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One of the most engaging tasks that any student can be given is writing a synthesis essay. The main goal of writing this type of essay is to gauge students how they can do extensive research and turn big concepts into written ideas.

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A well-written synthesis paper will take several ideas from different sources, then summarize them and combine them into a thesis statement which is a single position that a synthesis essay argues about.

Once you have identified the synthesis statement, you will be able to combine other these, which will help you write a suitable synthesis essay format.

How to Write a Synthesis Essay

A synthesis essay collects information from several sources in order to generate a novel concept, ask a query, or advocate a stance. Researchers will engage in discussions, facts, and facts from a range of sources in a synthesis essay to either explain or advocate anything new.

Most synthesis essays are frequently produced by high school or college students and typically follow a five-paragraph essay format. Although the questions or theses that govern a synthesis essay may be founded on the writer’s subjective perspective, they aim to illustrate their argument using objective evidence and external data.

A synthesis essay can be one of two types:

The Explanatory Synthesis is the first step in the explanation process: An explanatory synthesis clarifies a term so that it is easily understood by the reader. An explanation or background synthesis aids readers in comprehending a certain topic. It entails a thorough reading and representation of facts and data.

The Synthesis of Arguments: The explanatory essay, like the explanatory essay, aims to demonstrate and discuss a topic from a neutral standpoint. Argumentative synthesis backs up a claim or argument and presents it logically. The thesis statement in the argumentative synthesis essay is strong, arguable, and controversial. To back up the assertion, the writer includes relevant data, sources, and material to back up the topic and deliver it coherently.

Synthesis Essay Structure

Synthesis essays usually follow the five-paragraph essay structure, but there are a few differences to consider when writing this type of paper. The structure of a synthesis essay is as follows.

  1.  Introduction: The beginning paragraph outlines the core principles of your essay. You’ll introduce some of your sources and discuss the overall landscape of ideas concerning your topic. A thesis statement, which clearly expresses your central argument in a couple of sentences, will also be used to establish the arguments to be made. The thesis statement is usually found towards the end of the first paragraph.
  2.  Body: A synthesis essay’s body normally consists of three paragraphs. This usually consists of two paragraphs integrating your references in a manner that provides your thesis, as well as one paragraph acknowledging counter-arguments.
  3. Conclusion: Your synthesis essay’s conclusion restates the argument you’ve made throughout the essay. It could underline how each of your points and the references you cited back up your claim.
  4. Bibliography: Depending on the writing style rules you’re using, you’ll need to include a source list after your paper to correctly cite your research sources, whether they’re Chicago, Harvard, APA, or Harvard Manual of Style. This is the list of referencing at the end of your paper that normally takes up between one to two pages.

Tips to Writing a Synthesis Essay in Steps

A good synthesis essay takes the reader through a variety of concepts and sources to demonstrate or explain a bigger argument. To write your essay, follow this step-by-step guide.

  1. Choose a topic that interests you. Make a list of a few topics for your synthesis essay, prioritizing the ones you are interested in.
  2. Do your research. Once you’ve chosen a topic, conduct comprehensive research using the internet, library, and other resources. You can seek up quotes from scholars and experts in academic primary sources, or look up data or scientific studies that are pertinent to your issue. This research will assist you in developing a perspective of view that is supported by facts. Use unbiased and objective sources that are reputable.
  3. Make a list of your main points. Your whole paper should be devoted to either presenting an argument or expressing a standpoint. Demonstrate how either of your references connects to and contributes to your overarching concept.
  4. Start by writing your introduction. The beginning of a paragraph of a paper is called an introduction. The main objective of the introduction is to present the central thesis of the paper, as well as any necessary background information and, hopefully, spark the reader’s interest. A powerful thesis statement should be in the first paragraph of your synthesis essay. This is where you will express the point of view you are pursuing or the argument you’re presenting.
  5. Don’t forget to include your body paragraphs. Three-body paragraphs are common in synthesis essays. A good body paragraph has 3 components: a hypothesis (or main phrase), accompanying evidence phrases, a finishing (or transitioning) sentence, sufficient relevant sentences, and a closing (or transitioning) sentence. This method concentrates the paragraph on the core concept while still giving clear and succinct information. Each paragraph should focus on one aspect of your thesis, supporting arguments, and evidence from each source. Describe the overarching theme which extends through every one of your resources, as well as how they connect to your writing.
  6. Include counter-arguments and how your original document might be used to refute those claims and promote your own.
  7. Conclude with a forceful statement. A conclusion is the aftermost paragraph of the article, research paper, and essay that summates the absolute procedure. Your synthesis essay’s conclusion paragraph will reiterate your hypothesis, outline the important supporting concepts you explored all through the assignment, and provide your additional comments on the fundamental issue.

7. Proofread. Before presenting or delivering your work, review it several times. A few grammatical errors or incorrect words can sometimes modify or invalidate the entire basis of a thesis or opinion. As much as possible, ensure that your syntax, grammar, and structure are correct and clear. This will make you appear as a trustworthy source.

Formats for Synthesis Essays

The format of a synthesis paper is determined by the style demanded by a tutor. CHICAGO, MLA, and AP styles are the commonly prevalent formats. In areas of psychology, science, and education, APA is recommended; in the humanities, MLA is used; and in History, business, and fine arts, Chicago style is utilized.


 The following should be taken to note:

  • Times New Roman, double spaced, 12points
  • One-inch margins
  • For every page, the top right corner shows the page number and the last name.
  • your name, your professor’s name, the course number and the date and should all appear in the header.
  • A “Works Cited” page appears on the last page.


  • The fonts should be: Times New Roman 12-point double-spaced 1″ margins
  • Add a page header to the top of each page
  • Place the page number in the top right corner
  • The structure of a synthesis essay should be separated into four sections parts: the abstract, the title page, body, and references.

