Descriptive essay about nature

What is a descriptive essay?

A descriptive essay is a type of essay that requires the writer to give a detailed account of certain places, persons, situations, objects, occurrences, etc. This type of essay does not rely on other people’s responses but the writer’s ability to create a picture on the reader’s mind by effective engagement of all the senses i.e. light, taste, sound, etc.

In this article, we are going to write a descriptive essay about nature.

Descriptive essay example about nature.


Descriptive Essay on Nature

Ever imagined how the beautiful surroundings near you came into being? When you start walking, or may be wandering all by yourself, you will realize that you are really not alone! You will always find yourself in the company of trees, mountains, rivers, forests, rocks, buildings, among many other phenomena. All the above things constitute what is called nature. Specifically defined, nature is a collection of all physical world, including but animals, plants features and special products of the earth, as well as landscape. Nature does not specifically refer to manmade artifacts such as storey apartments or the vehicles. Nature is more inclined to the universe as well as earth, and the associated phenomena.

The most fascinating phenomena of nature is the universe and the solar system. Without the solar system, or so it is said, there cannot be any form of life. The maker of the solar system must have been a very crafty, innovative, and wise supernatural being only of their kind. Actually, the sun itself is so fascinating that it looks like a big electric lamp that provides sufficient light and heat energy to all forms of creation on earth and other planets. It is the sun that also regulates the temperature so that plants can produce sufficient food for themselves, human beings, and various animals. Scientists believe that the sun is the only star at the solar system. Notably, the sun provides heat and light during the day. Unlike the manmade sources of power such as hydroelectric and geothermal sources, the sun is a natural source of energy that does not require human or external stimulation to function.

During the night, there is moon and stars that provide light to earthly creatures. When one stares at the sky at night, it is so starry that it looks like a big glistening city. This observation too, is quite enjoyable and heart-thrilling. So the nature is designed such that there is light both at the day and night time. The nature also comprises of water. In fact, water occupies the largest percentage of natural creations. Bodies such as oceans, lakes and rivers, and rain provide enough water for both plants and animals. Just like light, no form of life can be succeed without water, as per as justified by the cliché ‘water is life.’ water also serves as a habitat for various animals and plants. For example, fish, Hippo, crocodiles, and other reptiles have their homes in lakes, oceans, and rivers. Human beings also use water for domestic and commercial purposes.

The dry land is the second largest portion of the nature. It acts as a habitat for different creations, including but not limited to human beings and all wild animals, as well as the birds of the air. The land comprises of the mountains, plateaus, savannah land, and all types of forests regardless of their appearance. Mountains are important in several ways. To begin with, they beautify the environment. Secondly, mountains serve as sources of rain attraction. In most areas that are described as mountainous or highlands, there is always sufficient supply of rain. The snowcapped mountains also act as climatic checkpoints to assess whether there has been negative variations to the climate which may be harmful to lives. Moreover, the mountain rangelands serve as water catchment areas. Several rivers have their origin from the mountain bases. Mountains are also characterized by forested regions where many animals live.

The savannah land refers to a huge expanse of land comprising of grass, trees, and herbs. The savannah land is a home to the largest number of wild animals such as elephants, lions, gazelles, and giraffes. Through constant interaction, the inhabitants of the savannah regions provide a self-sustaining system referred to as ecology. Each form of creation in the savannah is as important as it is alive. The plateaus are generally fairly raised flat lands. Most human population are found in the plateaus whereby the cultivate plants and also live with domesticated animals. Although human beings can establish their homes in various regions, plateaus offer the most convenient environments for domestic and commercial purposes. These regions are also rich rivers and fertile soils that enhance agricultural production for the sustenance of human life. Elements of nature such as rocks are spread across all forms of vegetation. Rocks are important sources of mineral salts used by both plants and animals for their growth and development. Additionally, rocks are used as construction materials for the dwelling places of human beings. Beside, rocks are sources of valuable elements such as gemstones used as precious jewels.

Wind is also another key constituent of nature. Wind or air is also so central in natural lives that human beings, plants, and animals are dependent on it. Air is a mixture of several types of gases like oxygen, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen, which serve different purposes in life. For example, oxygen is used by human beings and animals for their daily respiration purposes, while carbon dioxide is the most essential gas for plants that carry out photosynthesis. Wind or air is also used for production of electric energy and other commercial purposes. Lastly, trees and the associated forms of vegetation constitute a valuable element of nature. Foremost, trees are homes to the birds of the air. Trees are also important as they beautify the environment, regulate the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide, besides playing a crucial role in the hydrological cycle. Lastly trees are significant in provide materials that human beings use for building residences.

In conclusion, nature is made up of several physical phenomena that plants and animals interact with to bring a self-sustaining system. The basic components of nature are the solar system, land, seas, and oceans. Nature is not manmade but human beings should interact with it so carefully that they do not destroy it, since destroying nature is tantamount to damaging our own lives. Natural elements such as water, light, and air make the lives of both plants and animals possible on earth.


What to keep in mind when writing essay on nature

A good beauty of nature essay written by a student should have the following characteristics in order to fetch you good grades.

  • Interest the readers-A good descriptive essay should be interesting to readers to enjoy reading. The writer should use words correctly so grab the reader’s attention.
  • Makes readers have an imagination-The essay should make the readers visualize or create a picture of what the writer topic.
  • Invoke the sensory senses-You can apply all the senses like hot, cold, dark, sunshine, etc to bring the right image to the readers.
  • Describe your emotions and feelings where it is possible so that readers can connect with you.
  • Stay on focus and organize the essay with the correct outline.

Types of descriptive essay

There are several types of descriptive essays. They include the following:-

  • Human essay-This type of essay discusses a certain individual personality, mood, actions or behavior. You can describe your best friend, dad etc.
  • Places essay-The main aim of this kind of essay is to make the writer have sights and feel of a certain city or town. As a writer, you can achieve this by selective use of words.
  • Experience essay-You can describe your first day in campus, job, certain town etc.
  • Event essay-A writer can describe certain even that has happened in his/her life like Boston marathon, Vienna marathon, subway ride etc.
  • Emotion-Descriptive essay on emotions can be about fear, happiness, fun etc.
  • Idea-This type of essay can describe ideas like honestyy, courage, trust etc.
  • Object-You can also write essay about an object like a certain sculpture etc.


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