Hezbolla is Not a Terrorist Group


Do you believe that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization or merely acting in self-defense? Why?

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Hezbolla is Not a Terrorist Group

Hezbolla is a political party and a militant group formed by the Shia islamist in Lebanon. It was formed in order to rebel against Israel group who had invaded and colonized the southern strip of Lebanon since 1982. Israel military has been executing frequent attacks to Lebanon which prompted the group formation. The first attack in1982 left more than 20,000 Lebaneese dead and the last invasion which took place in 2006 claimed 1400 lives. Regardless of the invasion and massive loss of lives, Gulf Cooperation Council termed Hezbolla as a terrorist group. I strongly disagree to the notion that it is a terrorist military group but rather it is defense group.

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Arabs in Lebanon have been suffering for long from Israel attack therefore they have a right to form a military group that will defend the lives of its citizen and also deter further aggression from the Israeli army. Hezbolla waged guerrilla war against the Israeli as they invaded Lebanon hence forcing them to retreat from Southern boarder. In addition, they have never retaliated since 1982 from fighting against the Israel army. Instead of Gulf Cooperation Council condemning it as a terrorist group,  it should have applauded the efforts they make and  urge Israel military to back out of Lebanon and withdraw any planned future attack.

United Nations Interim forces in Lebanon reported and documented that Israel has been violating the Lebaneese on daily basis. However, these fact has not been covered by Israel media who are keen in naming Hezbolla a terrorist group. Lebaneese people need to have a defense mechanism against the Israeli which can only be offered by Hezbolla militia. Furthermore, the Lebaneese army is not strong and it has been infiltrated by pro Israeli officers. Therefore, only Hezbolla has the capacity, and it is protecting Lebanon against the next invasion thus it is a defense group.


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