Product Analysis


Select an item (whatever item that you choose)you have designed; you may use assignments from previous classes. Include one related image and what your assignment objectives were. Based on your present understanding of globalization write a short, concise one or two paragraph essay.

Your essay should include the following:

What is your product?

What is its purpose?

What are its key design features, and why did you design it as such?


To examine previous work in the context of a globalized world.


An item you designed, either as a commission or for another course.

Word-processing software


Product Analysis

My product is a puzzle pencil container specifically for children. The aim of this assignment was to develop a unique product with common usage or application in our daily lives. The puzzle pencil container is a special pencil case that children can use to store their pencils and other writing items. Its major purpose is to help children remain organized while at the same time encouraging play and creativity. What makes the product special is that this is not an ordinary pencil case, but one that children can use to play and improve their creativity. The product has a unique design in that it comprises of four pieces or boxes, each with a different color. The holders are slotted together to complete a unique design. Each of the four pieces can be separated from the rest as a single part, which makes it fun for children. Each of the four pieces has attractive colors and a loop design at the top part. This helps children in figuring out how to slot the four pieces together. I designed the puzzle pencil container this way in order to make it interesting for children. The puzzle pencil container is not just for storing pencils, but something that children can use to play.

Fig. 1.1. The puzzle pencil container

 The puzzle pencil container.
The puzzle pencil container.