Chicago Formatting

The following are the significant points:

  • Times New Roman 12 pt.
  • Double-spacing between the lines of the paper is recommended.
  • Leave one-inch margins on both sides.
  • For paragraph openings, use 12-inch indents.
  • Use left-justified text with a rough edge while writing.
  • Cite people or organizations by their full names, and keep the bibliography on a separate page.

How Language Can Influence Identity

The differences in lifestyles and activities among individuals in the community are represented by many components of society. One of the most important characteristics that assist in the recognition of groups and individuals is language. The discovery of a universal language will aid in the classification of a collection of people with a shared ancestor. In this essay, we’ll look at how language creates our social identities. Consider how writers have voiced contrasting perspectives on how the school District of Oakland vocabulary describes black children.

David D. Troutt analyzes the repercussions of Ebonics’ deployment in the US educational program and how it was presented to pupils in his book “Identifying Who We Are in Society” . According to the author, language is critical in defining who we are in society. He discusses the differences between the Africa-America civilization and the “white” society in America, as well as how the dialects they use can help to separate them.

People speaking Ebonics are African Americans, according to Troutt, while those who use vernacular are from “white” groups. Whenever it relates to social connectedness in the United States, Trout considers Ebonics and the American vernacular to be crucial languages. Troutt (1997). Even though Ebonics is not a language of any of America’s ethnic groups, it has been embraced negatively by Black Americans as a result of their life in ghettos, according to Troutt.

Troutt defends the term’s use in classrooms, citing the Oakland District Schools as an example. Oak claims that introducing how pupils speak at home to school will advance their comprehension and; as a result, their general academic performance. Troutt (1997). It has the ability to be the next language of black people within the contemporary community due to the large number of people who speak it.

James Hill suggests using Ebonics as a major language in American classrooms in his novel “Say What”. For the majority of his life, he had considered the statement to be unsuitable. Ebonics is now considered a vernacular instead of a language by James Hills. Ebonics, he says, is “famously known utterances or described primarily that are thought to diverge from mainstream languages.” J. Hill, C. J. Besh, P. Thomas, and S. Gleason (1996). Hill considers himself an Ebonics user throughout his childhood, while he no longer finds it useful in the official stage of adulthood. James Hill affirms the relevance of Ebonics in America and how this has affected the American- African community’s culture in his book.

Schoolchildren may certainly understand and succeed in academics when studying in a dialect they have known since childhood, according to James Hill. Hill describes how a student’s upbringing might influence his or her ability to understand and communicate. The ghetto’s impact on black Americans in America has aided their self-identification through the utilization of the language of Ebonics. As per James Hill, American academic institutions have heavily used Ebonics in order to generate more income from the growing proportion of African students. J. Hill, C. J. Besh, P. Thomas, and S. Gleason (1996). Because the languages will continue to evolve, he believes they will someday be studied as separate subjects.

Ebonics has a major impact on African-American kids’ knowledge, according to these two authors. Both authors agree that Ebonics should be taught in schools since it defines African- Because of their slum upbringing in the United States, Americans. James Hill challenges David D. Troutt’s book “Defining Who We Are in Society” in his book “Say What”, saying that Ebonics is just a dialectal departure from normal languages and will never be called it’s own. The government, James claims, is harming African-American students by requiring them to study the language in school. Ebonics, according to the writers, has developed a strong link between African society and “whites,” as well as identifying their identification.

As a result, it may be deduced that language can be used to identify individuals within a culture or to classify people based on their nationalities. Although the language is primarily utilized for communication and comprehension, it is also used to transmit culture, identity, and familial ties. Languages may be ready to interact with the numerous cultural aspects associated with a language by speaking it outside of their cultural sphere. Multilingual, on the other hand, may have challenges when dealing with linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

This is especially true if one language is more deeply ingrained in the political, economic, and religious platforms of a community. Language has a huge impact on our interactions, as evidenced by our daily conversations. Language shapes our relationships and values as we grow up speaking it, as well as our identity. It’s a beautiful form of travel for seeing the sights.


Hill, J., Besh, C. J., Thomas, P., & Gleason, S. (1996). Say what. Watch your language. Chicago Tribune, Dec, 29. Troutt, D. D. (1997). Defining Who We Are in Society. Los Angeles Times.


To defend an argument or analyze an idea, the writing method for a successful synthesis essay necessitates curiosity, investigation, and unique thought. Writing a synthesis essay requires a lot of mental effort, the but ability to write a captivating written examination of a theme could offer you an advantage in a variety of fields, from humanities to architecture.

definition essay-topics

Definition Essay Topics

Definition essays are scholarly articles that provide descriptions of a specific topic or subject. These articles are written on topics around which people have differing opinions. Chairs, cupboards, kites, and other empirical elements possess consistent definitions for everyone, yet emotions such as love, pleasure, and grief possess distinct meanings for specific disciplines. As a result, definition essays describe the various meanings of a single phrase.

In different situations, words, phrases, and concepts have distinct meanings. In an altogether different context, a single word or phrase with a limited meaning may not be able to convey its message. As a result, definitive essays seek to define and discuss several definitions of a single term.

The success of a definition essay, like any other essay, is determined by the topic. To pique the reader’s interest, the topic must be engaging. It is preferable if it incorporates terms with numerous meanings. Choose a term with a wide range of meanings. As a result, you’ll have lots of content to think about as you write your essay. It is indeed best to avoid phrases like “residence,” “independence,” and “achievement” because their meanings are variable and dependent on someone else’s viewpoint. The topics for definition essays are mentioned below.:

  • What is success?
  • Is democracy the best form of government?
  • Freedom of choice
  • Materialism
  • Pros and Cons of eBooks
  • Technological advancement
  • How social media has affected the youth?
  • Xenophobia
  • The role of religion in politics
  • Social responsibility
  • Gender equality
  • Global warming, a myth or reality
  • What is Feminism?
  • Effects of Digital Revolution

Creative Definition Essays

A definition clarifies what a term or notion means. A single sentence definition can be found in a dictionary. A definition paper, on the other hand, is made up of multiple paragraphs. Anecdotal observations and examples can be included in such a dissertation, among some other things.

