Economic development


For this Discussion Board Forum, interact in a free-flowing discussion of the biblical and constitutional parameters for the particular policy focus being discussed this module/week. In other words, you must discuss the “May” portion of the “May-Can-Should” approach to policy analysis and implementation. Engage the ideas of your classmates and the required readings and presentations in a meaningful and thoughtful manner.

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Economic development

Every single day across the globe, thousands of policies are proposed from small to large to huge. Public policies adopted in a country are meant to provide particular guidelines regarding a particular issue affecting the country or a community in a manner consistent with the law. One of the current most popular public policy in the United States today is the adoption of progressive tax policy. According to this policy, the percentage of income of an individual pays in tax increases with an increase in income. However, according to the May-Can-Should approach just because an individual can pay taxes does not mean that he or she may pay and it certainly does not mean they should. All those patriotic people in the country willing to participate in economic growth through public spending can pay their taxes (Merino, 2011). However, the may stage of the process help in identifying whether an individual falls within the tax bracket. At times, citizens may be willing to pay taxes, but their income falls way below the tax bracket. Therefore, may help in determining how much one is likely to pay. Additionally, the should part of the analysis determines the willingness and ability of one to pay the taxes. Others just evade taxes because they do not feel that the taxes are too high for them.

According to the Bible in the book Matthew 22:17-21, Jesus fully supports the tax system by stating that people should give Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser and bring to the house of God what belongs to God. Therefore, Christians have an obligation of obeying the law of a country by paying their taxes. The Bible goes on to say that it is necessary to be in subjection, not only because of wrath but also for conscience sake (Ministers, 2008). For because of this you also pay taxes, for rulers are servants of God devoting themselves to this very thing (Rom 13:1-2).


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