Persuasive Communication and the Job Fair Brochure

Resources: Ch. 6 & 8 of Introduction to Business

Continue to explore the fictional company you created in Week 2.

You have decided it is time to hire additional employees and would like to have a job fair. It is your responsibility to persuade the organization that the job fair will be beneficial.


What types of communication would be most effective in persuading the groups in your organization–including trainers, employees, programmers, and managers–that the job fair will be beneficial? Describe these communication types and explain why they would be effective.

Now that you have decided on the most effective method of communicating to your organization, you have set up a booth at the local job fair to generate interest in your new company and search for prospective employees.

Create a 1-page brochure describing your company’s structure, business model, and culture. Describe how organizational culture has influenced your business.

Sample paper

Introduction to Business

Effective communication enhances employee relationships, reduce employee turnover and improves productivity in an organization. The most effective type of communication in persuading a group of individuals in an organization would be oral communication. Oral communication is quick and enhances direct responses from the receiver of the message. For instance in a meeting, individuals are in close contact and hence able to exchange ideas or facts.

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Oral communication is effective in persuading because it enables the speaker to convince the receiver of the message through statement of facts. In addition, the transmitter is able to obtain direct responses or feedback from the audience. Another possible type of communication would be written official communication to all the individuals concerned, for example, using circulars, posters and notice boards. The downside of written communication is that it may not provide an opportunity for the sender to obtain direct feedback.

Company brochure


Our company aims at instilling an organizational culture that values clients, encourages professionalism and develops innovative solutions for clients’ diversified needs.

The organizational culture ensures that employees work according to expected industry standards and also encourage innovativeness or diversity in the place of work.

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Business model

Major revenue source – Advertising creative design, campaign maintenance and website design

Customer base – Small business enterprises, medium businesses, established companies and the entire business community

Financing – obtaining loan from banks and other financial institutions

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Company Structure

Top executives – This includes the partners

Engagement manager – provides communication and direction on flow of work

Senior consultant – will play a supervisory role

Consultants – providing technical expertise to our clients

Finance – handling all issues related to finance and budgeting