Cheap article writing service

Cheap article writing service

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Before discussing article writing service, let first understand the difference between article and blog posts.

Difference between article and blog post

A blog post is often short and has a casual tone when writing. The blog post can be in the writer’s opinion with a unique style and contain emojis etc.

The article is more a traditional piece of work. Example of articles are the ones you see in magazine, it is fact-based, and it is more about the information. Always articles are longer than blog posts and have a formal tone.

Blog posts take very little time to write and post. There is no professional editing, very few bloggers are trained to be writers, and they are written in casual language.

Articles are generally edited to ensure they are correct and have a good flow. They come with a good vocabulary. The writer may interview subject matter to add supporting information.

Before you can hire an article writer, you need to understand what you expect from the writer.

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Characteristics of enzymes

Characteristics of enzymesEnzymes are proteins that help speed up metabolism or the chemical reactions in our bodies. They are also known as biocatalysts because enzymes speed up biochemical reactions in living organisms. Enzymes build some substances or break others down. They are made of strings of amino acids chemically bonded to one another, and this bonding gives enzymes a unique structure that determines their function. Human bodies produce enzymes naturally but can also be manufactured in food and other products.

Enzymes are so necessary for digestion, the functioning of the liver, and other functions. Healthcare givers can detect injuries and diseases in our bodies by the use of enzymes. They help in the process of digestion. This process is made possible by the enzymes present in the saliva, such as saliva amylase, intestines, and pancreas. These enzymes break down fats, protein, and carbohydrates. They are also responsible for creating chemical reactions in the body that speed up the rate of a chemical reaction to help support life.

Essential tasks performed by enzymes include the following:-building muscle, destroying toxins, and breaking down food particles during digestion. They are not reactants and are not used up during the reaction. Once an enzyme binds to a substrate and catalyzes the reaction, the enzyme is released, unchanged, and can be used for another reaction.

Enzymes are produced naturally in the body. It can also be gotten in fruits, vegetables, other foods, and supplements. Too much or too little of certain enzymes in the body can cause health problems. People with problems such as pancreatitis, cystic fibrosis, or pancreatic cancer have reduced the body’s essential enzymes. People with these conditions are subjected to dietary enzymes pills, which are a supplement. Enzymes catalyze all kinds of chemical reactions involved in the growth, blood coagulation, healing, diseases, breathing, digestion, reproduction, and many other biological activities.

Types of enzymes

There are different types of enzymes. These are:

  1. Oxidoreductases – these enzymes speed up redox reactions and are further divided into oxidase and reductase.
  2. Hydrolases – they speed up the hydrolysis of the substrates.
  3. Lyases – these enzymes promote eliminating a group from the substrate to leave a double bond reaction or speed up a reverse response.
  4. Ligases – these enzymes speed up the reaction of two molecular substrates into one molecular compound hence producing energy.
  5. Translocase – these enzymes speed up the reaction of ions moving across a membrane.
  6. Isomerase – These groups of enzymes accelerate the conversion of isomers.
  7. Transferases – these enzymes speed up the transfer of a group among other substrates. 

There are three main types of digestive enzymes. These are:

a). Amylase is produced in the mouth, and it breaks down starch and carbohydrate into sugar.

b). Protease –it is produced in the stomach, pancreas, and small intestine. It breaks down proteins into amino acids. 

c). Lipase –it is produced in the pancreas and small intestine. It breaks down lipids which are fats and oils, into glycerol and fatty acids. A particular type of Lipase is found in breast milk to aid a baby easily to digest fat when nursing.

Characteristics of enzymes.

  • Enzymes are proteins in nature; therefore, they are folded like chains of amino acids with a specific shape. These shapes are determined by the sequence of amino acids held together by a bond.
  • Enzymes speed up reactions by bringing reactants together and reducing the activation energy required to start the reaction.
  • Enzymes are specific since they have a particular shape, and only a specific substrate will fit its active site.
  • They are affected by heat and temperature –enzymes will be inactive under low temperature, while the enzymes will be denatured at a higher temperature.
  • Some require coenzymes – enzymes do not work alone they need a helper molecule.
  • Enzymes are affected by Ph – some enzymes will be active in acidic pH, some will be active in alkaline Ph, and others will be active in neutral.
  • Some of the enzymes catalyzed reactions can be reversible, while some are not reversible.
  • Enzymes remain unchanged during the reaction itself.
  • All enzymes are made up of protein.
  • All enzymes speed up the reaction.
  • All enzymes are specific in action.
  • All enzymes do not get used up during the reaction. 