Creative Definition Essay Topics

  • How to overcome laziness?
  • Ways to remain alert while studying
  • What is a lavish lifestyle?
  • Why has progress not eradicated poverty?
  • Should there be capital punishment?
  • The downside of globalization
  • Why average students are more successful in life?
  • How to discern pleasure from happiness?
  • Is the concept of best friend overrated?
  • Is love at first sight true?

Extended Definition Essay Topics

Topics for extended definition essays allow the writer to fully define and explain the significance of a subject in their own words. To stress the significance of a topic in an extended definition essay, include instances and experiences relating to it.

  • The rights of citizens
  • A good teacher
  • What is a healthy weight?
  • An ideal mother
  • True friendships
  • A brilliant student
  • Who is a responsible citizen?
  • What is a conservative mindset?
  • What constitutes misogyny?
  • Racism in developed countries
  • What distinguishes a hero?
  • What is it that makes you happy?
  • Describe what it means to have charisma.
  • Do you have a good sense of humor?


It is tedious and unpleasant to write a definition essay by accumulating various meanings without offering your opinion on the topic. The depth of the article will be enhanced by your interpretation and analysis.

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Characteristics of a definition essay

The first question that every college student asks themselves once they are tasked with writing a definition essay is What is a definition essay?

A definition essay is a type of essay that defines an idea, concept, or even a term. The right way to write a definition essay is first by starting or introducing the concept or idea being defined, then presenting clear information about the term and using perfect examples to clarify the topic.

Steps for writing a definition essay

There are three steps that you should follow when writing a definition essay. The first step is to tell the readers what the term, concept, or idea you will define.

Step 2. is then presenting clear and basic information in your essay.

Step 3. Include facts, statistics, and anecdotes that readers will understand.

Well written definition essay

A well-written definition essay should have a single central idea. Every paragraph should have at least one topic. Every paragraph should support the main paper’s idea and expand on it.

Purpose of definition essay

Writing a definition essay’s main purpose may be understood easily as the purpose to define something. The way we define terms can be far-reaching for individuals and groups of people.

What are the other types of essays?

There are several different types of essays. They include the following: –


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buy definition essay

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How to Write a Definition Essay?

A definition essay clarifies the meaning of a phrase, particularly as it pertains the writer. This approach could be a descriptive noun like “glass,” “book,” or “tree.” Honesty, honor, and love are metaphysical terms that are more dependent on a person’s perspective of view.

 What is the purpose of a definition essay?

The goal of a definition essay is to urge pupils to write out their ideas and concepts. The goal of a definition essay might appear straightforward: to define a thing or an idea. Students should use their ability to analyze, assessing, arranging, and summarizing to develop concepts and ideas for such a report. However, articulating a term and evaluating its implications is more difficult since students are dealing with creative conceptions and concepts rather than facts, events, or data, as they are when writing other types of essays. Furthermore, people’s interpretations of terminology are highly subjective.

Features of a Definition Essay

A definition essay has the following features:

Definition: A definition essay presents multiple meanings of a single word to an audience. For instance, the word “definition” refers to a rhetorical style that allows an author to suggest and explain the meaning of a concept or term. Moreover, an essay that employs “definition” as the only rhetorical style is a definition essay. In turn, the presentation of a word’s meaning begins with the basic dictionary definition followed by complex, extended definitions. Besides, the primary goal of a definition essay is to decipher the less obvious explanation of a word or concept. Hence, these types of essays are particularly useful in understanding the various meanings of a word and the underlying cause of the discrepancies.

A Thesis Statement:  In a definition essay, a thesis statement does not conform to the conventional academic essay guidelines concerning thesis statement generation. For example, a definition essay’s thesis statement presents a simple meaning based on the author’s understanding of the term. In this case, the definition provided in the main claim should be concise and elementary. Moreover, the outlined meaning must not contain a repetition of any part of the term and instances of passive phrases. In turn, audiences cannot predict the content of the essay after reading the thesis statement. Therefore, the thesis statement reveals the author’s perspective regarding the most accurate definition.

Conclusion on Definition Essay: Scholars’ intensive engagement in research yields findings whose documentation may be facilitated by definition essay writing skills. Basically, scientific research often employs the concept of methodological reductionism. In this case, the writer uses any technique to create an independent definition of a term. Consequently, scholars must write a definitive essay that describes the meaning of a word within the context of a study. Thus, definition essays reduce the likelihood of incorrect interpretation of findings that may be caused by the lack of a constrained definition.

There are a few essential characteristics that will help you write a good definition essay, as outlined below.

1) Know the exact meaning of the term that is being defined and clearly communicate it to the reader. Keep in mind that meanings will sound pretentious and boring. Define the subject in your own words, and the reader will always appreciate a personal touch.

2) Provide information that is easy to comprehend. The essay will not be readable or understandable if it contains hazy and uneven facts, as well as abstract musings.

3) Infuse your essay with individuality. Fill in the blanks with tales, personal details (not necessarily the monsters in your wardrobe), and other mementos. The reader will undoubtedly like reading your essay if you like composing it.

There are many different approaches to defining a phrase. The plain Webster’s definition will not pique the reader’s interest, and in many situations, the definition is more difficult to comprehend than the term itself. The following are the several approaches for making the issue more understandable:

 Origins and Causes: Discussing the background of a topic may also help. If you are defining

yourself as a parent, then the birth of your child might be your genesis. The first day of dance

classes might have been the origin of you as a dancer.

 Assessment: The subject might be divided into various pieces, each of which could be described independently. Another technique to make the subject more visible to the reader should be to provide reader with the visible and inner attributes, as well as the subject’s intellectual foundation and traditional thoughts.

