Daytam Consultants : Profits, Supply and Demand paper


Research different examples of business plans found on the Internet. Choose one of them to use for this assignment.
Review the example of a SWOT analysis on p. 97 of the text.
Conduct a SWOT analysis of the sample business plan you selected with your team members. Use Appendix B as the template for your SWOT Analysis.

Indiviually, write a 700- to 1,050-word paper examining the business plan you selected. Include a SWOT analysis highlighting the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company you chose.

Sample paper

Daytam Consultants :Profits, Supply and Demand

Daytam Consultants is a proposed business that will offer marketing consultancy services to a variety of clients. The role of the company is to develop appropriate strategies that create awareness or encourage consumers to purchase a particular product. As such, the company will be responsible for developing promotions, distribution and sale of goods and services to consumers. In some circumstances, marketing involves making consumers aware of the brand name especially when the company is relatively new. Thus, marketing consultants are crucial in ensuring success of newly established businesses and sustaining old businesses.

The start-up of a marketing consultant business usually depends on the type of business – whether it is a sole proprietorship, partnership, or a corporation. A sole proprietorship may be the simplest to start. In our case, the marketing consulting business will operate as a limited corporation. One of the key requirements in starting a consulting business is establishment of a physical presence, in a location where clients can easily be able to reach. This will be attained through renting of an office space in a suitable location. Next is the acquisition of office furnishings and equipments. Necessary documents will also be obtained. Once the business begins operations, an e-mail address and a website will be necessary. In addition, invoice statements and business letterhead will be obtained to facilitate the day to day operations. A brochure will also be a cost effective way of establishing the brand name among customers.

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Profit is defined as the gains made from an investment. It is determined by the difference between revenue and costs incurred by a business. Profit is thus an expression of the positive gains made by a business in a particular investment after all expenses are deducted (Hettinger and Heitlinger, 2011). Businesses exist in order to make profit. On the hand, profitability is a measure of the profits generated by a business relative to its size (Hettinger and Heitlinger, 2011). In other words, profitability measures the efficiency of the business in utilizing resources to gain profit. In order to increase business profitability, the profits obtained should be reinvested into the business to ensure growth of the business. In early stages of growth, a business requires huge capital in order to grow, with few returns.

The marketing consulting business may be affected by the laws of demand and supply. This may be occasioned by market blips that characterize most economies. Economic recession may drive the business down leading to losses. During times of boom, the company may be able to expect positive marginal returns on its investment.


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