PowerPoint Assignment: Leadership


PowerPoint Assignment: Leadership

In a 16–20 slide PowerPoint presentation (excluding title and reference slides) provide information as well as analyze the roles of the following areas in criminal justice leadership strategies and practices:

Organizational culture

Behavioral theory


Community relations

Your presentation should include, at a minimum, 4 slides, with speaker notes, for each topic.What they are looking for:http://extmedia.kaplan.edu/crimJust/CJ499_1203C/CJ499_Unit5_Assignment.pdf


PowerPoint Assignment: Leadership

Footer notes

Slide 2

  • Of recent, criminal justice administration has been attracting more criticism from the public mainly because of their laxity when it comes to improving their performance to ensure there is a reduction of criminal cases if not totally eliminate them.
  • Often, the leadership of the justice system determines the culture which in turn influences the performance of the whole system and the organization by giving all other members of the organization the direction to follow to achieve their objectives and goals(Behn, 2014).

Slide 3

  • Administration of criminal justice requires the leaders to work closely with their employees to ensure that they share the burden of their work because of its nature which is stressful and dangerous.
  • Supportive leadership helps in improving the relationship between the leaders and the followers making their work environment-friendly and accommodative to accommodate all employees.
  • Through supportive leadership style, the leaders can assist in improving the employee performance in a fair and appropriate manner.

Slide 4

  • Participative culture allows the leaders to make decisions with the most feasible amount of participation from those affected by the decision made.
  • On the other hand, collaborative culture both the leader and the employee invests most of their time to build relations, handle conflicts that may arise in the course of their duties as well as create boundaries of their work in a constructive manner and shares control(Behn, 2014).
  • Collaboration and participation of the leaders and other stakeholders are crucial to ensuring that justice is administered to all who come seeking justice and fairness in the justice system of any country.

Slide 5

  • Cultural dimension is adopted in any justice system to ensure that individuals from different backgrounds can effectively communicate to share information that can help to administer justice and fairness while at the same time sharing ideas and concepts that can improve the system.
  • The justice system has the potential of influencing the culture of the society in a country or a region which should be based on fairness and justice to all people.
  • Moreover, cultural dimensions include attention to details, aggressiveness, and innovation in the bid to lead employees and followers motivation and produce favorable results.

Slide 6

  • Team building focuses on creating and developing activities that can be used to enhance the social relations in a team by adopting collaborative tasks.
  • Team building culture is important in the justice system since it helps to bind people together so that they can know each other and begin to develop the sense of a team(Cole, 2015).
  • Teamwork is important in improving both individual and team performance since the projects that are undertaken together help in knowing each other concerning their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Teamwork is essential in the administration of criminal justice for the attainment of the goals and objectives of the system.

Slide 7

  • This theory clearly states that good organizational behavior of the leaders should help their workers to achieve both organization and personal goals by showing them the right direction to follow.
  • In the vast criminal justice system, top leaders should be on the first line to help realize their life goals as well as perform their duties within the stipulated time and frame.
  • Path goals theory goes on to state that leaders should focus on assigning tasks and responsibilities based on workers abilities, capabilities, and talents.

Slide 8

  • Both the leaders and the followers should agree on terms of engagement before finally working together to ensure that both camps know their duties and responsibilities inside out.
  • The leader has the duties to give commands and directives to the workers who should follow precisely and finally receive rewards based on the performance of the job(Cole, 2015).
  • A good job should be rewarded to encourage better performance from the followers while incomplete and poorly done work should be punished according to avoid a repeat of such scenarios in the future.

Slide 9

  • Transformation organizational behavior should create value and positive change in an organization with the end goals of developing the employees and followers into future leaders who can be put in charge of the same or better organization.
  • Transformation organization behavior moves away from the norms of the organization by implementing new job process that makes working interesting.
  • Leaders in organization adopting this behavior should engage their followers, bring trust in the criminal justice system and create a connection to bring motivation and morality to improve the performance of the organization.

Slide 10

  • Often, strategic planning establishes an agreement between leaders, employees, and all stakeholders in the organization around intended outcomes and assess as well as adjusting the organizational processes to work towards the objectives of the system.
  • Strategic planning also ensures that the organization is organized in a such a way that it effectively and appropriately responds to dynamic changes within the environment(Blue-Howells, 2013).
  • A good strategic planning describes the current status of an organization, specify where it wants to go and how it will get there. Thus, strategic planning would be perfect for criminal justice

Slide 11

  • The key to managers is matching plan implementation to the type of objectives that their organizations and departments are out there to achieve.
  • Often planning is important for any organization as it helps to prepare an entity for the future through the setting of specific activities that needs to be accomplished by different stakeholders towards a common goal.
  • Moreover, planning helps to create and developing different activities hence prioritizing the available resources to ensure that they are used to the maximum.

Slide 12

  • A good planning process should always start with the establishment of the goals and objectives that the management of the organization finds them necessary to be fulfilled by the organization.
  • The second step that is necessary for the planning process involves the identification of the necessary resources meant to enable the organization to go all the way to the top and achieve their objectives and goals(Blue-Howells, 2013).
  • However, more emphasis should be put when prioritizing these goals with the most important and urgent goals coming first and gets more resources compared to other goals and objectives.

Slide 13

  • Statistics shows that the rich and those of high standards in the society are likely to support the work done by the police and those in the criminal justice system in general.
  • However, on the other hand, the poor and those of low social status in the community have continuously criticized the criminal justice system arguing that it is for the rich since they have the power to buy the police, prosecutors and the judges.
  • This has continued to taint the name and the reputation of our country’s criminal justice name making it look corrupt and incompetent.

Slide 14

  • Given the adventurous nature of the youths, they are likely to be the wrong side of the law compared to the old generation.
  • Moreover, the youths have the tendency of doing exactly what they were told not to do mostly for fun and out of peer pressure and end up in police hands.
  • Due to their confrontations with the law enforcers, they always rate them lowly unlike the older generation who feels that the judicial system and the police are doing great work to keep their streets safe(Johnson, 2015).

Slide 15

  • Racism involves discriminating and segregating other individuals based on their skin colors.
  • Over the years especially in the United States, there has been complaints of unfairness from the justice department where the blacks are mistreated by the white magistrates and in turn black magistrates mistreat white suspects.
  • Racism affects the transparency and accountability of both the police force and the judicial system, and it is the high time that leaders of the department of justice come out clean and impose strict rules and regulations regarding racism.