Synthesis Essay on Education

Synthesis Essay on Education

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What Measures Should Be Taken To Improve the Education System of Most African Countries


In the recent past, the education systems of a substantial number of African nations have raised interest on whether the system is really fit for the current society. The need to revisit and question the validity as well as the relevance of education systems of African countries is as a result of presence of several graduates who lack relevant skills and know-how to perform in various professions.  To be more specific, there are professionals without the required proficiency to perform well in their careers. To make the education systems of the affected African countries valid, there should be a total change in the entire learning process, including the change in curriculum, improvement of learning infrastructure, proper  training of teaching professionals in all levels of education, and introduction of a concrete system of ethics among the students’ body.

Albeit this essay mainly centers on the ways to improve various parameters in African education system, it is imperative to discuss in details some of the factors that render the education system of most African countries irrelevant. The following are the main factors.

Factors leading to irrelevance of Various Education Systems in African Continent

Lack of Sufficient Infrastructure

A number of African countries lack enough and relevant facilities to support learning of various disciplines. Such a challenge affects learners pursuing technical courses such as engineering, medicine, and law. For instance, it is quite common to encounter a higher institution of learning that lacks proper and the state-of-art library. Such an institutions is incapable of producing properly competent professionals because of lack of a well-equipped research resource to enable learners broaden their knowledge and give them to a practical approach to learning. Additionally, the learning facilities a number of countries lack important resources such classrooms textbooks. Examples of such countries include the ones in sub-Saharan and Saharan regions that experiences constant drought that cause famine. Additionally, war-torn countries like Somali where learning facilities are constantly destroyed as a result of terror attacks. Lack of enough infrastructures is attributed to the poor funding by governments of respective countries as well as misappropriation and embezzlement of funds meant for education.

Irrelevant Curriculum

A number of planned education experiences in some African countries’ educational curriculum do not meet the standards that produce a leaner with ability to respond appropriately with current problems in the contemporary society. As various studies have established, most university and college graduates lack the ability to solve a number of problems in real-life situations. It has also been observed that many curriculums in African education systems emphasize on theoretical as opposed to practical approach of solving problems. Such observations are attributed to the fact that the aforementioned curriculums do not embrace creativity in learning.

Poorly Trained Education Professionals

Many teachers and educational instructors in some Africa nations lack necessary competence to teach. The lack of professional competency can be classified in terms of content mastery and teaching methodologies. In some instances, teachers do not have enough knowledge of the topics in particular subjects. Additionally, the methodologies used to deliver the content do not meet the required instructional capacity to sufficiently impart knowledge and skills to the learner.

Measures That Should Be Taken to ameliorate the Education System of Most African Countries

To restore relevance and worth of education in African nations, there is need for concerted endeavors from various education stakeholders. Such stakeholders include but not only the governments of the victim nations, the teaching fraternity, learners, and the general society. The following are the key measures to take to resuscitate education systems in Africa.

Introduction of Relevant Curriculum

Curriculum is central to any educational system. Countries that have highly reliable and functional education have curriculums that produce holistic leaners with the capacity to address various challenges in the society.  For reliable educational system in the affected African nations, it is worthwhile to introduce and include learning experiences that enable learners to perform in various spheres of life. Besides, the curriculum should be designed in such a way that they embrace technology and creativity that empower learner to respond appropriately to current changes and emerging issues in the society.

Upgrading the Learning Infrastructure

Respective governments whose education systems are unreliable should provide enough and functional buildings to facilitate the leaning process. Such facilities should include classrooms and research centers like libraries. Besides, it is the responsibility of the government to ensure that learners have adequate resources such as books for smooth coverage of the curriculum. A particular government can improve and increase its educational infrastructure through direct funding and borrowing from potential and willing donors.

Proper Training of Teaching Professionals

Teachers and the associated educational instructors should be properly trained to attain the required competence in their areas of professionalism. Besides, professional competence enables educational instructors and teachers to impart the knowledge using the most reliable and relevant methodologies, thereby facilitating the learning process. Lastly the governments should implement in-service trainings to constantly update teachers on the current teaching methodologies that can be used alongside the existing skills to improve the efficiency of the learning process for the benefit of learners and instructors.

Restoring Ethics among the Learners

Proper morals and ethical practices in an educational system is a hallmark of learning. Students should be sensitized on the proper practices in learning. For instance, the government should emphasize values of commitment and academic honesty in education. Learners should, therefore, be notified on the dangers of cheating and be encouraged to refrain from such academic malpractices.


Improving education systems of African countries characterized by dysfunctional curricula, poorly trained teaching professionals, and inadequate infrastructure require a unified approach.  Introduction of a relevant curriculum, proper training and facilitating of teachers and learning instructors, upgrading and increasing the quantity and functionality of learning infrastructure, and restoring a solid ethical system for the learners are the key measures that can be used to upgrade the fallen educational systems of some African nations. However, all the education stakeholders should play their respective roles in improving education.

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