Vintage Fashion: The 1970’s Bell-bottoms


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Vintage Fashion: The 1970’s Bell-bottoms

In the early 1970s, a fashion avalanche swept the entire world off its feet – the bell-bottoms are trousers that are wider from the knees all the way downwards. As such, they have a bell-like shape at the bottom part. They are also known as flares. The origin of bell-bottom design is thought to be the U.S. Navy. In the 1800s, the army did not have a standardized uniform. Nonetheless, majority of those in the army started wearing straight trousers with flares at the bottom. This became the origin of the bell-bottom trousers. In the early 1970s, designers integrated the flared style into the conventional clothing design, with amazing results. The bell-bottom designs became an instant sensation in the entire fashion industry. Both men and women adorned the bell-bottom trousers mostly in North America and Europe. The fashion avalanche also spread to other parts of the world.

Bell-bottom trousers were often made of denim. They had curved hems and flared out from the knees downwards. Although musicians and other high-ranking individuals popularized the bell-bottoms, they quickly became a favorite among all social classes in the society. Thus, from the rich to poor, men and women, teenagers and gown-ups, the old and sundry all adopted wearing of bell-bottoms. Over the recent past, there have been claims that the 1970’s flared trousers are making a comeback (Whitmore, 2015). However, none of the claims has materialized. Attempts to reintroduce the 1970s fashion have all failed owing to disinterest from the public and the fashion industry. It seems that the fashion industry has moved on from flared trouser designs of the 1970s.


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