Role of captive populations in mammal conservation

Role of captive populations in mammal conservation

Final Research Project Instructions:

Course: Mammalogy

The Final Research Project represents your synthesis and research of large-scale concepts in mammalogy applied to a specific topic or situation. The Final Research Projects represent your original work and thought with carefully cited research. You choose a research project based a list of potential topics and activities. You also choose the format for the research project : written research paper. The Final Research Project will be worth 20% of your final course grade. The topic for your project should come from one of the topics listed below.

Research Paper Topics/ Activity List


Hot Topics in Mammalogy

  • Do you love scientific research and reading papers? Do you like “big picture” concepts? This is the project for you.
  • Conduct a literature review on one of the following topics:
    • Role of captive populations in mammal conservation
    • Cryptic mammal species (use of genetic data)
    • Dietary overlap/ sympatric mammal species
    • Chemical communication in mammals
  • Write a research paper reviewing and summarizing the current state of knowledge on the topic. Propose what areas of knowledge are lacking and need further research.
  • Consult rubric below for specific requirements.


Research Project Guidelines


Rubric for Research Paper Option

Category Criterion Percentage of Score
Content/Subject Knowledge and Synthesis of Concepts
  • Research paper shows a clear understanding of the chosen topic.
  • Ideas are clearly and properly organized.
  • Research paper contains a title, an abstract, keywords, introduction, methods and materials, results, discussion, and a literature cited sections.
  • Research paper should be typewritten in double-spaced format using Arial or Times New Roman styles in a 11 point black font.
  • Margins are one inch on all sides.
  • The paper should be complete and the main body should be a minimum of 1000 words in length (excluding cover page, references, etc.).
References and Citations
  • Reference sources are identified through student research. Effort is made to find scholarly and scientifically reputable sources.
  • A minimum of five reference sources are identified through student research.
  • A minimum of five reference sources are utilized in the journal article demonstrated by in-text citation.
  • References are properly cited according to APA guidelines for both in-text citation and a reference page.
Writing Standards
  • Writing is grammatically correct, clear and concise.
  • Writing is well formulated and easy to read and understand.
  • Attention is paid to all aspects of writing including punctuation, homophones, capitalization, spelling, etc.
  • Correct terminology is used.
  • Assignment due Sunday of Week 7. The assignment was not submitted on time.
10% deduction



-paper will be turned in to turnitin for plagiarism check. Please use your own words.
– paper should include Introduction, method and material, result, discussion, conclusion and citation(APA). at least 5 references no Wikipedia.
-Instructions have been uploaded.
Please let me know if you need anymore information.
-cite specific example and chose a particular location.
reference page is not part of 825 words