The debate of whether to legalize or abolish Abortion has been there and will continue to be there in the foreseeable future.  It goes without saying that abortion is one of the controversial topics in the world today and it requires a clear understanding and background check before an individual can participate in this ongoing debate. Abortion refers to the ending of pregnancy through the removal of the embryo before it can survive outside the uterus. To some, abortion can also refer to the deliberate or accidental miscarriage and in recent years, there has been a debate whether the concept of having an abortion is morally and legally right or wrong. Governments in various countries an institution have struggled to minimize if not abolish abortion in their countries. Surprisingly, there are some of the governments as well as the society who feels that abortion should be legalized in all countries of the globe (Giubilini, 2012). This assignment will attempt to identify as well as describe reasons as to why abortion should be illegal.

Recently there has been an increase in the number of abortions reported around the world, especially among the youths who feel that they are neither ready nor willing to start families.  Despite some countries supporting this controversial issue I strongly oppose the idea of legalizing abortion in any part of the globe. Below are some of the points that support my strong stand against abortion:

  1. Apparently, abortion denies the unborn child the right to life as provided by the constitution. The bill right of every constitution stipulates that every single person has a right to live. In addition, it goes on to say that there is no one single person that has the right and authority to take the life of another individual. As a result, pregnant women should not be allowed to abort under normal circumstances. Through the rule of law, all men are equal with certain unalienable rights and freedom such as the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. As a result, aborting deprives a fetus its freedom and right to life as well as the pursuit of happiness. Thus, unless the mother of the child is in danger, under no circumstances should she be allowed to abort the fetus inside her. At times, the mother is at a risk of death or other medical complications, and she has to choose between herd life and that of the unborn child. At those circumstances, abortion can be allowed to save the life of the mother. Additionally, if the miscarriage occurs accidentally, it can be acceptable (Major, 2009).  However, if the abortion is deliberate, the mother of the unborn child and all those involved in the abortion process should be prosecuted for killing an innocent child. Putting in place, strict laws can assist in reducing the number of abortion cases in most parts of the globe; especially in the United States where abortion cases are sky flying.
  2. Every individual should take responsibilities for his or her actions as well as behaviors – due to the rise in levels of immorality in the society in this century, more and more individuals especially the youths are engaging in unprotected sex. Apparently, accidents happen and at times, such unprotected sex may result in unwanted pregnancy among most youths who think that abortion is an easy way of avoiding responsibilities as well as having a baby at an unwanted age. As a result, most individual think they can have sex whenever they want and wish and after realizing they are pregnant they go for an abortion which sounds very easy. However, I think and feel that the government should not legalize abortion so that individuals, particularly the youths can be responsible for their behaviors. On the processes, they can become responsible individuals in the society not only to their young families but also to the society and the government in general. It is worth noting that abortion means loss of an unborn child as well as endangering the life of the pregnant and expectant mother (Charles, 2008). The youths and other members of the society should be forced to enjoy the fruits of their actions and behaviors and as a result, should not be allowed to abort the unborn child.
  3. Abortion allows individuals to act against the rule of nature as well as the religion – many religions if not all reject abortion on the basis that God is the one who gives health as well as the gift of life and as a result, there is no one single individual who is allowed to take the life of another individual whether unborn or not. According to the bible, a fetus is a person who is unborn, and he or she comes into existence the moment he or she is conceived in her or his mother’s womb. Thus, killing a fetus is committing murder, which is against the religion, not only Christianity but also other religions such as Islam, Jewish, and Hinduism. The Bible particularly instructs humankind that man should not kill when God gave Moses the Ten Commandments. Notably, the Hindu traditions find that abolition is not different from the act of killing one’s parents and thus, they describe, such an individual as one of the greatest sinners of all time. In addition, the Buddhist believes that life begins at conception and that abortion is akin to murder and should not be legalized in any single country. Besides, the Koran considers that all life is sacred and states that whoever has killed a soul, it is as though he has killed all humankind. Finally, Judaism has taken a little different stand when it comes fetus where it states that the fetus is a potential human being as opposed to a real human being, although it must be protected as if it was a human being and abortion should not be legalized or allowed in any society(Kirkman, 2009). From the above explanation, it is easy to tell that there is no one religion group that supports abortion and thus, anyone who commits abortion is condemned both by man and God.
  4. Abortion makes human life disposable – considering that a fetus is regarded as a person, by killing that unborn child makes it possible to dispose of human life. Earlier on, doctors were prohibited to perform abortions on patients mainly because, through abortions, the doctors show that it is legal to dispose of human life. However, in this era, abortion is considered as a business where some immoral doctors have specialized in performing as well assisting patients irrespective of their ages when it comes to abortion issues. However, according to the pope, such evil practices promote a culture where human life is considered disposable despite being protected in the constitution as well as the Bible and other religious books. As a matter of fact, by legalizing abortion, governments would be allowing humankind to throw away anything and anyone that they feel they do not need thus endangering the lives of every single individual worldwide(Harrison, 2011). Thus, in the attempt to reduce and minimize cases of abortion, all doctors should be forced to take the Hippocratic Oath which specifically abolishes all abortions whatsoever. Despite most, if not all doctors are swearing not to participate in any abortion practices and activities; some just go against these oaths and participate in these evil activities. The government should make an example out of such individuals.
  5. Abortion can result in medical complication and psychological trauma for women – on more than one occasion; we have witnessed potential young mothers dying and suffering from psychological traumas as they attempt to perform abortions. The knowledge that a potential mother terminates the life of a young and healthy fetus may come to haunt them strongly on the anniversaries of the abortion or the expected birth date, especially if the woman is declared not fit to carry another child leading to a psychological breakdown. Thus, instead of taking such a huge risk, it is prudent for such individuals to avoid abortion completely.

In conclusion, it is correct to say that despite being seen as an easy way out, abortion may have hidden repercussions that may follow an individual for the rest of her life. From the above discussion, it is easy to say that abortion should be illegal basically because it brings more harm than good. As a result, any persons participating in this despicable activity should face the full wrath of the law of the land.


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