Trending News Today-Social Listening 


Researching reader comments on a piece of trending news today,  and write your response to the following questions:

What was general reader feedback?

What was your response?

Which strategy, if any, would you employ after listening to this feedback?


Trending News Today-Social Listening

The trending news today is about the U.S. elections, where Trump and Clinton are fighting for the top seat. The ongoing elections have generated heated debate among various functions affiliated to Clinton and Trump. The general reader feedback is about trying to predict the winner and the economic impact if any of the presidential candidates win (Kopan & Thompson, 2016). One of the general reader feedback relates to an economic outlook if either of the presidential aspirants wins. Majority argues that the stocks may decline once Donald Trump wins, and that stocks may rise if the Hilary Clinton emerges the winner. Others dispute the claims arguing that the economic performance depends on how the successful presidential aspirant manages the country.

My response to the debate is that the winning candidate may have a significant impact on the U.S. stocks. The impact will depend on the economic policies that the successful candidate makes. Thus, the economic performance is not hedged on the particular candidates but on the particular policies that they make. The strategy I would employ involves providing information to the public on how the stock market in the U.S. runs and the impacts of the general election. Providing information to the public can enable individuals to reduce speculations and make informed decisions. The stock market is partly speculative. As such, negative speculations may trigger a crisis leading to poor performance even though other factors such as investment levels remain optimum.


Kopan, T., & Thompson, N. (2016, Nov. 8). Live election coverage. CNN.

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