Allosteric enzymes

Allosteric enzymes are enzymes that alter their conformational ensemble upon binding of an effector, which results in an apparent change in binding affinity at a different ligand-binding site.

An allosteric site does not bind substrate but instead binds another molecule that affects the enzyme’s regulation. When a molecule binds an allosteric site, it alters the shape of the enzyme.

Allostery is the process of enzyme regulation, where binding at one site influences the binding at subsequent sites.

Allosteric enzymes are activated by substances produced in the pathway in which the enzymes function. These substances are called modulators and can alter the activity of allosteric enzymes by changing their conformation.

Allosteric enzymes are larger and more complex than non-allosteric enzymes and often have many sub-units.

Enzymes with more than one effector have different and specific binding sites for each one. Mostly allosteric enzymes, the substrate-binding site, and the effector binding site are on various substrates.

Our bodies have various regulatory measures that control all processes and respond to multiple internal and external environment changes. 

Examples of allosteric enzymes are:

a). Glucokinase– plays a vital role in glucose homeostasis by converting glucose to glucose-6-phosphate and enhanced glycogen synthesis in the liver.

b). Acetyl-CoA Carboxylase- it regulates the process of lipogenesis. It is activated by citrate and inhibited by a long chain acyl-CoA molecule.

c). Aspartate Transcarbamolylase (ATCase), which catalyzes the biosynthesis of pyrimidine.

Characteristics of allosteric enzymes.

  1. Allosteric enzymes have active and inactive shapes differing in 3D structure.
  2. Allosteric enzymes have multiple inhibitor binding sites involved in switching between active and inactive shapes.
  3. Allosteric enzymes have a characteristic ‘S’ – shaped curve for reaction rate verse substrate concentration.
  4. Allosteric enzymes can respond to multiple conditions that influence biological reactions.
  5. Allosteric enzymes are the biological catalyst that increases the rate of the reaction.
  6. The binding of the effector molecule changes the conformation of the enzyme.
  7. Activator increases the activity of an enzyme, whereas inhibitor decreases the activity after binding.

Allosteric enzymes regulation mechanism.

Allosteric regulation is the process of modulating the activity of a protein by binding a ligand, called an effector, to a site topographically distinct from the site of the protein, called the active site, where the activity characterizing the protein is carried out.

Allosteric regulation of enzymes is vital for the control of cellular metabolism. Allosteric regulation occurs when an enzyme’s activator or inhibitor molecule binds at a specific regulatory site and induces conformational or electrostatic changes that enhance or reduce activity.

There are two types of allosteric regulation based on substrate and effector molecules:

Homotropic regulation –the substrate molecule acts as an effector. Mostly it is enzyme activation and also called cooperativity.

Heterotrophic regulation –when the substrate and effector are different, the effector may activate or inhibit the enzyme.

Allosteric inhibition –when an inhibitor binds to the enzyme, all the protein complex active sites undergo conformational changes to decrease the enzyme’s activity.

Allosteric activation –when an activation binds, it increases the function of active sites and results in increased binding of substrate molecules.

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What is the difference between the published job market and the hidden job market?

difference between the published job market and the hidden job marketQuestion

What is the difference between the published job market and the hidden job market?

What is the job market?

The other name for the job market is the labor market.

The term job market refers to how employers look for employees and the employees looking for a job.

The term job market does not represent a physical surrounding in the market.

The labor market is mainly affected positively or negatively depending on the demand and supply of labor in the market.

Most job markets are related to high unemployment rates. The unemployment rates are the maximum number of people in the labor force but are currently not employed and actively looking for jobs. Therefore, the higher the unemployment rate, the greater the supply of labor in the job market.

Factors affecting the job market are unemployment, discrimination, immigration, among others.

When employers have a huge number of applications to choose from, they become very selective. When the unemployment rate declines, employers have stiff competition to secure new workers leading to a massive increase in wages and salaries.

When the economy is adversely affected negatively, an employer may reduce some of his workers, creating fewer new vacancies making it harder for people to seek jobs.

 A job market is closely tied to the demands and supply of commodities and services, making it an important economic component.

There are two major types of the job market. These are the published job market and the hidden job market.