Similarity: Relating the topic to something may help the reader understand it better. Comparing communism to socialism or capitalism, if the subject is communism, might help to clarify the notion. Furthermore, noting out what the topic is not may help the reader understand what it is. An essay about Hinduism could begin by saying that Hinduism is not Christian, but then go on to compare and contrast the two religions.

Instances and observations: When explaining a particularly abstract idea, giving examples is the greatest method to make your meaning obvious. This is just a narrative about a “Wow!” event that describes the topic. When it comes to defining “truth,” for example, a well-placed tale emphasizing a person’s honesty may have more influence than a theoretical meandering about what truth might or might not mean.

 Results, effects, and causes: Discuss the results and effects of a defining term. For instance, a

dancer might learn agility, confidence, or even leadership that affects other areas of one’s life,

such as academics and employment.

Example of a definition essay

Below is an example of a definition essay about love.

Love Definition Essay

Love Definition Essay
Love Definition Essay

The term “love” has a wide range of meanings. There are scriptural verses that say love is tolerant, gentle, does not jealous, and does not brag. Love, on the other hand, is defined in a dictionary as a strong emotion of deep attachment, a considerable enthusiasm or delight in something. There are many various types of love in the world; for example, the love between two married people, the love between a mother and a child, and the affection between friends are just a few examples.

When asked why she punishes her children, a parent will simply respond that she does so because she adores them and wants to see them succeed. Discipline plays an important role in a child’s growth since a child is constantly learning new methods to view items and attempting to comprehend what they do. This can be harmful to the child at times, thus it is a mother’s responsibility to keep her child safe. could be harmed. A mother’s heart breaks when her child is harmed, sick, or not feeling well. She would go to great lengths to help her child feel much better.

The love of friendship is a very special thing to experience. When a person makes a friend, they must test the waters to make sure they picked a good friend. It can be a scary thing, especially for a young individual. To a teenager friendship is everything. Knowing that you can go to someone to talk to about all the juicy details and rumors and knowing they would not go spill the secret to anyone else. As one gets older, friendships start changing and the circles become smaller. However, having one or two friends to talk to when it seems like the world is against a person is life-changing and the friendship can even save lives. No matter how far apart friends are when they get back together, it seems like no time had passed. This is one of the best medicine for a broken heart and other difficult times. These are the people who love their friends so much they do not mind knocking sense into or their head.

Love between two individuals is different from a mother and her child. Two individuals in love show happiness and laughter with everyone they are around. The two individuals become best friends and can depend upon each other for anything. They know the other would never judge them for the flaws a person has and sees them as strengths. They will come together and fight through the tough times and triumph through the easy times. They will always make time for each other and start planning a life together.

Marriage, children, careers all revolve around making time to be with the other and making the relationship stronger. They never boast to others saying that they have the best relationship in the world. The couple tries not to hurt the other and will make sacrifices for the other to make him or her happy. A couple would stand together to make sure the other succeed in their goals. This type of love is a very conquering love and makes for a great life if a couple is able to maintain that love throughout their lives.

In conclusion, the essence of life is the notion of affection between persons, communities, and all living species. love is what every individual need because it adds a meaning in their lives.  As well as changing one’s life into a better one. Sometimes love may seem to be complicated, but it is always important to remember that giving up is never an option.

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Reasons why students hate homework

Reasons why students hate homework

Even the most intelligent student who loves doing subjects like mathematics, engineering, statistics, economics, etc., hates doing homework. You can score very high marks in their tests and even solve difficult calculus equations, but when it comes to completing homework, it becomes a nightmare.

Even though homework helps students understand the topic being taught and improve their skills doing assignments has never been easy. A survey shows that 70% of students hate doing their homework. Below are some of the reasons that make students hate doing homework.

1. It causes anxiety, stress, and headache

When students have assignments due in a few hours and have not completed them, they get stressed and have headaches. Some students dont have the time to work on the homework while others dont have the capability meaning they dont understand the assignment.

Looking at some of the education forums, students state that they have headaches when studying independently at home. Hard subjects like mathematics are even worse when it comes to stressing students. Because of that, many students result in “pay someone to do MyMathLab” services to avoid the stress.

2. Homework takes a lot of time

The educational process is very time-consuming. Every student spends at least 8 hours in college doing studies on average. When class is over, every student is very tired of homework, especially when the professors assign several assignments to be done the same night.

If you spend the whole night doing your homework and fail to read your notes, you will find yourself in a fix because you will have a lot of notes to cram in a few days at the end of the term.

Having too many assignments will require students to spend a lot of time on their books. College life is not all about books. To enjoy your college life, you have to balance the time you spend reading and your free time playing games and watching movies. Social students are likely to hate doing homework because they will lack the free time to spend with their friends.

3. It discourages learning

When students have to spend the whole night doing homework, they get tired and bored with the subject. Generally, homework is not engaging, and few students can like the learning process. Too much workload leads to stress and depression, leading to students dropping out of school.

4. Assignments destroys creativity

Anyone who wants to achieve success in their career must be creative. Creativity helps in finding better solutions to problems and staying ahead of others.

Homeworks are good for helping students unleash their creativity; however, if you are tired, this won’t help you in any way. The professor may try hard to teach you creativity; however, spending a lot of time doing homework after classes will kill it.

Also, some assignments like nursing coursework dont require any creativity; however, this can be helpful in certain subjects that require programming, etc.


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Buy coursework online

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What is coursework in college?

College coursework is work assigned to students by their trainers or teachers to develop independent skills that can enable them to solve all practical problems in their field of study. Coursework writing can involve the following activities: research, experimentation, practice, etc.

In most universities, colleges, and high schools, coursework grades are very important because they are combined with exam results to determine the overall course grade at the end of the study. Therefore passing coursework assignments can help you in getting a good grade.

