Conduct a fake interview with a sports management administrator


conduct a fake interview with a sports management administrator

To be an effective sport leader and manager requires many attributes and skills. A great way to network and to learn about what it takes to be an effective and successful leader in sports is to interview someone in the sport industry. Through this experience, you will gain knowledge and information on the daily tasks, roles, and responsibilities to make your way in the sporting environment. For this assignment, you are asked to visit a local facility in your area to view the operations and procedures performed at the facility and to conduct a personal interview with the director or manager. Contact this person, and schedule a day and time for this visit.

If this is not an option for you, you may elect to conduct a personal interview with the director or manager via phone, email, Skype, Zoom, Join Me, or any other conference-friendly application that will yield the answers to questions posed in the interview.

Create at least 10 questions to ask this individual. The following sport-related topics are suggestions that may assist you as you generate your questions:

sport management theories;

responsibilities and duties;

best practices in sport;

leadership strategies;

management concepts;

labor-management relations;

 organizational management and behavior in sport;

effects of politics, media, globalization, and the economy in sport;

ethical issues in sport management; and

skills required in the sport industry.

Please provide the answers to the questions you ask the interviewee, and include a section that discusses how this experience has helped you in your educational journey to better understand sport management, leadership, and best practices in sport.

Sample paper

Sports Administration Interview

This assignment will focus on conducting an interview with one of the important a sports management administrator in the world today going by the name George Walter. Having qualified with advanced degrees in contract law and a degree in sports management from Texas University, George has gone on to become a successful sports management administrator. He currently works with the Wazito Football Club. His vast knowledge and skills in sports marketing, finance, business law as well as kinesiology have proved to be a masterstroke in defining his career.

Question 1

what is the appropriate definition of sports management administration?

Notably, there are two aspects of sports management administration. There is the sports management, and there is sports administration.  Sports management comprises the more business-oriented careers in sports such as marketing for sports organization or seeking sponsors.  On the other hand, sports administration solely focuses on the management and development of athletes. Therefore, to be a good sports administrator, there is the need to combine both aspects.

What are some of the sport management theories that motivate you?

One of the major sporting theory that guides most of my operations and activities is the sports confidence theory.  According to this theory, the belief and the degree of certainty of individual athletes towards their abilities influence their success.  Therefore, the more confident a player is, the more he or she is successful.

What are your primary duties?

Sports managers and administrators must handle all the business matters of their clients and organizations such as contracts and trade deals for teams, organization and individual athletes.

What are some of the best practices in the sports industry?

All sports should incorporate the core values of honesty, respect, responsibility, faith, and care not only for their team members but also for the opposite teams and opponents. Good sports practices should encourage maximum participation, teamwork, and good sportsmanship.

What are some of the leadership strategies used in sports management?

The art of sports leadership is largely comprised of activities that involve the application of the right strategies in the right manner. Some of the major leadership strategies in sports management and administration include communication, trust and respect, team building, goal setting and role modeling.

What are some of the skills required in the sports industry?

Like other industries in an economy, sports managers need specific skills to be successful in all their operations and activities.  Such skills include team building skills, fluency, and good communication and listen to skills as well as decision-making skills. Additionally, good managers must have organizational skills.

What are some of the ethical issues in sports management?

The current sports industry is facing some major ethical issues that include steroid and drug use in most, if not all sports, racial discrimination particularly in the Asian and some of the European countries.

What are some of the effects of media, politics, and globalization on sports?

The media, politics, globalization, as well as the economy of a country, has a substantial effect on the sports industry of any country. For example, the media is known to be a source of inspiration as well as a coaching aid as people watch the professionals.  On the other hand, government support, as well as peace in a country, can unite the nation behind the sporting fraternity.

What are the basic management concepts used in the sports industry?

To be able to apply management concepts, sports managers need to understand what this business is all about.  Basic management concepts in this industry include treating team members as a series of concepts, envisioning organization as a community as well as redefining management as a service position.

Organizational management and behavior in sports

Organizational behavior is as important in any organizational behavior as any organizational concepts. Team building and teamwork is the paramount organizational behavior considering that it takes only a single individual out of the whole team to score a point. Therefore, teamwork is important.

From the above interview, I have learned that sports management must have an aspect of the business that helps to keep the team running by providing the necessary funds and financial support. Additionally, it has helped y perception concerning management concepts, leadership strategies as well as best practices in the sports industry

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