Some of the ways which can be used to tap into the published job market are looking for professional publications and company websites. To tap into the hidden job market are working as volunteers and doing more research in the company where one is already working.

The published job market

What is the published job market?

The published job market is a type of job where companies advertise their job opportunities online, on websites, magazines.

The published job market helps one to identify opportunities and get more knowledge about other jobs.

The published job market helps people learn more about positions defined, developing companies, the changes in the market, among other things. 

 How to enter into a published job market.

1). Pick out published advertisement

2). Do more research about the companies or business websites to get more information and expand the knowledge.

3). Go through the advertisement keenly to sample the essential requirements needed focusing on one qualification.

4). Prepare curriculum vitae for applying for the job position and get a good understanding that no matter how smart your curriculum may look, it cannot define one’s character and the good attitudes you desire to bring into the company.

5). One can build a good rapport, make positive contributions, and inquire about the position you are applying for then highlight your skills and achievements. Interacting with some of the company staff can tell one if they can fit in the job well.

6). Avoid taking anything about salary.

Advantages of the published job market

1). Advertising jobs in magazines allow one to target a more specific geographical location and audience. Hence creating a room to employ more experienced personnel’s

2). Employer will be able to emphasize the requirements needed for hiring a new employee.

3). The advertisement offers a defined job role to the applicants.

Disadvantages of the published job market

1). It is time-consuming – there is a lot of time-wasting checking on the job resumes sent by candidates.

2). It is expensive – there is a lot of resources using in advertising the job positions, such as money used for printing advertisements.

3). Checking curriculum vitae and conducting the candidates’ interview is tiring since the process keeps repeating itself from one candidate to another.

The hidden job market

A hidden job market is a type of job where they don’t advertise their job online or on websites; instead, the advertisement is carried out internally since these jobs are not needed instantly.

A job market may be hidden, but still possible for people to know of the advertised jobs.

There are two parts to the job market. These are the visible job market and the hidden job market.

Under the visible job market, only a few positions undergo advertising, while on the hidden job market, most of the posts undergo advertising neither online nor in magazines.

Why do employers prefer the hidden job market?

Most employers prefer a hidden job market to avoid lengthy and expensive processes compared to the published job market. These companies will choose to hire or do the advertisement internally.

 Tips to tap into the hidden job market

1). Being active on the social media platform

2). Not ignoring news alerts- checking on new signs in websites may bring you to the good news of job advertisements.

3). Attending conferences

4). Doing voluntary works- when one does voluntary work to different companies or organizations in case they job vacancies, some of the employees who already work there may refer you.

5). Always being attentive to job opportunities and having your curriculum vitae ready at all times. At times despite working in another organization, it’s good to have your resume ready.

6). Expounding one network connection by attending some networking functions, e.g., conferences. One can also inform friends and relatives about their job search.

Advantages of the hidden job market

1). It is cheaper since they can save money to advertise the job advert and printing of the adverts.

2). employers may want the news about job vacancies to be passed to candidates by their employees.

3). It helps save on time to check on job applications sent by possible candidates.

4). Employers may offer an added advantage to employees who refer candidates for the job.

5). It helps the company to maintain their hiring decision as a secret and quiet.

6). Employers try to evade the lengthy and expensive process of online application.

7). A company is more likely to get more skilled personnel from the already existing employees, who better understand the need for the job.

Disadvantages of the hidden job market.

1). Relying on recommendations and referrals from already existing employees is limiting.

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Family branding

Family brandingFamily branding

Umbrella branding is the other name for family branding.

Family branding is a marketing exercise that involves using a single brand name on one or more similar products.

What are the significant risks of family branding?

a). Improper positioning

Brand positioning is the act of forming a unique and distinctive niche for your brand among your competition. It is a very vital exercise in branding to attract the correct type of customer.

Branding position helps the customer know how a company views its products, whether trustworthy, luxurious, or fun. Also, by branding products, a company can gain attributes such as security, status, and a sense of luxury.

Branding position also promotes its growth since the company can progress successfully, which will grow steadily fast.

b). Low brand loyalty 

Price-conscious is one of the factors that affect the purchasing power of a customer in the market. Customer(s) are likely to shift from buying certain products if they realize the price of these commodities keeps on hiking.

When the company fails to promote its products by promotion, it is likely to cause low brand loyalty.

