Strategic Management-Executive Summary


The executive summary is a critical aspect of this assignment. Your ability to condense and highlight critical information about your chosen company to investors will determine whether they decide to invest in you and your company or not. 

Chapter 4, “The Executive Summary,” pages 53–66, provides information about writing the executive summary. You may write either a synopsis or a narrative summary. Pay particular attention to the:

Executive Summary Plan Preparation Forms on pages 58–61.

Sample Plans on pages 62–66.


Strategic Management

Executive Summary

Dependable Nurses Staffing Agency is a start-up company that focuses on offering staffing services across the United States. The company operates from its central phoenix office, where it ensures the recruitment of the most qualified medical professionals and connects them to health care organizations, nursing homes, institutions, or individuals in need of their services. The organization always strive to exceed customers’ expectation by breaking barriers and changing the game. The organization’s main strength is identifying the most qualified medical professionals from the workforce and hook them to a job that matches their qualifications and experience. The company earns a competitive advantage in the market by partnering with medical professional training colleges and institutions. By partnering, health care organizations offer the best working environment, compensation, and a high level of workers development and talent management. This ensures that the organization has the best employees to supply to the best employers. The organization also communicates on the most marketable medical areas of specialization to their training partners to ensure that they produce viable in the market.

Dependable Nurses Staffing Agency operates in a competitive industry that is characterized by a shortage of qualified professionals. There are generally new nursing positions opening but with no enough professionals to fill in the open position. The organization has employed an operational strategy to take advantage of this scenario. Besides partnering with training institutions, the organization also outsources nurses outside the country.  This makes it a more reliable agency in providing the needed employees by its customers all through. The company ensures it always has employees to fill in the new positions. Its main objective in this competitive market is to expand its market share in both employee and employer fields. The company will also employ different marketing strategies to promote its services. This will help the company earn its market share and create its ground in the market already dominated by giant and older staffing agencies. In its marketing strategy, the company will focus on young medical graduates aged below 35 and target a salary that ranges from $48000 to $71000 annually, ready to work anywhere in the country, and with a high level of professionalism, empathy, and care. The company will also target organizations relying on staffing agencies to fill their work position.

The company is anticipated to grow at a very high rate. Being a service providing company, it does not require a lot of investment to make things operational. It only needs an effective information system that includes internet connection, computers, telephones, and the tight human resource management application software commonly used by the recruitment agency. The company is anticipated to make an average revenue of around $75000 per month for the first year of its operation. Its average monthly expenses are anticipated to be about $42900 per month. This results in an average net monthly profit of around $24250 after other deductions. The company is expected to break-even and start recording profit in its first month of operation. It has embraced the best possible strategies to reduce its expenses to achieve its financial goals. Among them is energy conservation by employing proper natural lighting, energy-conserving bulbs, and switching off lights when not needed. The company anticipates making a total capital investment of around $150000 in the first year. However, it expects to keep on growing with time to register a healthy financial ground. The company anticipates having working capital of around $1415403. This is projected to decline slightly in the second year and continue increasing year after year for the next three years. By the fifth year, the company is anticipated to record a working capital of around $5295148. The company’s financial ratios also demonstrate a strong company’s financial ground. The company’s current ratio in the first year is anticipated to be above ten. This may keep on fluctuating all through but remain high. A similar situation will be expected on other financial factors such as return on investment, return on assets, and sales return.  The company currently has a debt of $50000. The company expects to sell some of its shares to investors to raise some of the needed capital. The company wishes to use a mixed capital source but maximize equity as the primary source of its investment. This will help in reducing the risk of losing the company’s investment to creditors. The company debt-to-equity ratio is thus anticipated to decline with time. Dependable Nursing Staffing Agency will be a good company to invest with as it is expected to grow exponentially, as the demand for medical staff keeps increasing with time. With a good source of reliable professionals and high quality of services, the company will manage to beat its competitors to increase its market shares in the United States extensively.