Writing coursework essays should be very easy for you because you have to do research and come up with a top-notch paper. It is also important to note that writing coursework yourself can help you consolidate the knowledge you have learned at the end of the course. However, there are unavoidable circumstances that force students to buy coursework online. Below are just a few.

Reasons why students use coursework writing service

Online coursework writing service has been there for decades, and it will remain there as long as the internet remains. Several reasons compel students to use coursework help services.

  • Lack of time

Most college and university students, especially those doing postgraduate degrees, have less time working on their coursework assignments. The reason is that some may be part-time students who have daily jobs that they have to attend.

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Lack of time affects not only working students but also those doing undergraduate degrees. Campus life is full of fun, especially for outgoing students. Weekends are very busy for such students because they are full of trips and outdoor games; therefore, no time for doing their coursework.

  • To better their grades.

Some students are very brilliant in practical skills and very poor when doing theoretical work that involves a lot of writing like term papers, essays, etc. Such kinds of students can avoid getting poor grades by utilizing online essay writing services that are affordable and legit.

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  • Affordability

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  • Lack of relevant material

If you do not have the right course content, you will likely incorporate unique but useless material and vocabulary that is not needed in writing a coursework paper. Such incompatibility in writing can render all your effort just a waste of time.

Instead of wasting time and getting bad grades with your coursework papers, it is recommendable to use writing services.

  • To avoid the use of outdated reference materials.

Even the brightest and most intelligent students can use outdated reference material without knowing. Maybe you have never thought of how such a mistake can affect your grade. Trainers or teachers, when they come across a paper written using out-of-date material, get an impression of a student who does not know about their course. Coursework experts can help you proofread, edit, and format such papers to ensure they are up-to-date.

  • Poor planning

Any paper written without proper pre-planning will result in a poorly written paper full of flaws that teachers are likely to discover easily. A paper with poor research work will fetch you very poor grades therefore such students prefer to buy coursework online.

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  • Plagiarism free papers

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Why is college coursework important

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Helpful Coursework Writing Tips

Writing an excellent academic paper in any field does not involve performing any miracle but the use of a clear procedure. When writing any coursework assignment, follow the below steps:

  1. Collect all required data

Data collection is the most important stage of any academic writing. If you get it wrong here, it means you will have wasted all the time you will spend writing. Before you can begin writing, you need to collect all the required information from sources like libraries, journals, coursework notes, and the internet.

All the collected data or information must be verified to ensure it is up-to-date and credible; otherwise, your answers or writing may be obsolete, just like the material used.

  1. Choose the right topic.

Choosing a coursework topic is a hard task for many students, even brilliant ones. The wrong choice of topic can get you bad grades. It is always advisable to choose a topic that interests you because you are likely to write a paper interesting to your readers.

A good topic should not be very narrow or very broad. Avoiding popular topics is also recommendable because they have been explored; therefore, it is hard writing anything new.

  1. Consult your professor

Do not begin writing without first consulting your professor. Your professor can help you with more information regarding your topic once you discuss it. The professor is likely also to give you the go-ahead with writing, or they can request you to pick another topic.

  1. Create an outline

Once you have chosen the right topic, gathered all the data, and you have been green light to continue writing, it is now time to create an outline.

An outline is just a sketch of your whole paper divided into different parts like introduction, body, conclusion, etc. The paper outline depends on the type of paper that you are writing.

  1. Write a draft

Writing a draft paper puts everything into words while paying less attention to mistakes like spelling etc. However, it would help to avoid plagiarism by not copying other students work or copying internet materials. Submitting plagiarized papers will make you lose all the marks. Cite all the quotations properly.

  1. Proofread and edit

Proofreading is the last step of any writing. Even though it is the last one, it is very important, just like step one. It is the step where you must correct all the small mistakes like spelling and tenses errors. Pass your paper to your friends to read it to make recommendations to you and maybe see the errors that you did not notice.

Frequently asked questions

What are the best online essay writing services?

Students who want to buy coursework online always ask what the best online essay writing services are. There is no clear way of determining how a legit essay writing company is; however, there are a few key factors you should check out before ordering any online essay services.

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Is it safe to buy essays online?

Yes, it is safe to buy essays online. However, you should be aware of where to buy them. Some companies are not legit. They will take your money and fail to deliver any paper to you, while others will send you papers that are not original and poorly formatted.

How to do coursework?

Students who need help with coursework don’t have any tips for completing their assignments. It would help if you never panicked when given a coursework assignment to complete. All the coursework is met to help you digest the information you learn in class and help you to sharpen research skills.

Even though there are different types of coursework depending on the subject, you should use the same approach. Below tips will help you produce excellent coursework papers:-

1. Understand coursework assignment object

Many students either search for “help me with my coursework”  or go ahead doing the assignment without even understanding what is required to be done. The topic covered in the question etc. Before you can begin working on any coursework, please make sure you understand everything, or you can ask your tutor for guidance.

2.Do research 

Once you have understood what coursework homework is all about, dive deeply into the topic and research. You can use online materials or library books.

3. Structure your essay well

Divide your easy into a structure like introduction, middle, and conclusion. Stay on the topic so that you can remain relevant.

4. Manage your time wisely

Don’t spend all your time doing research. You should carefully manage your time well, especially if you have several assignments to complete. However, if you have several assignments to complete, look for university coursework help service.

5. Avoid plagiarism

Don’t copy-paste other people’s work. Make sure you check for plagiarism and do editing to ensure you don’t get penalized for submitting an assignment that has been plagiarized.

6. Correct grammatical errors

The last stage of writing any homework is proofreading and editing. Make sure you correct all typing errors before submitting the coursework assignment.


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persuasive essay on electric cars

Why you should buy an electric car persuasive essay


If your assignment involves writing a persuasive essay on electric cars, you have your work cut out for you. it is important to note that there is no wrong answer when it comes to persuasive essays; all you need to do is find the right resources that back your argument and present them in a convincing manner. While some students may be avid researchers and writers, it is completely normal to struggle with your very first persuasive essay. That is why it might be best to buy your electric car persuasive essay online and avoid the hassle altogether.

