Budget Estimate


Last week, you were given the mantles of a project. You have properly defined your project. Now, it is time to estimate your budget. Using the information covered in the required readings, describe the budget you will need to support your project as well as how long it will take to complete it (using the materials we covered this week). 

Sample paper

Budget Estimate

My project is to implement the intranet in the organization and my budget estimated  $12000 for the implementation work only including the cost of cloud service fee, servers, and the software licenses. The expense relates to the price for purchasing the web server and the underlying software for the user interfaces. First I will have to take into account the number of users, the number of features needed, the size of the organization and the type of the network structure, therefore the following chart will give a breakdown of what the project will cost.

Budget Plan Chart

Description Cost
Operating system $250
Web (Software and Hardware) $500
Database $2500
Server (Email) $1500
Design Consultancy $800
Workflow $1600
Application for information publishing $450
Staff training $300
Document application $150
Cloud fee services $250
Licenses $1200
Total Cost $9500                                    


The full implementation of the intranet will take up to four (3) weeks because intranet installation is not that complex and from a technical point of view it is a straightforward process with few complexities. The extra amount of $2500 will be used for implementation and other miscellaneous.


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Griffiths, P. (2003). Managing your internet and intranet services: The information professional’s guide to strategy. London: Facet.

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