MS Project Familiarization


MS Project Familiarization

Prior to completing the assignment, be sure to review the selected MS Project tutorial videos located in Week 2 of the Blackboard online course.
Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you summarize your thoughts on Microsoft Project:
Give your opinion on how easy or difficult MS Project seems to be from a user experience standpoint.
Suggest at least two (2) challenges you foresee in using MS Project in this course.
Describe why it is important to use a tool like MS Project instead of using other tools (e.g., MS Word, MS Excel) to manage and track your schedule.

Sample paper

MS project Familiarization

Initially, MS project seemed like a complicated subject, I perceived it as difficult and time-consuming. Considering that I never had a previous experience of operating the MS Office programs, I spent more time examining the operating system and realized that I would need a step to step guide and probably a tutorial that would make learning easier. I had a view that MS project was more similar to the Microsoft excel since from the previous videos about MS project. I understood that MS project helps in managing real-life projects especially in a constant changing processes, the tool has extensive capabilities in boosting productivity.

I would say that this class will be interesting, thinking of how this tool will help me accomplish my task I find it exciting, I need to build my confidence and expertise. Personally, I believe that this tool was purposely created for the business world. I keep growing my experience every time I use this tool I find it extraordinarily intuitive and provides an optimal balance between complexity and usability, apart from the business world, MS project is useful in the retail, healthcare, and financial, construction and financial services. As compared to other software’s, MS project stands out as the most user-friendly and universally accepted software. I would prefer to be given a takeaway concerning this project so that I can practically utilize this application.

The benefits of using this software are that it defines the results. Additionally, it has an active portfolio management which is a critical factor for o the success of the project. This software addresses the cause of the continua programs such as regular priority shift and the over-burdening resources that productivity is improved and less confusion is encountered. MS project will help me communicate effectively with a plan in the place I currently work; it will help me to monitor the progress and also track other software. Additionally, the software will help me get an accurate up to date report. However, when using this application, challenges will be encountered since I am a new user of this software, the software might be more complicated, and since I like to learn procedurally, it might be challenging to accomplish my task correctly. But with more practical exercise on a similar assignment, I will get more experience.

Another challenge is that since I use Linux operating system, this means that I will have to buy a new computer to install the new operating system, this will be costly plus the challenges involved in using a new software. I am more familiar with the Linux operating system. Therefore, I will have to learn how to use windows. Moreover, Linux is less prone to attack by viruses while a window will need an antivirus to keep it safe from viruses.

MS project is specially designed to help project managers to schedule and assign a task and also accurately monitor the project progress. MS project is arguably the most appropriate tool for project management it helps simplify the complex task. Additionally, it has a user-friendly interface. As previously mentioned before, through the online tutorial and the notes, I will be able to utilize this software in both personal and professional projects. In conclusion, MS project will be essential for managers as they can view multiple projects and design helpful strategies that are more effective I project management, help to create an updated plan and generate accurate reports.


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