Discuss what attributes/qualities/skills that an operations manager has to have in this role (operations manager) to be effective and successful in the organization


Human Resource Management – Leadership Activity and Self-Assessment

An operations manager manages processes and procedures.

An operations manager must also be a strong and confident leader. In this Discussion, consider what the leader side of the operations manager looks like and to consider what leadership attributes the operations manager must have to be effective. Also, assess your current leadership skills on the same criteria.

To find this out, view the videos listed for this activity and/or conduct research in the KU virtual library on this topic. Review and synthesize the information provided with the information that you find on this topic. Your answers must demonstrate your understanding of the concepts and principles identified within the textbook, course information and activities, but also from independent academic quality research to solve these challenges. Remember to cite each source that you use!

  1. Daniel Goleman Leadership and Rapport Building- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGKkeXf5y8E&feature=related
  2. Jack Welch on Leadership and the state of corporate America- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1D8vDpPbG0

As a professional you should have the ability to discern if information/knowledge is authentic and credible. You should be able to decide if information/knowledge has relevance or has resonance.

Discuss what attributes/qualities/skills that an operations manager has to have in this role (operations manager) to be effective and successful in the organization.

Sample paper

Operation Management

Admission Services – Personal Statement

Each and every investor and entrepreneur risks his money in hope to make a profit. To generate profit, a company needs to increase its sales while reducing the cost of production. The only way to lower the cost of production and operations is by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of its employees. This duty falls under the docket and Department of operation management (Asano, 2007). Operation management is the administration of business practices to create the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness in an organization. However, not everyone is qualified to become an operation manager considering that they need special skills. The following are some of the attributes necessary for an operation manager to become effective and successful.

  • Realistic – an operation manager needs to actualize the real situation of an organization and realize and understand that employees are valuable assets of an organization. He should treat all employees with respect and communicate with operation staffs to actualize their plans. Listening to his staffs is one of the key factors that make an operation manager successful.
  • Commitment – a good operation manager should be committed to his work should work towards the improvement of the operations of a company. He should ensure that the shipment and cargos are on schedule and should be in constant research to establish ways and methods to make operations more efficient(Burke, 2013).
  • Quality focused – most of the customers and clients are putting more emphasis on the quality of the products delivered to them. It is the duty of an operation manager to ensure the final product of the company is of the needed quality so that they can beat off competition.
  • Be a leader – a good operation manager should be a leader rather than a manager. Operation managers should be in a position to maintain a close eye on the operations of an organization.


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