagiarized papers will make you lose all the marks. Cite all the quotations properly.

  1. Proofread and edit

This is the last step of any kind of writing. Even though it is the last one, it is very important just like step one. This is the step where you are required to correct all the small mistakes like spelling and tenses errors. Pass your paper to your friends to read it so that they can make recommendations to you and maybe see the errors that you did not notice.

Frequently asked questions

What are the best online essay writing services?

Students who want to buy coursework online always ask this question, what the best online essay writing services are. There is no clear way of determining how a legit essay writing company is, however, there are few and key factors you should check out before ordering any online essay services.

For example, the best essay writing service should offer the following to its customers:-

  • Free title page.
  • Unlimited revisions.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Timely paper delivery.
  • 24/7 customer support.

Apart from, I can recommend the following companies that you should try:

Is it safe to buy essays online

Yes, it is safe to buy essays online however, you should be aware of where to buy them. Some companies are not legit. They will take your money and fail to deliver any paper to you while others will send you papers that are not original and poorly formatted.


You can buy coursework online from our company We are legit and very affordable. Our professional writers are capable of working on any kind of assignment. Try us today and you will get value for your money. Hit the Order now button on the menu to place order today.

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Descriptive essay about nature

descriptive essay about nature
Descriptive essay example about nature

What is a descriptive essay?

A descriptive essay is a type of essay that requires the writer to give a detailed account of certain places, persons, situations, objects, occurrences, etc. This type of essay does not rely on other people’s responses but the writer’s ability to create a picture on the reader’s mind by effective engagement of all the senses i.e. light, taste, sound, etc.

In this article, we are going to write a descriptive essay about nature.

Descriptive essay example about nature.


Descriptive Essay on Nature

Ever imagined how the beautiful surroundings near you came into being? When you start walking, or may be wandering all by yourself, you will realize that you are really not alone! You will always find yourself in the company of trees, mountains, rivers, forests, rocks, buildings, among many other phenomena. All the above things constitute what is called nature. Specifically defined, nature is a collection of all physical world, including but animals, plants features and special products of the earth, as well as landscape. Nature does not specifically refer to manmade artifacts such as storey apartments or the vehicles. Nature is more inclined to the universe as well as earth, and the associated phenomena.

The most fascinating phenomena of nature is the universe and the solar system. Without the solar system, or so it is said, there cannot be any form of life. The maker of the solar system must have been a very crafty, innovative, and wise supernatural being only of their kind. Actually, the sun itself is so fascinating that it looks like a big electric lamp that provides sufficient light and heat energy to all forms of creation on earth and other planets. It is the sun that also regulates the temperature so that plants can produce sufficient food for themselves, human beings, and various animals. Scientists believe that the sun is the only star at the solar system. Notably, the sun provides heat and light during the day. Unlike the manmade sources of power such as hydroelectric and geothermal sources, the sun is a natural source of energy that does not require human or external stimulation to function.

During the night, there is moon and stars that provide light to earthly creatures. When one stares at the sky at night, it is so starry that it looks like a big glistening city. This observation too, is quite enjoyable and heart-thrilling. So the nature is designed such that there is light both at the day and night time. The nature also comprises of water. In fact, water occupies the largest percentage of natural creations. Bodies such as oceans, lakes and rivers, and rain provide enough water for both plants and animals. Just like light, no form of life can be succeed without water, as per as justified by the cliché ‘water is life.’ water also serves as a habitat for various animals and plants. For example, fish, Hippo, crocodiles, and other reptiles have their homes in lakes, oceans, and rivers. Human beings also use water for domestic and commercial purposes.

The dry land is the second largest portion of the nature. It acts as a habitat for different creations, including but not limited to human beings and all wild animals, as well as the birds of the air. The land comprises of the mountains, plateaus, savannah land, and all types of forests regardless of their appearance. Mountains are important in several ways. To begin with, they beautify the environment. Secondly, mountains serve as sources of rain attraction. In most areas that are described as mountainous or highlands, there is always sufficient supply of rain. The snowcapped mountains also act as climatic checkpoints to assess whether there has been negative variations to the climate which may be harmful to lives. Moreover, the mountain rangelands serve as water catchment areas. Several rivers have their origin from the mountain bases. Mountains are also characterized by forested regions where many animals live.

