Should you study biology science to be a nurse

Just like doctors, nurses must have medical knowledge. The reason is that they are required to triage patients, perform simple procedures, and carry out tests. Nurses also provide general care, requiring training and scientific understanding.

Generally, nurses in numbers make up the most significant portion of the healthcare system, and they usually carry out various tasks when they are on duty. Therefore, being a nurse is both rewarding and challenging. A typical day of a nurse, they come across many challenges, but at the end of the day, other people benefit from the care they receive.

There are about 40,000 nurses, according to NHS. They are present in hospitals and other health care departments. For those who want to become nurses, it’s better to understand the requirements and nursing coursework you will be doing in the class.

To be a nurse, you must have a degree in nursing. Most BSN programs require the learner with science A levels. Though, if you don’t have a science background, all is not lost.

How to become a nurse in the UK

To become a nurse, you have to complete an undergraduate nursing degree. Having a nursing degree is not negotiable because you must take care of patients. Just like any other degree course, there are entry requirements.

Every university has the right to specify its requirements, but you at least need two A levels. A nursing degree stipulates that you should have an A grade in biology, sociology, and psychology.

It would be best if you also had GCSEs, including mathematics, sciences like biology, and English. Also, it’s good to check with your university to know what is required.

To make everything clear, you don’t have to be a scientist to be a nurse. However, a good understanding of biology science is a bonus. When you start taking your nursing degree, you will cover human biology in detail. Therefore you can begin getting knowledge as you start your studies.

Also, if you don’t have science A levels, there is a way of getting around. If you have experience, especially voluntary work, your requirements may be different.

Nursing degree alternatives

If you cannot pursue a nursing degree in the university, there are ways in which you can become a nurse. You can begin with foundation courses that will allow you to start your university degree.

These studies will add one year to your research, meaning if the nursing degree course takes four years, you will have to study for five years. The classes also will come with extra tuition fees.

Financial difficulties also make some studies fail to begin studying their degree; you can explore other routes to achieve your nursing degree. One of the most popular routes is access to nursing courses.


If you love nursing courses, there are several ways to get around and achieve your dream career. You don’t have to study biology to be a nurse.