Same Sex Marriage Synthesis Essay

Same Sex Marriage Synthesis Essay

Same sex marriage synthesis essay is typically a persuasive and a rather contentious academic assignment. In a same sex marriage synthesis essay, the writer should pinpoint the origin or the rationales under which same sex marriage is grounded, besides identifying and critically explaining the most controversial topics that characterize the same sex marriage. Additionally, it is important for the writer to emphatically show whether they are in support or against the same sex marriage right from the introduction paragraph.  Below is an example of an outstanding same sex marriage synthesis essay. 


In the contemporary society, same sex marriage remains one of the most controversial topics in socio-political as well as religious dimensions. Before getting into details, it is paramount to demystify what is same sex marriage. Same sex marriage entails the marriage between individuals with the same sexual compatibility. Perhaps, that is why same sex marriage is an issue in the modern world.  Whether or not same sex marriage is legal, it is apparent that it is a societal issue that needs to be revisited and regulated for the better of all people. Albeit some individuals are pro- same sex marriage, a substantial number of people are against the marriage of persons of the same sex.  This same sex marriage synthesis essay explores the issue of the sex marriage in legal, social, and religious perspectives.

The Legal Perspective of the Same Sex Marriage

It is still a controversial matter whether lesbians and gays should be accepted to married legally. At the current moment, most countries around the globe have not legalized same sex marriage due to lack of the same sex marriage law. Nevertheless, individuals supporting gay marriages have started to campaign so that gay marriage should have a legal introduction. In countries like California and other states of U.S, people ground the right of same sex marriage on the aspects of civilization and the need for freedom to choose one’s lifestyle. The controversy in legalizing gay and lesbian marriages is on the issue of family. It is common sense that lesbians and gays are incapable of naturally /biologically getting children. While this is the case, people with the same sex marriage claim that they are capable of imitating the convention ways of a family setting and still live a happy and satisfied life.

The legal dimension of gays and lesbians marriage also touches on the issue of children. When legislating the same sex law, it is crucial to be aware of the same sex marriage facts. To begin with, it is good to acknowledge that falling in love with same gender does not guarantee any hope of having children. In lesbian marriage, couples may get children through surrogate birth where any of the couples may be subjected to Artificial Insemination (AI), thereby becoming the actual mother. On the other hand, gay couples may get children by having a family member or get a female friend carry a baby on their (couple’s) behalf, then, upon delivery, adopt the baby and make it their own in the conventional ways of a family. Since children are critical to any family, a legal question that is always raised is how the couples teach children to fit in the way of life of their ‘parents’.  Additionally, the same sex marriage law is obliged to ensure that the fundamental rights of children in gay and lesbian families are not violated.

The Social Perspective of the Same Sex Marriage

The social dimension of same sex marriage is largely concerned with the social identity of gays and lesbians within a particular society. For instance, it is controversial to know the gender type to accord to any individual who has been labeled a gay or lesbian. In the social dimension, it also becomes hard to know what gender roles to assign to couples in the same sex marriage. For example, in the case of lesbians, it is difficult to know plays the role of the husband and whole plays the role of the mother at home, so that they can be assigned a similar role in a social context. Additionally, it is a matter of high debate whether gays and lesbians have l rights, freedoms, and privileges equal to those of the couples in the opposite sex marriage. This is because lesbians and gays are subjected to immense social stigma especially in countries where the law against same sex marriage is rigid, and in societies with primitive customs that take same sex marriage as a taboo, therefore, an abomination. As such, individuals in the same sex marriage are like to receive unequal treatments and social statuses with couples in opposite sex marriage in social contexts.

The Religious Perspective of the Same Sex Marriage

The religious dimension of gays and lesbians represents arguably the most debated scopes of the same sex marriage. Undoubtedly, the religious aspect of gay and lesbian marriage stands as the key reason for many conservative thoughts about same sex marriage. Christians, orthodox Jews, and Muslims often campaign against gays and lesbians marriage because they perceive the practice as an explicit violation of the design and intent for a family. In support of their arguments, the aforementioned religions quote and directly allude to specific scriptures in their holy books, thereby directly condemning the acts of homosexuality in their basic forms as well as meaning. The religious claim that homosexuality should be allowed stems from the fundamental and a rather obvious belief that God or the supreme creator made a woman for the sole purpose of making her a companion to a man. With such reason, it becomes a matter of common sense that only opposite sex should be allowed to marry and make a family. Religiously, therefore, the issue of the same sex marriage is unacceptable.


In summary, same sex marriage can be approached in three dimensions, namely the legal, social, and religious perspectives because it is one of the most controversial issues in the current society. Albeit social and legal perspectives are debatable, the religious perspective is presents most convincing and interesting evidences of their argument. Gay and lesbian marriages will still remain a contentious matter for many years, perhaps even centuries.

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