The savannah land refers to a huge expanse of land comprising of grass, trees, and herbs. The savannah land is a home to the largest number of wild animals such as elephants, lions, gazelles, and giraffes. Through constant interaction, the inhabitants of the savannah regions provide a self-sustaining system referred to as ecology. Each form of creation in the savannah is as important as it is alive. The plateaus are generally fairly raised flat lands. Most human population are found in the plateaus whereby the cultivate plants and also live with domesticated animals. Although human beings can establish their homes in various regions, plateaus offer the most convenient environments for domestic and commercial purposes. These regions are also rich rivers and fertile soils that enhance agricultural production for the sustenance of human life. Elements of nature such as rocks are spread across all forms of vegetation. Rocks are important sources of mineral salts used by both plants and animals for their growth and development. Additionally, rocks are used as construction materials for the dwelling places of human beings. Beside, rocks are sources of valuable elements such as gemstones used as precious jewels.

Wind is also another key constituent of nature. Wind or air is also so central in natural lives that human beings, plants, and animals are dependent on it. Air is a mixture of several types of gases like oxygen, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen, which serve different purposes in life. For example, oxygen is used by human beings and animals for their daily respiration purposes, while carbon dioxide is the most essential gas for plants that carry out photosynthesis. Wind or air is also used for production of electric energy and other commercial purposes. Lastly, trees and the associated forms of vegetation constitute a valuable element of nature. Foremost, trees are homes to the birds of the air. Trees are also important as they beautify the environment, regulate the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide, besides playing a crucial role in the hydrological cycle. Lastly trees are significant in provide materials that human beings use for building residences.

In conclusion, nature is made up of several physical phenomena that plants and animals interact with to bring a self-sustaining system. The basic components of nature are the solar system, land, seas, and oceans. Nature is not manmade but human beings should interact with it so carefully that they do not destroy it, since destroying nature is tantamount to damaging our own lives. Natural elements such as water, light, and air make the lives of both plants and animals possible on earth.


What to keep in mind when writing essay on nature

A good beauty of nature essay written by a student should have the following characteristics in order to fetch you good grades.

  • Interest the readers-A good descriptive essay should be interesting to readers to enjoy reading. The writer should use words correctly so grab the reader’s attention.
  • Makes readers have an imagination-The essay should make the readers visualize or create a picture of what the writer topic.
  • Invoke the sensory senses-You can apply all the senses like hot, cold, dark, sunshine, etc to bring the right image to the readers.
  • Describe your emotions and feelings where it is possible so that readers can connect with you.
  • Stay on focus and organize the essay with the correct outline.

Types of descriptive essay

There are several types of descriptive essays. They include the following:-

  • Human essay-This type of essay discusses a certain individual personality, mood, actions or behavior. You can describe your best friend, dad etc.
  • Places essay-The main aim of this kind of essay is to make the writer have sights and feel of a certain city or town. As a writer, you can achieve this by selective use of words.
  • Experience essay-You can describe your first day in campus, job, certain town etc.
  • Event essay-A writer can describe certain even that has happened in his/her life like Boston marathon, Vienna marathon, subway ride etc.
  • Emotion-Descriptive essay on emotions can be about fear, happiness, fun etc.
  • Idea-This type of essay can describe ideas like honestyy, courage, trust etc.
  • Object-You can also write essay about an object like a certain sculpture etc.


If you cannot write a good descriptive essay about nature, you can always hire a professional writer who can work on your essay. Speedy writers is a reputable custom essay writing services boasting a pool of experienced writers who are capable of working on any type of assignment.

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Advantages of buying essays online safe

advantages of buying essays online safe
buying essays online safe

Did you know that nowadays most college, university and high school students prefer to buy essays online? The main reason is that they are not able to complete multiple assignments that they are given on a weekly basis or they are busy with other activities. There are several advantages of buying essays online safe and that what this article is all about. We are going to highlight some of the benefits students enjoy when they use custom writing service to complete their coursework assignments.

