Paris Fashion Week review


Jacquemus fashion show review at Paris Fashion Week. Describe some details of these garments.

You should remember that your writing is intended to be persuasive. Your piece should articulate a well-formulated, coherent, and well-defined opinion on the collection.

Again, any review that you write should not only demonstrate clearly that you viewed the collection, but should also demonstrate your knowledge of the designer and his/her previous collections.

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Sample paper

Paris Fashion Week

The Paris Fashion Week offers fashion enthusiasts a rare glimpse into some of French’s finest designs. Simon Porte Jacquemus presented one of fashion industry’s most creative collections. High waist trousers with riffs on the legs dominated the show. Majority of the designs reflected various identities such as the bohemian, the cook, the grandfather, and the shepherd. Some of the tops had V-shaped necklines that covered the upper half of the model’s body. Wide-brimmed straw hats accentuated the models’ looks. The collection had different assortment of colors ranging from white, beige, and palette of black. Jacquemus made use of a wide range of materials to make the collections unique and attractive for admiration – cotton, white lace, wool, and linen dominated the unique collections presented at Paris Fashion Week.

Some tops had rounded shoulders while others had unique poufed-out shoulders. On the other hand, trousers had unique designs in that some utilized extra-long trouser designs, and mostly being high waist. Some trousers had unique cropped clam-digger-style designs. The skirts had a unique touch of Spanish designs – they had impressive pleats that added a great allure. Some of the skirts had beautiful designs such as nipped waists, fichu shapes and rounded volumes, which very much hinted at Spanish designs. Jacquemus designs gave hints of classic designs such as those prevailing in the 1980’s fashion industry, but with hints of contemporary designs. Jacquemus has clearly been able to reintroduce some lost 80’s and other classical designs. Jacquemus’s talent is clearly a mix of idealism and sincere naïveté.


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