Bauhaus-Style Products


Find a current Bauhaus-inspired design. Then write a short one or two paragraph essay describing your chosen design using any three (3) of the above qualities. Define each of your three (3) chosen qualities, and how they are expressed in your chosen Bauhaus-inspired object. How exactly do you interpret these qualities? For example, what does it mean when a product is organized, subtle, or regular? Be sure to include an image on the same page as your essay.


Bauhaus-Style Products

Being one of the famous and best artists, Breuer describes his invention as the most paramount innovation in the furnishing industry in the 20th century.  His fashioned his first chair with the tube-shaped steel of his bike’s handlebars which were strengthened and light. The body of the individual sitting on the chair does not touch the frame of the chair.  Breuer once delineated his creation as his most comfortable, the least artistic, the most logical, the least cozy and the most mechanical design of all time (“Marcel Breuer Digital Archive,” 2013). The canvass accommodates, back, frames and seems to float in air which would take furnishing into a radically new direction.

The following qualities can be used to describe Marcel Breuer club chair (model B3)

  1. Elegant – club chair (model B3) can be described as the most tastefully fine and luxurious designed to have graced the furniture industry. The shiny bent bars gave the chair an extra look that attracted individuals from afar. The bent bars gave an in individual a chance and opportunity to lean back and relax.
  2. Comfortable – club chair (model B3) was designed in such a way that it would provide physical ease and relaxation to people. The chair is big enough to accommodate people of all sides while its arms are slightly raised to allow individuals to sink, lean back and relax. Moreover, the chair can be said to provide mental relaxation after a long day work.
  • Mechanical – club chair (model B3) can be said to be one of the most mechanical chairs to have ever been designed considering that the designer hand to bend all those tubular steel into shape before eventually coming up with a design. Since the chair involved a lot of work, metals, and technique, it can be said to mechanical (“Marcel Breuer Digital Archive,” 2013).


Marcel Breuer Digital Archive. (2013). Choice Reviews Online, 50(05), 50-2482-50-2482. doi:10.5860/choice.50-2482

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