Other risks of family branding

c). Lack of differentiation

d). Brand ambiguity

e). Overextension

Examples of family branding

An example of family branding is the LG products, where all LG products market under the LG product. The customers can identify the product by the use of its symbol in the market.

Another example is the RAMTONS products, where products can market under the RAMTONS products. Customers can quickly identify the RAMTONS products in the market by identifying the symbol in its products.

Steps for creating a solid family brand

Step 1: Gather information

The collection of information is one of the essential tasks when carrying out family branding. It helps a company or an organization know some of the company’s challenges and how branding will help develop a solution to that challenge.

Step 2: Positioning

By positioning, it creates a unique niche for the branding, making it unique in its workspace. When a company positions its branding, it helps it develop the vision, mission, goals, and the purpose of the branding, amongst other components.

Step 3: Creativity

After the researcher has come up with the findings, the researcher should be present the results creatively to avoid being flat and the same as any other brand.

Creative work will be innovative in all styles no matter how little the substance is hence attracting more customer (s).

Step 4: Creating a touching point

A company will need to create a touching point where its customer (s) will see and interact with the commodities. The most crucial inspirational point is introducing the product to the market. There should be effective communication to inform the customer (s) what is different about the new branding and why the rebranding of the product is essential in case of rebranding.

The company can go ahead and go advertisement of its products to be market them. The company can do some ads via different websites, social media platforms, among others.

Step 5: Market research

More research is needed even after the product’s branding due to competition in the market. The researcher needs to know how the needs, wants, desires of the competitors affect their position in the market. Stiff competition creates the need to keep improving the branding of their products in the market from time to time which helps promote their products.

Advantages of family branding

  1. The marketing cost of products is cheaper in family branding, unlike in single branding.
  2. Marketing of a single product creates awareness of other related products under the family branding.
  3. Products are managed quickly at a lower cost. Managing products is done by a brand founded by gaining an advantage from how conversant the customers are with another product.

The disadvantage of family branding

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Why you should buy an electric car persuasive essay


If your assignment involves writing a persuasive essay on electric cars, you have your work cut out for you. it is important to note that there is no wrong answer when it comes to persuasive essays; all you need to do is find the right resources that back your argument and present them in a convincing manner. While some students may be avid researchers and writers, it is completely normal to struggle with your very first persuasive essay. That is why it might be best to buy your electric car persuasive essay online and avoid the hassle altogether.

What Is a Persuasive Essay?

To help you understand persuasive essays better, it is important to understand that a persuasive essay, much like other essay formats, doesn’t consist of complete sentences. Rather, each section is complete in itself and each sentence in it is very important and definitely not

Basically, a persuasive essay is a paper that does everything to persuade the reader of your case. You may research all you want for an essay, but unless the reader will be convinced of your argument, the paper will fail. On the other hand, a persuasive essay is a paper that addresses a very particular topic, specifically with the aim of persuading someone of its logic and persuading them to agree with you. Some of the main elements that can be used when you write a persuasive essay on electric cars include basing your argument on one or more facts or statistics. This is a crucial element of any persuasive essay. The primary purpose of an essay is to convince the reader to agree with the argument, so the last thing you want to do is make them dispute the facts that you present.

Why You Should Buy a Persuasive Essay On Electric Cars

Your objective should be to persuade your classmates and teachers of the positive attributes of electric cars. How can you do that if you do not make your case? In most cases, you do not want to appear uneducated and foolish in front of people that know more about the topic than you. The best way to present your argument is to present the issue in a way that will persuade your audience to buy your persuasive essay on electric cars. The Advantages of Electric Cars When you are writing an electric car persuasive essay, you will have to make your case with arguments that are grounded in logic. Use facts to make your case and back them up with facts. Focus on the positive and ignore the negatives. You want to convey to your classmates and teachers how easy it is to fill up an electric car.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Writing Your Own

The fact is that your very first persuasive essay is going to be much more important than you think. It is going to be what ultimately decides whether you get accepted to a prestigious institution or not. In order to avoid drowning in the flood of words that you’re about to come across, it is best to hire a trustworthy essay writer to help you write it. You can do this very easily if you use a website like You can expect to receive a personalized essay, which is written to your unique specifications. In fact, there is a whole list of topics that you can choose from, including popular examples of essays in your target area. All you have to do is find the section of the website that best fits your needs.

