Industrial Revolution – Product Analysis


Find a product invented during the Industrial Revolution. Under the context of personal or social change, discuss your product a one or two paragraph essay. Imagine yourself using this product during the Industrial Revolution, and describe the changes you experienced. For example, how did the: Clock, Interchangeable parts, Transatlantic cable, Mason jar, Safety pin, Unions, Pasteurization, Celluloid… affect you or your community?


 Industrial Revolution – Product Analysis

One of the most important products invented during the industrial revolution is the steam engine. The invention of the steam engine significantly contributed to the growth of factories, led to development of steamboats, and contributed to the emergence of steam-powered trains. The development of steam engine had a great impact on the social scene. One of the greatest impacts is the ease of movement from one place to another. The development of steam engines made it possible for people to move over longer distances using trains, steamboats, and road vehicles. This improved trade since people could easily move goods from one region to another. For instance, it became possible for one to move raw materials to factories and finished goods to people. Another change that occurred is the exploration of new lands. With the development of steamboats, people were able to travel faster and expand territories. Another social change that occurred is improvement in trade between different and often far off countries. The development of steamboats enabled people to move across oceans with ease and carry more goods compared to when they were relying on wind power.

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