Vintage Fashion Image


Please find five vintage fashion image, and give a brief describe or story of each vintage image. Through these pictures, can you tell, how they dressed, and when were these pictures taken?

Find images yourself or through the link below:


Vintage Fashion Image

Fig. 1.1. A Couple Adorning Bright Colors (“EMGN,” n.d).

This vintage image was taken in Chicago in 1975. The couple is wearing bright colors. More notable is the bell-bottom trousers that the man is wearing, and the afro hairstyle he is spotting. The bell-bottoms are reminiscent of the 1970’s fashion avalanche that swept the industry. The lady in a red dress also looks amazing, with a white cap and a turban around the neck.

Fig. 1.2. Hats. (“EMGN,” n.d).

This vintage fashion image depicts an era when hats were the in thing for both men and women. It is clear that the hat meant a lot for every one during this period. The men wear plain hats with varied designs, while women adorn broad hats with various decorations. Women’s hats appear trimmed and with feather decorations. Others have ribbons or artificial flowers attached to them. This picture was taken in 1908, in one of London’s shopping districts.

Fig. 1.3. The bell-bottoms. (“EMGN,” n.d).

This vintage image shows men adorning the classic bell-bottoms common in the 1970s. It is apparent that the checked trousers were in fashion during this period, as well as wide-shaped ties. The turban worn on the head seems more religious item than a fashion sense. This picture was taken in England in 1971, an indication that the bell-bottoms were common in various parts of the world, and not just in the United States.

Fig. 1.4. Suits. (“EMGN,” n.d).

This vintage image shows Cary Grant, a name that is synonymous with style in the fashion industry. Cary Grant is one of the best-dressed men of the 1950s. His attire, mostly suits, is always tailored to fit elegantly for that classy look. This image was taken in the 1950s, on one of New York’s streets.

Fig. 1.5. Dapper Suits. (“EMGN,” n.d).

This vintage image shows two men wearing the dapper suits, which were common as official wear in the 1910s. Dapper suits were common in the 1900s. The dress style is characterized by wearing of suits, leather shoes and ties.


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