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Psychology Dissertation Help

Psychology dissertation helpStudents doing a degree in psychology have to dedicate a lot of their time to studies because it is hard to understand the human mind. Most students doing Ph.D. or master’s degrees already have their careers on the roll; it is hard for them to spend time writing psychology thesis or dissertation papers. It is because of this reason Speedwriters comes in to provide psychology dissertation help.

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Psychology Dissertation Topics

Psychology Dissertation Topics

Are you about to start your psychology dissertation? We understand how challenging it can be to settle on a topic. You want it to be researchable, have lots of resources to use, and portray your prowess in the course. We have compiled some of the best psychology dissertation ideas to get you through the topic hurdle and right into planning your paper. Take a look.

Choosing A Topic

The key to choosing a topic is thinking of something you can relate to, say, someone close to you. Maybe you have an alcoholic sibling and would like to write about them. There’s no reason not to put some light on a hot topic and open up a new world of research for you. Different varieties of psychology dissertation ideas The first variety to take is social psychology. Because of its focus on our social behaviour, many aspects of psychology can be examined within this topic. You can write about how people navigate social situations and how some of the traits we show may be nature or nurture. Consider the time and place when you do this research and compare it to how others have approached similar studies before. 

What Is A Good Psychology Dissertation Topic?

All psychology dissertation topics can be hard to begin with, because there is a lot to factor into the decision. You need to know the following about a good case for your dissertation – 

      • Is it researchable? 
      • Is it genuine? Is it fact-based?
      • Is it practical? Is it practical?
      • Does it fit the research paper format?
      • Does it even make sense?
      • How often do you need to do it? How long will it take?
      • Can you do it in-house? 
      • Can you pay someone to do it?

 If you found this article helpful, please check out my Psychology Dissertation topic page for more details. If you are interested in learning more about psychology and the methodology used, then get your homework done on what will get you qualified for a psychology position and develop a rewarding career.

Get Started With Your Research

Most psychology dissertation topics boil down to choosing what you think the most critical points are in your chosen field of study. You will want to remember a few things when beginning your research: The Psychology of Relationships: What is the relationship between the person and the way they do things? What are the unique traits of the individual and their relationship to others? How does this compare to societal norms and standards? How is the relationship between the person and the way they do things? What are the unique traits of the individual and their relationship to others? How does this compare to societal norms and standards?

Remember, your psychology dissertation ideas can be anything from mental health and clinical psychology to developmental psychology and psychotherapy. Once you have found a topic you are truly interested in, you’re all set. Also, you can avoid the hassle by simply hiring to handle your entire dissertation at some of the best rates online.


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The Difference Between Verse and Prose, and Why It Matters

prose vs verse

Prose and verse are both writing styles but they differ in that verse writing has rhythm and may have rhyming words at the end while prose is standard written language. You may have interacted with verse writing if you read lots of songs and poetry. In this article, we will discuss all the characteristics that define blank verse vs prose and why this information matters to you. keep reading to find out.

What Is Verse Vs Prose?

Prose is written language with no rhyming or rhythm. It can be anything from poetry to a report to a book report. The style of prose used depends on the genre of the book. For example, in prose writing, the dialogue is removed because it doesn’t fit the narrative style of the book. It is to the benefit of the writer to show action without any interruptions of dialogue. Prose writing uses a very organized flow to make the story interesting and readable for an audience. Prose style is used in a report to ensure that the reader gets the full benefit of what is being said. A student who writes in prose style needs to use imagery, similes, and metaphors to draw the reader into the scene. Verse writing is the language of poetry and song.

How To Find Prose Vs Verse

In verse, every line of a verse is the same length Verse paragraphs tend to be shorter Prose makes use of pronouns and adjectives in more creative ways As you look at the following passage from a well-known poet, you’ll see what I’m talking about. The poetic structure is different in prose: It was the very first thing in his mind to know his thoughts were sufficiently like a voice, that his experience might be read as words Another facet of poetic prose is the writing style. You will find the following examples below. You will have to choose which is most appropriate to your writing. Realistic Poetry is one of the most subjective forms of writing. When you begin composing a poem, you must decide which events are realistic and which are abstract.

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Verse Has Shorter And Simpler Sentences

The result is that verse tends to be faster-paced, simpler to read, and less complex than prose. Below is a classic passage from “Duma Nishi” (from the novel Shaman King) that seems like verse to me, yet it contains long, complicated sentences: No matter what, no matter how far we run, we will never be able to escape this fog. I thought of him, a single man whose legs were as calloused as an old man’s. He made a face, like he was annoyed. The Chinese call these people “paper dummies,” and they do everything you tell them to, but they will not move. In prose, the words are usually longer and make more sense For prose, a sentence is not so much a single unit as it is a unit of language that makes sense when read as a whole.

