The Third Jihad


Investigative journalist, Steve Emerson originally documented the existence of jihad in America. Then, Brian Jenkins found 46 publically recorded attacks or attempted attacks from radicalized individuals between 9/11/2001 and December 2009. More recently, Ryan Mauro and the Clarion Project exposed radical Islamic groups inside America. Do you agree or disagree with these findings? If there is a radical Islamic presence inside America, what should be done about radical ideology and by whom? Prior to preparing your answer you may want to watch “The Third Jihad” available online at: and on You Tube at the Clarion Project channel.

Sample paper

The Third Jihad

Whenever terrorists attack and hit any part of the world, all leaders and people come together to condemn such evil deeds. However, it is worth noting that despite terrorism being widely associated with the Muslim community, not all Muslims are bad and terrorist, but a small section of the whole population who are radicalized taints the whole picture. This radical group has gone further to draft what seems like a manifesto that outlines their ambitions and intentions of turning America into an Islamic country. I fully agree and support recent reports in the media concerning the threats posed by these radical groups in America (Dedon, 2016). This assignment will attempt to provide more understanding On the Third Jihad.

From the evidence provided by the video, it clear that there is a radical Islamic presence in America and it is the high time that the government and non-radical Muslims leaders work hand in hand to curb if not eliminate this group.  Diplomacy is the right channel to be used in this kind of crisis where the government can sit down with leaders of such groups to find common ground to solve their issues. Mass training and conferencing to enlighten all Americans of the importance of national integrity as well as peace by citing examples of past terrorist attacks like September 11, would help in changing their stand and belief regarding radicalization (Boucek, 2007).  On the other hand, if diplomacy fails, the government can result in using force to dismantle all radicalized organizations whether by Muslim or other religions. Despite that this method will infringe people’s rights and freedom, it is necessary to prevent escalation of the problem and help to contain any future attacks.


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