Employment relationship and procedures

Employment relationship and procedures

Senior executives in a company, as well as the human management team, often acknowledge project management as indispensable to business growth and success. Research shows that skilled, efficient, effective, as well as experienced project managers, are among the most substantial resources that a company can ever own. Notably, a good manager should have the necessary experience as well as deep understanding of the project management theories (Fry, 2012). This assignment will attempt to identify some of the necessary questions that an interview can ask during a project manager interview.

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Interview questions

  1. What are the common challenges that face our industry in the current business market and how can you address these challenges effectively?

  2. What are some of the communication issues you experienced in your last project?

  3. How can you handle a disgruntled team member?

  4. How do you pass a message of bad news to your team members?

  5. Do you believe in the creation of an excellent customer relationship?

  6. What are some of the strategies that you put in place to ensure that your team under your stewardship meet or exceed customer expectations?

  7. What are some the techniques you use to manage the performance of your team?

  8. How do you motivate embers of your team?

  9. What is your favorite delegation style?

  10. What steps can you put in place to ensure that you monitor and review the delegated responsibilities?

  11. How do you control changes in your team?

  12. How do you ensure that your project is timely and successful?

However, at times, the interviews tend to ask illegal questions during an interview which is against the provisions of the law of the country. Some of the notably illegal questions that are constantly asked by an employee include questions about their ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality, religion or marital status (Falcone, 2009).


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