Finding a reputable and legit writing company where you can buy essay cheap can be a daunting task. A wrong choice of an essay writing service can mess with your grades and in the end, ruin your career. It is very important to do more research on the company you are trusting with your academic work.

What to consider before buying essays online safe

Before you can hit the order button to hire a professional writer to work on your nursing paper, term paper, or pay someone to do MyMathLab you need to consider the following factors.

  • Cost

Some essay writing services are very pricey. Checking a few online essay services price calculator you will see the difference. You realize that some will charge up to $30 for a one-page essay while others can charge as low as $9 and $10.Most of these companies that charge more than $15 dollars for a one-page essay to be delivered in less than 7 days are there to drain your money. Do not throw money down the drain whereas there are cheap and legit essay writing services like Speedy writers.

  • Customer freebies

A good online essay writing service should have freebies for its customers. Freebies can discount codes, coupon codes, and referral program where loyal customers can earn some credits that they can redeem for their next orders.

  • Extra services

If you are not cautious, some essay services will invoice additional payment for Tittle page, plagiarism report, bibliography and even for revising your paper. All of these should be free.

  • Customer support

You would not be happy when there is no one responding to your queries about the paper progress making you get worried and stressed. The company should have a quick and timely response to your questions and take your instructions 24/7 to ensure the essays delivered to you surpasses your expectations.

Considering the above factors before using any writing service will ensure you get custom papers that are worth the money you are spending on the service. Now that we know what to look for when buying essays online, you must be wondering what are the advantages of buying essays online safe. Read the below list.

Benefits of buying essays online

Benefits of buying essays online
buy essay online
  • Ordering essay online ensures you have more time to spend with your family, boyfriend, and girlfriend or even enjoy a road trip over the weekend with your friends.
  • No more straining and stressing yourself working on assignments for subjects that you do not like. All you have to do is place an order and an expert writer will deliver a custom essay on any kind of subject.
  • You can start working on a part-time job and earn a few bucks that you can use to pay school fees and your custom papers.
  • A legit custom essay writing service guarantees you good grades therefore you will excel in your career.
  • All custom essays are original and plagiarism free.
  • Professional writers with several years of experience do papers therefore; they will automatically upgrade your grades.
  • Confidentiality-All your information is not leaked to anyone and most payments are securely made through  PayPal. Most communications are done through email.
  • All subjects are doable. No matter how tough the assignment is, an expert writer seated somewhere can work on it.


There are a few disadvantages of buying essays online. They include the following:-

  • You will get lazy because all your work will be written for you however if you read the papers delivered to you they will add more knowledge to you, therefore, you will not fail in your exams.
  • To order an essay online you must be willing to spend extra bucks on your studies.

Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the questions students who want to buy essay online ask.

Is it safe to buy essays online?

The answer is yes. However, it is only safe when you are aware of the company you are buying an essay from. Buying essays from any company you come across online with the hope of getting a custom paper you may end up disappointed when they fail to deliver to your expectations.

Asking yourself the following questions can help in determining if the academic writing service is legit:-

  • Are there pre-written sample essays on the website?
  • Do they guarantee quality?
  • Do they offer a money-back guarantee?
  • Can the writers revise my essay?
  • Are writers capable of writing all academic levels assignments?
  • Does the writing service offer price estimates with the specific delivery time?

Where can i buy essays online?

You can actually buy essays online from This is a reputable academic writing service with several years of experience working for students across the globe. At our disposal is a team of professional writers who are capable of working on all kinds of assignments.

Speedy writer’s ordering system is pretty simple and straightforward with no hidden charges. Once you hit the order now button on the menu you will be directed to the order page where order cost will be calculated automatically.

 Normally, the order cost depends on the following:

  1. The number of pages.
  2. Academic level.
  3. Subject.
  4. Order urgency.

 We offer a wide range of academic writing services. You can be comfortable knowing that all your assignments will be done on time and safely delivered to your email. Try speedy writer service and you will enjoy excellent and professional services from a reputable company.