What Is a Persuasive Essay?

To help you understand persuasive essays better, it is important to understand that a persuasive essay, much like other essay formats, doesn’t consist of complete sentences. Rather, each section is complete in itself and each sentence in it is very important and definitely not

Basically, a persuasive essay is a paper that does everything to persuade the reader of your case. You may research all you want for an essay, but unless the reader will be convinced of your argument, the paper will fail. On the other hand, a persuasive essay is a paper that addresses a very particular topic, specifically with the aim of persuading someone of its logic and persuading them to agree with you. Some of the main elements that can be used when you write a persuasive essay on electric cars include basing your argument on one or more facts or statistics. This is a crucial element of any persuasive essay. The primary purpose of an essay is to convince the reader to agree with the argument, so the last thing you want to do is make them dispute the facts that you present.

Why You Should Buy a Persuasive Essay On Electric Cars

Your objective should be to persuade your classmates and teachers of the positive attributes of electric cars. How can you do that if you do not make your case? In most cases, you do not want to appear uneducated and foolish in front of people that know more about the topic than you. The best way to present your argument is to present the issue in a way that will persuade your audience to buy your persuasive essay on electric cars. The Advantages of Electric Cars When you are writing an electric car persuasive essay, you will have to make your case with arguments that are grounded in logic. Use facts to make your case and back them up with facts. Focus on the positive and ignore the negatives. You want to convey to your classmates and teachers how easy it is to fill up an electric car.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Writing Your Own

The fact is that your very first persuasive essay is going to be much more important than you think. It is going to be what ultimately decides whether you get accepted to a prestigious institution or not. In order to avoid drowning in the flood of words that you’re about to come across, it is best to hire a trustworthy essay writer to help you write it. You can do this very easily if you use a website like You can expect to receive a personalized essay, which is written to your unique specifications. In fact, there is a whole list of topics that you can choose from, including popular examples of essays in your target area. All you have to do is find the section of the website that best fits your needs.

What you need to do is go to the website of any of the multiple online writing services that you can find and start looking at the different types of persuasive essays they offer. This will help you figure out exactly what the service is offering and what you will be needing to submit to it. Here is a step-by-step guide to writing your own persuasive essay on electric cars:

Read what they offer and decide if the service is ideal for you. If you are not satisfied with what they have to offer, you can always contact the company that runs it and ask them what you should do to make the service work. If you have made your decision, you need to make sure that you are using the appropriate spelling, grammar, and punctuation. After all, you want your essay to be as concise as possible.


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Essay writing services that we offer

Below are some of the custom writing services that we offer to our clients

prose vs verse

The Difference Between Verse and Prose, and Why It Matters

prose vs verse

Prose and verse are both writing styles but they differ in that verse writing has rhythm and may have rhyming words at the end while prose is standard written language. You may have interacted with verse writing if you read lots of songs and poetry. In this article, we will discuss all the characteristics that define blank verse vs prose and why this information matters to you. keep reading to find out.

What Is Verse Vs Prose?

Prose is written language with no rhyming or rhythm. It can be anything from poetry to a report to a book report. The style of prose used depends on the genre of the book. For example, in prose writing, the dialogue is removed because it doesn’t fit the narrative style of the book. It is to the benefit of the writer to show action without any interruptions of dialogue. Prose writing uses a very organized flow to make the story interesting and readable for an audience. Prose style is used in a report to ensure that the reader gets the full benefit of what is being said. A student who writes in prose style needs to use imagery, similes, and metaphors to draw the reader into the scene. Verse writing is the language of poetry and song.

How To Find Prose Vs Verse

In verse, every line of a verse is the same length Verse paragraphs tend to be shorter Prose makes use of pronouns and adjectives in more creative ways As you look at the following passage from a well-known poet, you’ll see what I’m talking about. The poetic structure is different in prose: It was the very first thing in his mind to know his thoughts were sufficiently like a voice, that his experience might be read as words Another facet of poetic prose is the writing style. You will find the following examples below. You will have to choose which is most appropriate to your writing. Realistic Poetry is one of the most subjective forms of writing. When you begin composing a poem, you must decide which events are realistic and which are abstract.

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Verse Has Shorter And Simpler Sentences

The result is that verse tends to be faster-paced, simpler to read, and less complex than prose. Below is a classic passage from “Duma Nishi” (from the novel Shaman King) that seems like verse to me, yet it contains long, complicated sentences: No matter what, no matter how far we run, we will never be able to escape this fog. I thought of him, a single man whose legs were as calloused as an old man’s. He made a face, like he was annoyed. The Chinese call these people “paper dummies,” and they do everything you tell them to, but they will not move. In prose, the words are usually longer and make more sense For prose, a sentence is not so much a single unit as it is a unit of language that makes sense when read as a whole.

Verse Has A Clear Rhythm To The Sentences

In prose, we’ll need to pay attention to the sentence length. Verse runs much longer than prose, which helps to keep the work from feeling rushed. Verse is written in a single continuous motion, whereas prose can feel scattered Although verse flows much more naturally than prose, the lack of movement will feel clumsy in the flow of prose. Most important of all, verse is a collection of words that never need to be read in sequence, and prose is shorter. In verse, there’s a rhythm to the sentences that always keeps you moving forward. In verse, you always get the sense of movement and even urgency. This is the natural kind of poetry, and poetry is about action and motion.

Prose Has No Rhythm To The Sentences

Don’t let your sentence be too long or complicated, and definitely don’t use a lot of phrases in your prose. Make sure there are clear sentences and phrases in your work. In verse, there is a rhythm to the words Alliterations, such as the words “taut” and “bond” are okay in poetry. This is the type of verse that has a number of verses. You’ll find rhyming verses and meter in these. In prose, a lot of great descriptions are made You’ll find great metaphors and similes in prose. Make sure you include strong descriptions in your verse. In prose, the reader doesn’t get many extra details The prose version will be the whole story. For example, in the prose version of a biography of Gandhi, there will be only one side to the story.

