Observation Cycle Instructions

Observation Cycle Instructions

For this assignment, you will do a mock pre-conference and post-conference and watch 1 of the 3 teacher-observation videos located in the Reading & Study folder of Module/Week 8 (“Adam Maitland’s Classroom Observation,” “Science Lesson Study – Investigation-Colloquium Method,” and “John Huber – Classroom Observation”).

The focus of the observation must be established in the pre-observation conference. For this portion, you will write about how you would handle a pre-conference, including what questions you would ask, and what information you would expect to learn from the teacher during the pre-conference.

During the observation, you will complete an observation form in order to evaluate the instruction.

For the post-observation conference, you will script out the conversation you might have with the teacher.

The cycle must follow a sequence such as the one depicted in the table below:

Cycle Step



Pre-Observation Conference

Articulation of the purpose and function of the observation cycle.

Identification of the focus of the first observation.

First observation.


Data collection.

Analysis and interpretation of the data.

Post-Observation Conference

Articulation of the outcomes of the final observation and a review of the previous outcomes.

Discussion of the implications of the data.

Articulation of instructional recommendations by both the teacher and the observer.

Identification of the focus of the second observation.

Generation of a written script describing each step of the cycle, a prescription for instructional improvement, and the teacher’s perspective of the cycle.

Course submissions must be written in current APA format. Use a fictitious name for the teacher for privacy purposes.

This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of Module/Week 8 and must be submitted in LiveText.