what are some of the social impacts of the community sports on the youths?


Theinterview for this assignment should take place in a recreation department within your local community, the YMCA, a middle/high school, or another sport facility that serves the youth of your community.You will interview the sport recreation manager or athletics director from that facility. If this is not an option for you, you may elect to conduct a personal interview with the director or manager via phone, email, Skype, Zoom, Join Me, or any other conference-friendly application that will yield the answers to questions posed in the interview.

Create at least five to seven questions to ask this individual. The following sport-related topics are suggestions that may assist you as you generate your questions:

  •  social impact of youth and community sports,
  • cultural impact of youth and community sports,
  •  legal impact of youth and community sports,
  •  economic impact of youth and community sports,
  • social impact of interscholastic sports,
  • cultural impact of interscholastic sports,
  • legal impact of interscholastic sports, and
  • economic impact of interscholastic sports.

Please provide the answers to the questions you ask the interviewee, and include a section that discusses how this experience has helped you in your educational journey to better understand sport management, leadership, and best

Sample paper

Sports administration interview

With the recent growth and expansion in the sports industry around the world, sports management has turned out to be one of the important and interesting professionals in the world today. Sports management focuses on the skills and knowledge necessary to create and deliver recreation and fitness programs in a variety of settings.  Notably, a sport and recreation manager must understand the business of managing and monitoring the skills of his or her athletes as well as the marketing of his organization and team to be successful.  Below is an interview with Ishmael Jones, one of the popular sports and recreation manager in the local community. To most community members, Mr. Jones is a hero as he has helped to promote sports in the community and now the youths have an opportunity to play at the national and international level through his guidance.

Question 1

what are some of the social impacts of the community sports on the youths?

Over the last few years, sports have become one of the unifying factors all over the world.  As a result, sports can be used for social development of the children and youths by bringing social changes in the community. Sports enable young men and women to come together not only to promote peace, but also to share ideas on how they can make their lives better and contribute to the well being of the society (Aychew Beyene, 2015).

Question 2

what is the cultural impact of community-based sports on the youths?

Organized youth sports are highly popular for the youth. The perceived and objective positive impacts of participation in sports for youths and children are numerous. Apart from developing socially, community-based sports presents an opportunity where these youths can share their cultural skills and knowledge owing to the diversity in the community in the world today. Cultural sharing helps the youths to understand the needs and perception of other communities.

Question 3

what are the economic impacts of community-based sports on the youths?

Given the nature of sports in the world today, it has become a source of income for most youths not only in the community but also at the international level. In the current sports set up in the community and the country at large, youths are handsomely compensated for their participation in various tournaments. In other cases, if they get opportunities to play for the national clubs and organizations or play for the national team, sports become their source of income (Oliphant, 2011).

Question 4

what are the legal impacts of community-based sports on the youths?

For long, homeless and unemployed youths have been found on the wrong side of the law.  However, through sports and other recreation facilities, these youths can and have changed their criminal nature to become one of the helpful and important people in the sports industry. Notably, in these programs, we do not only coach them on how to become successful athletes, but also on how to become responsible, productive and law-abiding citizens in the community and the country at large.

Question 5

what are the social impacts of interscholastic sports?

Interscholastic sports provide a platform for students and youths from different schools and region to come together and support their communities. Interscholastic sports serve as a point around which to rally students and show school pride and unity thus promoting love and peace in the community (White & Ashare, 2014).

The above interview is educative and informative considering that I have learned about the impacts of community-based sports on youths and the society in general.  This knowledge will help to guide my goals and objectives when planning and to design community-based tournaments and competitions in the society.


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