How to Identify Prose Vs Verse

The Purpose of a Grammar Book You need to learn grammar because in order to perform in different industries, it’s important to understand the different points of grammar. For example, your English teacher will most likely give you a test on grammar and you should always know what to look for and understand. The reason you need to know grammar is because you need to develop an ability to learn, memorize and understand in order to succeed. Why You Need to Know the Differences Just like any other skill, you need to practice grammar until it becomes second nature to you. Most often than not, you will find that you have to master some level of your grammar in order to accomplish any goal.

Writing styles do not affect your writing ability. They are not essential qualities of writing to teach you to express yourself. Nevertheless, when you learn about them, you may be able to get away from some of the clichés of the popular writing styles. Knowing the differences can make your own writing better because you know what works best for you and what might hurt you. Moreover, you can look for interesting prose styles and add a little rhythm to your own work to make it more lively.

What Is the Definition of Poem Vs Prose or Free Verse

There are some key differences between verse and prose. Verse refers to rhyming and is written in rhyming verse and you might read poems and songs. Prose on the other hand is simply written standard written language and is generally found in textbooks and journals. The verse has some rhymes and the prose has none, but the prose still has rhythm and rhyme. Verse makes the writer feel like they are walking in a conversation with the listener. Verse has the listener’s needs and wants as the writer’s first priority. The prose emphasizes the writer’s needs and wants and leaves the listener wondering what the writer is going to say next. Prose on the other hand may emphasize dialogue, twists and turns, and twists and turns again, whereas verse may only emphasize dialogue or dialogue.

Pros And Cons Of Both Styles

The pros of verse writing are that it has rhythm and flow, which is excellent for storytelling and writing lyrics. Prose writing is more organized and structured, which may help you to focus and keep the flow in a longer essay or story. The only con about both styles is the use of punctuation and sentence structure. If you’re writing verse you don’t need grammar and punctuation, and while prose is easy to proofread, it’s difficult to proofread verse because many poets tend to use a lot of accent and extra words to help the rhyme scheme.

This article has introduced you to the different styles of writing and how to write verse as well as how to write prose. Try using one style for a week and see which one you like best. Once you are satisfied with your style, try using another style and see how it works. The way you write is going to dictate how you feel while you are writing and the way you feel will also determine how you feel about the work. We hope you find this information useful. 

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Social responsibility is the theory that a company should build relationships with the society and the environment where it’s located.

This involves actively cultivating and valuing these relationships with society, consumers and even employees instead of just being consumed with maximizing profits.

Although critics have frequently argued that environment is not actually a business stakeholder, businesses have a duty to act in the best interest of both society and their environment. This is otherwise known as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Companies around the globe take different positions on this and we have broken then down into four approaches to CSR.


Companies that take an obstructionist stance to social responsibility normally attempt to defend their economic priorities by blocking any attempts to point out the lack of social responsibility.

Making profits is the most important aspect of their business and although they are proud of it, they will deny any wrongdoing and use any obstacles available to them to deliberately derail or divert investigation of their practices when faced with specific social demands.


Companies that take the defensive approach to social responsibility aren’t socially responsible but they do a somewhat good job of hiding it.

Making profits is way more important to them than performing socially responsible actions.

They consider themselves neutral hence social responsibility isn’t a topic you can openly take up with them.

These companies make a point of following the law to ensure that others cannot take legal action against them. This does not mean that they do not perform actions that are detrimental to both society and the environment, they just look for legal ways of protecting themselves from lawsuits.


Companies that take this approach actually believe that social responsibility is just as important as making a profit.

They satisfy all legal requirements and normally attempt to meet ethical standards.

Such companies remain transparent about why they take specific actions and strive to be valuable to the society and the environment instead of hiding their actions.

These companies may even decrease waste creation, do away with animal-tested products and pay their employees fair wage.

They keep their records open to the public.

Although they strive to be socially responsible, they may change their policies in response to criticism just so they remain in their shareholders’ good books.


Companies that take a proactive approach to social responsibility make it a priority even if doing so ends up cutting into their profits.

They try to remain ahead of the curve in regards to social responsibility instead of reacting to criticism of their actions.

Most of them even include ethics in their mission statement and try to avoid any harm to the environment, the society or their employees.

Some of the actions associated with a proactive stance in companies include giving all employees living wage and benefits, instituting new recycling programs and donation of a portion of their profits to charity.


Although some companies still fail to give social responsible the respect it deserves, it is actually very beneficial to the overall business of a company if done willingly.

Nowadays, investors and consumers seek investments that aren’t just profitable, but also contribute to the welfare of both society and environment. Embracing  social responsibility can lead to maximization of shareholder value by reeling in those much needed investors while making sure that the consumers and community around you feel just as important.

Engaging in social responsibility will also boost morale for your company especially if you involve your employees in your social causes.

Social responsibility is not just the moral thing to do, it is good business practice.

What is the Purpose of Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate social responsibility is a business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders. It is also known also known as corporate citizenship.

This self regulated company practice is aimed at improving society or impacting positive change.

It addresses a variety of issues among them, human rights, education, health, safety, corporate governance, working conditions and environmental stability.

CSR efforts ought to be focused on real life challenges and should aim to impact real change.

To be authentic in ones CSR, a company should ensure that the work they do every day is connected to what they care about as a company.

If a company chooses to engage in opportunistic or short lived attempts at social impact instead of going all in to make real change, they are bound to be found out by keen investors and customers who may then discredit their whole mission.

CSR can also be used as a marketing strategy as long as the company continues to put in the work and gain tangible results.