Considering the advantages of buying essays online safe and disadvantages, it is clear the benefits are overwhelming. I do not see the reason why a student would not consider buying an essay online. The service is safe and confidential. It is the high time you should skyrocket your grades by ordering essay at Speedy writers.

How to write a rhetorical analysis essay

 rhetorical analysis essay
How to write a rhetorical analysis essay

What is a rhetorical analysis essay?

It is a type of writing where the writer has his own point of view that he/she has to prove by use of efficacious and convincing methods to motivate, inform or persuade readers. Students who do English AP exams always come across this form of academic writing.

Actually many students across the world find it very difficult to write a good rhetorical analysis essay. What most don’t understand is that you can write this type of essay on any kind of subject. However, it should have the following:-

  • Persuasive reasoning.
  • Convincing argument.
  • Point clarification.
  • Explanation.
  • Summary.

Even though you can hire someone to write all your rhetorical analysis papers or order online from custom writing services, it is very important to know how to write. The reason is that online writers will not be able to sit the exam for you. In this article, I will guide you on how to write a rhetorical analysis essay and let you read a sample written by Speedy writers. However, before we can go into details let first understand rhetorical essay outline.

 Rhetorical analysis essay outline

A basic rhetorical analysis outline should have the following key and important parts.


In order to make a reader get attracted to your paper and read it completely, you have to put more effort in your introduction part. An introduction is the first part the reader will come across and if it is not interesting, no one will continue reading.

In the introduction part of a rhetorical analysis essay, you are supposed to do the following:-

  • Introduce the author and state your purpose. Discuss the background of the author and his/her occupation. Do not forget to include other writings he/she done. 
  • Introduce the essay as a rhetorical analysis paper. Go ahead and describe the subject in the essay.
  • Briefly describe the author’s main claim or claims.
  • Identify rhetorically analysis essay intended audience.
  • State author’s main goal in the essay?

Before going to the first body paragraph state thesis statement. A thesis statement is the final part of a rhetoric analysis essay and consists of three main parts: topic, argument, and reasoning.

A rhetorical thesis statement should serve the following purpose:

  • Orienting the readers and allowing them to have a preview of what is contained in the rhetorical paper.
  • Preventing the writer from going out of the topic.
  • Detailing paper content and key points you require to convince the reader.
  • Provoking a reaction from the readers and cause a discussion to take place.

Body paragraph

Now that you have given the reader point of view it’s now time to do thorough and detailed critical analysis. In the body section, your focus will be informing the reader and focusing on the method’s author uses in entertaining, informing and convincing the readers. For example

  • If the language used by the author is convincing or persuading then state that he/she used a convincing language.
  • In case the language used by the author is sympathetic, make sure you proof using quotes.

Make sure different paragraphs are clear and consistent in structure. They should explain the author’s strategy instead of compiling every author’s strategy in one paragraph.

Answering the following questions can help you in determining the writing strategy used by the author:

  • What is the circumstance depicted by the creator of a unique piece?
  • Who is the essay author or speech speaker?
  • What is the essential objective of the analyzed piece of content, or essay or open discourse depending on the writer’s intentions?
  • Who is the writer’s target gathering of people or the audience? E.g. in terms of gender, locality, age, interests, etc.
  • How does the main content message sound like?
  • Do the general form and content relate?
  • Do the article or discourse thought effectively total the writer’s intent and key objectives.

Ethos, Pathos, Logos

You may be wondering what are ethos pathos logos?

These are three modes of persuading and convincing methods used by authors upon their audiences. Ethos means to persuade the reader of the writer’s integrity. Pathos means convincing an audience alluring to their feelings. Logos means persuading an audience by allowing them to reason.

It is very important to keep in mind and analyze how the author utilizes the use of pathos, ethos, and logos to influence the person reading their work.


Like other types of writing, rhetorical analysis essay also need to be concluded. To  conclude a rhetoric essay do the following:

  • Highlight all the argument’s weakness and strengths.
  • Use the weakness and strengths to give the final verdict to the audience.