Verse Has A Clear Rhythm To The Sentences

In prose, we’ll need to pay attention to the sentence length. Verse runs much longer than prose, which helps to keep the work from feeling rushed. Verse is written in a single continuous motion, whereas prose can feel scattered Although verse flows much more naturally than prose, the lack of movement will feel clumsy in the flow of prose. Most important of all, verse is a collection of words that never need to be read in sequence, and prose is shorter. In verse, there’s a rhythm to the sentences that always keeps you moving forward. In verse, you always get the sense of movement and even urgency. This is the natural kind of poetry, and poetry is about action and motion.

Prose Has No Rhythm To The Sentences

Don’t let your sentence be too long or complicated, and definitely don’t use a lot of phrases in your prose. Make sure there are clear sentences and phrases in your work. In verse, there is a rhythm to the words Alliterations, such as the words “taut” and “bond” are okay in poetry. This is the type of verse that has a number of verses. You’ll find rhyming verses and meter in these. In prose, a lot of great descriptions are made You’ll find great metaphors and similes in prose. Make sure you include strong descriptions in your verse. In prose, the reader doesn’t get many extra details The prose version will be the whole story. For example, in the prose version of a biography of Gandhi, there will be only one side to the story.

How to Identify Prose Vs Verse

The Purpose of a Grammar Book You need to learn grammar because in order to perform in different industries, it’s important to understand the different points of grammar. For example, your English teacher will most likely give you a test on grammar and you should always know what to look for and understand. The reason you need to know grammar is because you need to develop an ability to learn, memorize and understand in order to succeed. Why You Need to Know the Differences Just like any other skill, you need to practice grammar until it becomes second nature to you. Most often than not, you will find that you have to master some level of your grammar in order to accomplish any goal.

Writing styles do not affect your writing ability. They are not essential qualities of writing to teach you to express yourself. Nevertheless, when you learn about them, you may be able to get away from some of the clichés of the popular writing styles. Knowing the differences can make your own writing better because you know what works best for you and what might hurt you. Moreover, you can look for interesting prose styles and add a little rhythm to your own work to make it more lively.

What Is the Definition of Poem Vs Prose or Free Verse

There are some key differences between verse and prose. Verse refers to rhyming and is written in rhyming verse and you might read poems and songs. Prose on the other hand is simply written standard written language and is generally found in textbooks and journals. The verse has some rhymes and the prose has none, but the prose still has rhythm and rhyme. Verse makes the writer feel like they are walking in a conversation with the listener. Verse has the listener’s needs and wants as the writer’s first priority. The prose emphasizes the writer’s needs and wants and leaves the listener wondering what the writer is going to say next. Prose on the other hand may emphasize dialogue, twists and turns, and twists and turns again, whereas verse may only emphasize dialogue or dialogue.

Pros And Cons Of Both Styles

The pros of verse writing are that it has rhythm and flow, which is excellent for storytelling and writing lyrics. Prose writing is more organized and structured, which may help you to focus and keep the flow in a longer essay or story. The only con about both styles is the use of punctuation and sentence structure. If you’re writing verse you don’t need grammar and punctuation, and while prose is easy to proofread, it’s difficult to proofread verse because many poets tend to use a lot of accent and extra words to help the rhyme scheme.

This article has introduced you to the different styles of writing and how to write verse as well as how to write prose. Try using one style for a week and see which one you like best. Once you are satisfied with your style, try using another style and see how it works. The way you write is going to dictate how you feel while you are writing and the way you feel will also determine how you feel about the work. We hope you find this information useful. 

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Buy Persuasive Essay

Buy Persuasive EssayWhat Is A Persuasive Essay And Why You Should Buy One Online

It is also known as an argumentative essay. A persuasive essay is an academic writing that uses reason and logic to show that your point of view is more legitimate than another. To do this, you must expose clear arguments and support them with convincing logical reasons and facts.