Importance of CSR

  • Improves the company’s public image which appears more favourable to customers.
  • Gives the company an advantage over competitors who aren’t engaged in CSR.
  • Improves brand awareness and value by showing that the company is not just about profits but also reliable positive change.
  • Fuels customer loyalty since most people want to be part of a company with a vision and willingness to do good.
  • Increased revenue.
  • Attracts and retains talented employees.
  • Motivates employees and brings about greater productivity by engaging employees in CSR.
  • Helps the society to find solutions to every day issues.
  • Helps nonprofit organizations find support beyond individual donors because companies with CSR mostly offer donations and voluntary programs to them.
  • Sustainable changes such as reduced packaging actually reduce the production costs.

How Does Government Shape the Social Responsibility of Organizations?

The government, through the national, state and local branches, tries to shape social responsibility practices through both direct and indirect means.

Direct influence involves the establishment of laws and rules that dictate what organizations can and cannot do.

This form of regulation is based on social beliefs and how businesses should conduct themselves.

Such regulation includes company laws, regulations for pension funds, stock exchange regulations, laws on CSR reporting and penalties for noncompliance, among others.

The government can also provide incentive by putting in place tax exemptions for social or philanthropic investments, internet platforms and award schemes that increase the visibility of CSR activities, training and capacity building for Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and providing funding for research on CSR.

We have also witnessed intervention where the government has raised awareness on CSR by demonstrating how companies can contribute to sustainable development while also encouraging public sector engagement in the same.

The government can also partner with companies to tackle issues such as poverty reduction, access to health care and educational infrastructure to ensure that interested companies can really impact the change they desire.

What is Economic Responsibility?

Economic responsibility in CSR aims at striking a balance between business and the environmental and philanthropic practices.

Companies have a responsibility to find a solution that will facilitate the long term growth of the business while also meeting the set standards of both ethical and moral regulations.

Economic decisions made in a company have to be made by considering their overall effects on society and the business.

An example of economic responsibility is where a company incorporates recycled products into its manufacturing process. The company lowers the cost of materials used while taking up fewer resources hence benefitting the society.

Cheap Custom MLA Papers

Cheap Custom MLA Papers

Introduction-MLA Citation Style

MLA is an abbreviation for the Modern Language Association, which is a language and literature-based organization.

There are other citation styles but the MLA format is mostly used for literature, language, liberal arts, and other humanities subjects.

Although you will mostly find MLA style in research papers, it is also comprised of other features such as in-text citations and the Works Cited page.

The MLA citation style creates a uniform format for scholars to document their sources and format their papers. This way, recognizing and understanding the types of sources used for a project becomes easier and encourages your readers to explore them, rather than just acknowledging them on the document.

An MLA citation ensures that credit has been given to the original author where information has been borrowed from a source and used in a research paper or assignment.

At the end of the research paper, there is a Works Cited list which contains all the citations placed in the project.


MLA Citation Format

The MLA citation format has been updated several times in the past, the most recent being the 8th edition released in 2016. Before this update, there were different formats for books, websites, journals, and the like, and it was up to scholars to find the right format.

The 8th edition came as a universal MLA citation format that included every existing source of information. It encourages the citation of URLs and allows the use of social media usernames and pseudonyms instead of an authors real name. A lot more updates have been included in this edition as possible to reflect the modern age of technology we all live in.


How to Cite Books in MLA Format

This is the most basic type of referencing. The items are lined up as follows:

Last name, first name. Title. Publisher, Year of Publication.

Please note that the title is in italics. All words in the title must be capitalized save for the articles.

If there are two authors, the first author’s name should be written inverted and the second author’s name should be written in order, both joined by an “and”.

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In-text Citation

With in-text citations, you acknowledge a source by providing a brief reference to exactly where in the source you found the information. The reader can then use the complete reference listed in the Works Cited page at the end of your paper to verify what you have written.

In most cases, providing the author’s last name and a page number is sufficient. If you mention the author’s name in your text, only the page reference needs to be inserted in parentheses.


Works Cited List

This is the alphabetical list of works cited that appears at the end of your paper containing more information about all of the sources you’ve cited and allowing readers to refer to them, as needed.

It is very different from a bibliography. The main characteristics are:

  • The list of Works Cited must be on a new page at the end of your text.
  • Entries are arranged alphabetically by the author’s last name or by the title if there is no author.
  • Titles of books are italicizedand titles of articles are placed in quotation marks. All important words should be capitalized.
  • Entries are double-spaced (for this page, single-spacing is used).
  • For online sources, the date of access is an optional element. However, it can be helpful to include this information, especially if the source you are using does not have a date of publication.

Where to Buy MLA Paper Online

When writing course assignments, you are mostly required to cite your sources in one citation style or the other, one of the most common ones being MLA. The citation may seem like a very complicated aspect of academic writing and that is why we are here, to offer you cheap custom MLA papers.

Speedywriters prides itself on the most qualified personnel to make sure that your paper is in order. Our writers adhere to even the most recent updates on the MLA citation format to ensure that your work passes every integrity test. We do all the hard work so you can focus on what’s important.

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If you are looking for cheap MLA style papers online, is your best bet.

Related Questions

How do you cite a white paper in MLA?

A white paper is a report that is produced by a government agency or a research organization. These reports are very helpful sources for research papers in the specific fields covered by them. White papers are cited the same as all other government reports.

The citation should start with the name of the author, their last name, a comma, then their first name. If the author has not been credited you can use the name of the government agency or organization. A period has to be placed after the author’s name.

Next, you type the full title of the white paper and a period inside quotation marks. It is important to use the title case.

If the white paper has been released as a series or a collection of similar papers on a broad area of study, type the title in italics and put a period after it.

Next should follow the name of the publishing organization or agency followed by a comma and the date of publication followed by either a comma or a period.

It is also important to add the direct URL for the white paper without the https:// portion of the address and add a period at the very end.

Remember to include a supplementary citation at the end of a quotation or a paraphrase of the white paper.

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