A good rhetorical analysis essay conclusion should also rewrite the thesis statement by rephrasing it. In case the topic is wide and it needs more research it’s important to end it in a call to action for more research.

How to write a rhetorical essay

Most students find it hard to write a rhetoric essay more than writing a term paper or a research paper. In order to pass English AP paper, you must understand the outline of a rhetoric essay and be able to include logos, ethos, pathos, and other important concepts.

Apart from having a good outline, that is not enough for a perfect rhetoric analysis essay. A good writer should be very professional and have skills for analyzing. Using convincing words, the writer should cover the topic and influence the reader. Below are writing tips that can help you in writing a rhetorical analysis essay.

Step 1: Grab audience attention

Did you know it is possible to grab the attention of your audience from the first line of a rhetoric essay? One and most effective method is the use of a hook. Good hooks for rhetorical analysis are capable of reflecting the author’s topic.

It is important to note that your hook should be similar to the tone used and paper readers. It is up to the author to pick a good hook. Below are examples of good hooks for a rhetoric essay.

Good hooks for rhetorical analysis
good hooks for a rhetoric essay
  1. Literary quote.
  2. Facts or interesting statistics
  3. Anecdote.
  4. Use of contradicting information.
  5. Do facts comparison.
  6. Tell a personal story.
  7. Metaphors.
  8. Include a famous quote.
  9. Use a rhetoric question.

Step 3: Take your position

This is a very crucial part of any rhetoric essay. It is the part where you have to take your position depending on the theme your writing about. Your argument should be very clear by the use of correct words while writing.

For example, using the right methods you can prove to your readers that you are correct when analyzing a poem, speech or novel. I recommend avoidance of personal pronouns when you are writing a thesis statement. Instead, you should present your statement in an unbiased way.

Step 3.Envision the rhetoric analysis

To find solutions to problems that exist, you have to include educational research. This part comes after stating the thesis statement then you can move to actual rhetoric topic analysis. Methods and strategies like ethos, pathos, logos can be included in supporting writer ideas.

Step 4: Writing rhetorical essay conclusion

The conclusion of every essay is very important. Below steps to learn how to conclude a rhetorical analysis essay.

  • Briefly analyze what the essay achieves.
  • Indicate how the rhetoric essay accomplished its goal.
  • State how the work has influenced the readers.

In other words, a rhetoric essay conclusion should reiterate or re-state the thesis statement, focus on the main idea and recommend future research on the same topic.

Examples of rhetorical analysis essay topics

There are different types of rhetorical essay topics. They can be based on speech, commercial prints, advertising, etc. Below are some of the popular topics for rhetoric essays:

  1. “Edgar Allen Poe’s poem ‘Raven.’” Poem analysis.
  2. Analyzing a speech that influenced you most.
  3. Last speech for Martin Luther King’s analysis.
  4. Rhetoric analysis of William Wallace’s speech.
  5. Nobel Prize winner speech analysis.

Rhetorical analysis essay example

Student’s Name

Professor’s Name



A Rhetorical Analysis of the Speech ‘I’ve Been to the Mountaintop’

Delivered on 3rd April 1968 at the Mason Temple, Memphis, Tennessee, ‘I’ve Been to the Mountaintop’, refers to a popular and the last speech by the most famous American civil rights activists named Martin Luther King Jr. martin’s speeches were directed towards ending racial segregation and achieving social justice among all the citizens of the United States irrespective of their racial or religious backgrounds. This speech is the last that Luther delivered to the Memphis fraternity before he was cruelly assassinated the following day. Arguably, the speech is more of a recap that gives directions to the citizens on the way to follow to acquire the long-searched freedom for the ‘Black’ generations in U.S. basing on the artistic use of words, phrases, and various textual structures and linguistic devices, this Luther’s speech becomes persuasive to the audience (both listeners and readers) as it satisfactorily appeals the ethos, logos, and pathos.