Examples Of Persuasive Essay Topics

The biggest problem with persuasive essay topics is that students do not get enough instructions. You may ask your professor for clarifications and how they are done, but instructions only leave you with a general idea, and yet you are required to complete the essay within a specified deadline. With such an information deficit, it is almost impossible to write an inspirational persuasive essay. If you just got a persuasive essay assignment and do not know where to start, you can browse through the following persuasive essay topics to provide a basis for your research and writing:

  • Should parents pay their kids for doing house chores?
  • Should abortion be legal?
  • Should gambling be banned in the USA? Among others.

Remember to choose a topic that inspires you to write a lot but also gives you many resources from which you can research. Persuasive essays are based mainly on facts and not hearsay; therefore, you need to find a topic that gives you access to lots of resources.

Parts Of A Persuasive Essay

Before we dive into the outline of a persuasive essay, you should remember the three elements that make up such papers: logos, ethos, and pathos. Logos appeals to reason and logic. It is expressed through facts that are presented logically. Ethos appeals to ethics. You must persuade or convince the reader that what you are saying is right from an ethical point of view. Pathos appeals to emotion; how to awaken the reader’s interest with emotions including sadness, sympathy, or any other emotion to make your main argument even more persuasive.

Your persuasive essay must attain a certain level of balance between pathos, ethos, and logos. That is the only way to convince the reader to adopt your perspective. Once you have picked a topic and done enough research, you are ready to start considering the structure of your essay. You can write brief points in the outline to determine what you would like to address in each section of the essay. Refer to the outline below:

  • Introduction

Brief Background – Say your chosen topic is “Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized,” some background information may include how marijuana was used before civilization and how it came to be illegal in the US and other countries worldwide. Proceed to answer the question in your topic; this can be a yes or no. Next, we have the thesis statement. If your question’s answer was yes, then you must explain why that is your position.

  • Body

Here, you must lay down all the points from your research in an organized manner. We recommend sticking to one point per paragraph to avoid repetition. You can include any number of paragraphs depending on the required length. In the last paragraph, you can argue the opposite view based on the research you have done on the topic. Of course, this argument needs to be somewhat weaker than the position you have chosen throughout your essay. Otherwise, you may end up discrediting your entire thesis.

  • Conclusion

The conclusion is where you wind up all your points to form a logical ending. You can summarise your strongest points and give your final stand without focusing too much on the finality of your essay.

Why You Should Buy Persuasive Essay Online

1. Non-plagiarized work: As long as you buy your essay from a reputable essay writing service online, you can expect original content written by a professional. You do not want to risk submitting plagiarized work and getting in trouble with your professors.

2. References: Another reason why most students get their essays rejected is the fact that they use other papers as resources but forget to include them as references for your paper. Buying an essay online ensures all relevant references are cited and in the required format.

3. Much needed help: Whether you are struggling with writer’s block or simply have no idea how to go about your persuasive essay, an online essay writing service can help. All you need to do is give them your instructions, and you are all set. 

4. Affordability: Since there are numerous essay writing services online, most of them are pretty affordable. You can get your persuasive essay done in a matter of hours without using all your savings.

5. Saves time: What do you do if you have a ton of assignments all due on the same day? Buy a persuasive essay online. This way, you can take care of other responsibilities without neglecting your assignment.

What to Look For In a Persuasive Essay Writing Service

Choosing a professional service provider to buy a persuasive essay online can prove to be challenging, but here are a few handy tips:

  1. Consider their level of experience and online reputation. You don’t want to entrust your persuasive essay to a service that has never handled a similar project before.
  2. Cheap is expensive, but it depends on the essay writing service you go with. If they charge insanely low prices for the same service compared to other providers, they may not be credible. Go for a service with reasonable prices and value for money.
  3. Make sure you check reviews and recommendations in order to buy custom essays of great quality.
  4. It is also necessary to check the company’s background and history before making a decision on the kind of essays to buy online.
  5. You should provide the paper writing service agent with detailed information about what you want to write about.

Reasons Why You Should Use Persuasive Essay Writing Help

  • Customer Reviews

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  • Good Customer Support and Assistance

Our customer support is reliable and available when needed the most. There will never be a case when we are not answering or delaying your emails. We provide impeccable customer service and maintain consistent communication. 

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  • Ability To Meet The Deadlines

A persuasive essay is good only if:

  • It reads well with no grammatical errors and adheres to the topic
  • It is delivered promptly

Most professors are strict when it comes to assignment deadlines. Your paper may be rejected or some points deducted for submitting a paper after its due date. At, we strive to meet the deadline of your assignment. 

