Review of SHOP 657 in SF


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Review of SHOP 657 in SF

Fashion schools and industries are taking the fashion industry to whole new levels. The high level of the industry is forcing all designers to display their creations in a unique way for them to win the hearts of their existing customers as well as target customers. One of the channels that designers are using to get to customers is through opening and running of boutiques and fashion shops for example shop 657 in SF.

To nurture the art and creativity of design, the Academy of Art University has opened shop657, a large store in Union Square to provide real life experience to the university students and to provide them with an opportunity to show their creativeness in runway houses of New York fashion week. Besides, the store helps in displaying AAU designs and gives merchandising students a taste of the fashion world in the industry. The shop mainly focuses on selling alumni and current fashions designed by their students under local brands and others brand from New York and Los Angeles (Haugnes, 2016). Some common brands in the store include SanFrancycle, Mute by Joanne Lu, and Vipe active wear. With the help of alumni, the students, the Academy of Art University can sell their products and the prof8it obtained from the sales is directed at improving the studies in the university as well as improving the quality of the products they produce. The store does not only deal in clothes but also in footwear where designers have the freedom to introduce their brands with their logos. It is correct to say that the shop acts as a training ground for younger designers as they have access to the real market as well as guidance from world-renowned designers.


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