Being a renowned spokesperson and an advocate of peace, martin starts his speech with a tender, appreciative, and a rather courteous opening remarks that suddenly brings together the minds and spirits of the audience. He says, “Thank you very kindly, my friends. As I listened to Ralph Abernathy and his eloquent and generous introduction and then thought about myself, I wondered who he was talking about. It’s always good to have your closest friend and associate to say something good about you.” (King 1)Such an introduction appeals to the ethos of the audience as it portrays the speaker as a nonviolent person whose aim is to draw a valid attention to the need of people to unite and peacefully articulate their grievances to the various arms of the Government or the general society. Additionally, he appeals to the ethos of the audience by giving credibility to the essence of his speech. As observed, he clearly pinpoints the significance of his speech, in which he seeks to unite the people of Memphis. To begin with, he creates awareness to the audience that something sinister is happening around Memphis, and generally around the world. “Something is happening in Memphis; something is happening in our world.” (King 2).such diction, the orator captures the attention of the audience as they become more interested to know what is really happening.

The speech appeals to the pathos through use of various linguistic features employed by the speaker. Martins uses a variety of stylistic devices that evokes the emotions of the listeners, thereby persuading them to take an action to achieve what he talks about. For example, he uses an analogy to convey the similarities between the mistreatment in Egypt and the one present in the United States. In his speech, he asserts, “You know, whenever Pharaoh wanted to prolong the period of slavery in Egypt, he had a favorite, favorite formula for doing it. What was that? He kept the slaves fighting among themselves.” (King 5).Through the analogy, he directly implies that the same slavery the pharaoh subjected Israelis into is similar to the one the U.S government is using to enslave the people of black decency. The comparison enables the audience the see the sense of unity and overcome the oppressive government in the same way as the Egyptian slaves would do and win over the pharaoh. In other words, martin uses analogy in the speech to persuade and convince the civil rights communities on the significance of staying united to achieve their goals. It is also a challenge that evokes the need for harmony among the civil rights society in the United States.

Through constant use of flashback as a linguistic technique, Luther reminds the audience about his previous successes in fights against racial segregation in Alabama and Birmingham. By referring to his past achievements, king restores the faith of the audience and instills confidence in their capability to stage and subsequently win a peaceful protest as he did before. Moreover, the speech is characterized by use of repetition as rhetoric device that enables Martin to emphasize on the critical aspects of his content. For instances the phrase “somewhere it is written” recurs at least three times in the speech. The phrase is meant to remind people about their fundamental rights. Juxtaposition is yet another rhetoric device used in the speech to persuade the civil rights communities and the general audience on the importance of peaceful demonstrations for the fundamental freedoms of all American people. In his speech, Martin compares United States and other countries such as china and Russia. He puts it clearly that the two nations are different from U.S in the sense that their government is characterized by totalitarianism. He urges the authority to abide by their obligation by putting across the following statement: “Be true to what you said on paper.” If I lived in China or even Russia, or any totalitarian country, maybe I could understand some of these illegal injunctions” (King 3). The statement is meant to remind the authority, through side-by-side comparison about its constitutional mandate to recognize and safeguard the rights of the people because U.S is a democratic country, unlike Russian and Chinese regimes which were dictatorial.

Lastly, the speech uses allusion, a linguistic style that enables Martin to make indirect references to the constitution of the United States. Such Constitutional allusion does not only appeal to ethos, but also to pathos of the audience as it gives relevant statistics and evidence for the need of the American society to enjoy equal freedom. At the near end of the speech, Martin says, “Somewhere I read that the greatness of America is the right to protest for the right” (King 6). The allusion further adds the antanaclasis that embellishes the rhythmic style of the speech. The multiple implicit references the speech makes to the constitution of the U.S serve as an effective rhetoric device that appeals to logos by persistently reminding the audience about the Bill of Rights, subsequently sensitizing them on the need to protest for emancipation from racial discrimination. By brilliantly alluding to most crucial document in the country’s history, Martin Luther provides factual justification about the nonviolence protests he is about to stage, and successfully persuades other civil rights activists to join him.


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Martin, Luther, King, Jr. ‘I’ve Been to the Mountaintop’. 1968. 1-7

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Rhetorical analysis essay example pdf   A Rhetorical Analysis of the Speech

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