Decorating Christmas Tree and Gifts

Decorating Christmas Tree and Gifts

The Christmas tree has traditionally been used to celebrate Christmas day for thousands of years. In the earlier period, the evergreen Christmas tree was a symbol of rebirth and life. It is worth noting that during this period there were hardly any green vegetation visible due to snow cover, apart from the fir tree. As such, the fir tree symbolized life. Currently, most Christians around the world celebrate Christmas by decorating their houses with a Christmas tree. Christmas trees are not just put up on homes – Christians around the world use a variety of decorations to make them more appealing to look at. In the traditional period, candles were used to decorate Christmas trees and inject life into them. Fruits were also tied on branches as decorations. Christians light candles in honor of the birth of Christ. In the modern period, electric Christmas lights replaced candles due to the danger of fire.

Exchanging gifts is another custom closely associated with Christmas celebrations. The custom of exchanging gifts can be traced to the Biblical story of the three wise men who brought Baby Jesus various kinds of gifts. These included gifts of myrrh and gold frankincense. Christians across the world give various forms of gifts depending on their unique traditions. In the United States, children often receive toys. The concept of Santa is widespread and most children expect gifts from Santa on Christmas. The spirit of giving is synonymous with Christmas. This is the time when Christians across the world aim at being less selfish.


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