How much is a 750-word essay

How much is a 750-word essay

How much is a 750-word essay? Or how much is 750 words double spaced? These are some of the questions students search on popular search engines, especially when they rush to complete due assignments. If you need help to complete your last-minute essay, you are in the right place because Speedywriters is a professional essay writing service.

In this article am going to break it down for you to understand how much you can spend ordering 750 words page at Speedywriters. But before diving into details about the cost of buying an essay, let first find out how many pages is 750 words essay.

How Many Pages Are 750 Words?

The answer is:750 words are equal to one and a half pages (1.5pages) for single spacing style or three pages for double spacing. Most documents that contain 750 words are simply high school essays or college essays.

It is also important to note that font size, font style, and margins can determine the number of pages your words will convert to.

How much is 750 words double spaced

At Speedywriters 750 words double-spaced essay will cost you less than 30 USD dollars. Most college and high school assignments require the students to submit them in APA format.

When writing any academic work, what we normally consider is the number of words. If you ordered an essay that is double spaced 750 ords and then ordered another paper but selected single spacing, the total cost of both pieces would be the same.

Tips on how to write 750 words essay

To prevent yourself from writing a more than 750 words essay, it is very important you first split your essay into sections. The word count should be spread across all the paragraphs to meet your essay target.

Before you can begin writing your essay, preplanning is very important. Preplanning helps you continuously write your essay without getting stuck or getting out of ideas or points. Take the below steps to write your paper.

  • In a separate paper, draft down all the key points you will use in your essay. Using simple grammar, make your essay outline. As you write down the key issues, arrange them from the most to less important. An article with key and strong points at the beginning captures the reader’s attention.

  • Start writing your introduction using the three points that you outlined. The opening can be up to 100 words. Capture key moments in the introduction to make the reader interested in reading the essay.

  • All the key points that you write support them with evidence so that your essay can have a good flow of ideas. Use transition words like, however, in addition to, to make your paragraphs about 150 words.

  • Both the introduction and essay body can take about 600 words.

  • The final step is writing a conclusion which can take about 100 words. Using ideas that relate to the body and thesis statement makes arguments close to the decision.

  • End your essay writing process by editing and proofreading. Remove extra words and give them to a friend to reread your essay.

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