Patrick Demarchelier‘s Career Case Study-Photographer as Icon


Please explore the photographer Patrick Demarchelier‘s career in more detail.

Who has this photographer collaborated with?

What are the recurring themes and elements in their work?

In your opinion, what makes their images memorable?

How have they influenced fashion?

Report your findings in up to 250 words and at least five images.


Patrick Demarchelier‘s Career

Patrick Demarchelier is one of the greatest fashion photographers and among world’s famous fashion photographers. He was born in France but it is at New York where his fashion photography career flourished. Patrick Demarchelier has collaborated with a number of renowned photographers such as Jacque Guilbert, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and Terry King. These photographers particularly impacted his career greatly by serving as his role model in the fashion photography industry. Most of Patrick Demarchelier’s photos illuminate a particular natural quality.

Fig. 1.1. Women in beautiful dresses

Women in beautiful dresses
Women in beautiful dresses

Demarchelier’s photos mostly features beautiful women, however, one thing stands out: the photos depict a photographer who has a sense of fashion, one who understands how clothes should look on individuals. His work cuts a similar picture to that of his collaborators, a show of elegance, and good understanding of fashion. Demarchelier is also famed for his outstanding lighting techniques, which ensure that quality photos are delivered.


Fig. 1.2.

Fig. 1.3. Dress

Their images are memorable because they share one outstanding element – perfectionism. The images show great quality and detail of work. Their images have great aesthetic sensibility. In most cases, their images are candid and entirely natural; perfectly timed when the models are at their natural poses, rather than during stage poses which appear unauthentic.

Fig. 1.4. Fashion dresses

Fashion dresses
Fashion dresses

Another important characteristic that makes their work memorable is the ability of the images to depict a variety of natural emotions. Demarchelier’s work in particular portrays a variety of emotions that seem to speak to readers or to tell a particular story. These photographers have influenced fashion by delivering a truthful approach and appealing to reader’s emotions. Their iconic portraits has also helped elevate fashion and appeal to a large audience.

Fig. 1.5. Model


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