Operations Management decisions


?Format a table of three columns and ten rows to include the following. This may be done in either Word or Excel.
?In column 1, list the 10 Operations Management decisions as found on page 7 of the Heizer & Render text.
?In column 2 and for each OM decision, describe 1-3 examples from The Goal that exemplify the type of problem or solution relevant to the OM area. For example, for “Process Strategy”, describe a scenario in The Goal when Mr. Rago or his staff had to deal with a problem in this area.
?In column 3, describe a scenario from your work life that exemplifies the same OM decision area.




 Operations Management Decisions Examples from The Goal Scenario From Work Life
Design of goods and services The goods and services that UniCo company produces are vital for consumption in diverse areas. For instance the company produces machined assemblies that are highly consumed in UniWare division. They serve as end items components and are as well sold directly as spare parts to larger customers. Serving as an operational manager in my first company, I failed to keep closer contact with operators who due to lack of supervision relaxed extensively hence low work inputs characterized with delays in work delivery.
Managing quality UniCo company has maintained its customers over the periods of operations by delivering quality products. Besides quality the company is time sensitive and meets its orders appropriately without infringing time, another attribute is that the company provides goods at much cheaper coasts (Goldratt & Jeff, 1989). While supervising the operators at the company, I noticed a number of employees who did not have relevant skills required. I organized a training geared toward equipping them with the necessary skill which was a positive move for the benefit of the company.
Process and capacity design Due to a debate between Jonah and Alex, as a manager Alex realizes that he should adopt new management principles and he effects it immediately in the company but in line with Jonah’s ideas. Alex improved the Accounting practices in the company to realize better returns in the company. After contacting several college friends and after lengthy discussions I got a way out on the process design that worked properly.
Location strategy While involving most of the ideas given by Johan, Alex did not swap the position of the company and hence fails utilize any change. I chose the location for the operators’ offices at a position that would enhance easy supervision.
Layout strategy Alex as a manager ensure the user of appropriate layout that lead to an increase in production while a decrease in costs I decided that the communication channel between my office and that of the operators was easy enough to enhance efficiency brought by being closer to each other.
Human resources and job
Alex identified three fundamental decisions that served very critical parts to ensure that He succeeds as the manager. Motivation and change management forming his basis of change. To make sure the operator I was supposed to supervise give their full output, I organized a monthly appraisal talk as well as a refresher training after every three months.
Supply-chain management Mr. Rago did not manage a successful manufacturing plant due to the supply chain problems and excess inventories. My company improved its supply chain by minimizing blotted procedures hence efficiency in production.
Inventory, material requirements
planning, and ITT(just-in-time)
Planning is a factor that eluded the company most, it had in its warehouse ready products that were not sold out yet, there were up to two months late delivery dates. Just In Time was a major factor considered by my company, it later became very important in minimizing the costs of both ware housing and inventorying.
Intermediate and short-term
Scheduling serves a critical purpose of ensuring that the company has the ability to produce require amount of good and within the time frame. Alex managed to change the scheduling of the company to ensure that the customer’s wishes are catered for appropriately. Scheduling was done in the production department at my company in the form of critical path methods and total time methods.


Maintenance It is an important to make a maintenance decision that would lead to positively production output as well as return for the company. Mr. Kago got an idea from Jonah and hence had a clear direction to take in his maintenance process. The frequent challenge faced at the company ensured that there were amicable solutions towards each bringing about the importance of change in the company.



Goldratt, E., & Jeff, C. (1989). The goal. Gower.