  • Experienced Academic Writers

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We make our payment policies as simple and straightforward as possible to cater to all our clients’ needs. 

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What is an agile Mis infrastructure?

What is an agile Mis infrastructure? What is an agile Mis infrastructure? 

Agile Mis infrastructure is the action of making data and resources available to users within an organization.

Most organizations greatly depend on IT infrastructure to bring services and goods to their clients. To realize its full potential and increase productivity, an organization should optimize all the business operations. Agile MIS infrastructure aids the changes needed in business processes.

What is Mis

MIS stands for management information systems. It is the study of technology, organizations, and people and how they relate.

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Enterprise Architecture 

What are the seven characteristics of an agile Mis infrastructure?

Below are seven characteristics of an agile Mis infrastructure:-


Its ability of the user to access certain resources and task-performing ability. Restrictions can be set on certain users while the administrator can have access to the system.


Availability in the world of business means the time in which the system must be up and running. An unavailable system cannot be useful. Some systems like internet service providers require High availability for continuous operations.


Companies are dynamic, and they undergo continuous changes. The system should be flexible to accommodate changes in the company and business without going down. We can think of a scenario where a company receives an order from a global customer, which had not been planned for before. The system in place should flex to accommodate a business change.


Portability is the ability of an application to be able to run on different devices and software platforms. Good systems are built to run on different devices like mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Most common operating systems run on Windows, Linux, etc.


It ability of a system to perform its functions accurately and give users reliable information they need. Accurate information means that the tasks performed have no error.


This is another important characteristic of an agile Mis infrastructure. It refers to how the system can be upgraded or scale up to meet organizations growing demands. We can also define scalability of the system as the ability to increase production and meet customer’s needs.


This is the ability of the system to comprehend user needs. A good system should be easy and efficient to use designed in a way that it is user-friendly.

Which of the following is a benefit of a solid Mis infrastructure?

There are several key benefits of a solid Mis infrastructure. They include the following:-

  • Reduce operation costs
  • Increase or improve productivity.
  • Optimize organization business operations
  • Prevent the system from failures or crushes.


Agile Mis infrastructure should help an organization realize its goals in the business operations. It should also scale depending on changes in business operations.

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Branches of History

Branches of HistoryMost students think history is only the study of the past. To understand past historical events, one has to study history carefully. Students who want to study history in college should at least know the branches of history that they are likely to come across in college.

In this article, we look into branches of history, exploring each with a detailed explanation. Before that also, I should introduce you to history homework help. Most students have part-time jobs. It may be hard to complete assignments; therefore, you can seek help by getting someone to do your history homework at a fee.

Top 9 Branches of History

Political history

Political history is a common branch of history that focuses on a detailed look at leaders, political processes, and events occurring or that have already occurred. Political history is mainly looked into the rise and fall of various political systems.

Cultural history

Culture is another part of history that is learned as an area of study. Culture history involves the study of different life aspects like traditions, rituals, and different languages.

Environmental history

This very new history branch looks into the study of the environment.It looks into how human life’s activities are influencing the environment.

Intellectual history

The evolution and development of ideas are dealt with in intellectual history. It is a study of the thought of different people and how their thoughts have shaped history.

Food history

Food history is a branch of history that focuses on culinary science comparing various cultures in different countries. It is a unique history branch that looks into the sociology, cultural and economic impact of food.

Social history

Social history focuses on people’s customs and traditions, comparing them with significant events that have occurred or happened in the past. Events that happen greatly influence the living and working of society.

Diplomatic history

This branch of history focuses on the relationship between two countries, their diplomats, and their diplomatic processes. Topics explored include peace, war alliances, and treaties signed.

Art history

Art is a branch of history that studies visual arts like paintings, drawings, and architecture. It focuses on unraveling the meaning behind the arts.

Economic history

Economic history’s main aim is to focus on processes of economic that have happened in the past and how they influence economies in different countries. The study looks into markets, ways of production, and consumption.

Those are the main branches of history. Before we conclude this article, I think it will be necessary to list some of history students’ careers they can take.

  1. Lecture
  2. Professor
  3. Historian
  4. Archaeologist
  5. Librarian
  6. Museum manager etc.


History is a broad subject. Most students cannot answer history assignments comfortably without the help of a tutor. To hire tutors online to help with your assignment, visit Speedwriters, a reliable cheap essay writing service.