The great beauty


From fashion journalism perspective to review <The Great Beauty> instead of movie critic. Analyze the characteristics of the hero and focus on how he dressed up. Which brand does he wearing during the party, and at the other time?


The Great Beauty

In the classic film, The Great Beauty, the story line is not the ideology behind its establishment. The story is embedded on a strong warning that fashion, sensual vices and desires of the flesh may divert you from the most significant aspects of your life. Consequently, the paper will extensively examine the case study of Hero. Various identified variables have prevented him from finding true love. The variables cut across his taste for parties, alcohol and alluring women in various degree of undress. The same sense of lifestyle has been credited for the loss of a literary talent in his pursuit as a journalist.

His fashion sense is depicted as elegant but not stuffy, carefully selected but seemingly effortless, up to date but lacks a touch of contemporary trends. His cloths on set were meant to reveal his soul depicting a full and empty soul at the same time. As a result, it is evident that Hero’s wardrobe was a mix of Armani and colored custom-made suits of traditional Neapolitan brand Cesare Attolini (Dargis, 2013). Subsequently, it is also evident that Jep has an eye for color as expressed in his selection of blazers that perfectly play off his white pants.

Occasionally, he does all white and a carefully selected pair of Two-tone, brown and beige brogues shoes. Conversely, his eyewear is depicted as that of an NBA player who makes use of glasses only when it suits a sartorial mood. In relation, his tie sensation was based on Tino Cosma designs while the used hats, Marzi from Florence defined Hero’s style (Dargis, 2013).


Dargis, M. (2013, Nov. 14). The glory of Rome, the sweetness of life. The New York Times.   


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