New Hires


you are a HR manager at a need to hire 3 new people( one front desk person as a customer service assistant, the other 2 will work on the production line.) give at least 5 places you would recruit for each position and explain why each place would be a viable option.

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New Hires

There are various viable options for looking for new hires to fill available vacancies in the organization. The source for the recruit may influence the chance of getting the best person for the job. The five places I would look for hiring a customer service assistant are recruiting firms, use of flyers, the company’s webpage, online services such as LinkedIn, and religious organizations.

Recruiting firms are a rich source of qualified employees (Vashisht, 2006). Contingency firms tend to place qualified recruits since they receive payments once the employee qualifies for the job. Flyers can be a great way of attracting qualified customer service assistants. The company can place flyers at the establishment especially if many customers access the establishment. The company’s webpage can also be great for hiring customer service assistants (Vashisht, 2006). Here, the company is likely to meet prospective employees that already have great interest in joining the company. Online services such as LinkedIn,, and among others can enable the company to seek recruits at a very low cost. Thousands of prospective employees access online job platforms daily. Local religious organizations can also be a great source of finding qualified candidates and at a low cost. By linking with the religious leaders, it is possible to reach qualified employees.

For the production line position, there is need to seek employees with prior experience due to the sensitive nature of the job. The preferable places are media advertisements, walk-ins, professional organizations, job fairs, and networking. Use of media advertisements is one of the most common methods (Vashisht, 2006). The advantage is that the company is able to reach a large number of prospective candidates to choose from. Professional organizations such as engineer’s institutions may be a good source of qualified and experienced production line workers. Job fairs are suitable when the company wishes to higher employees in a particular field, for instance, engineering, production, information systems, and other fields. At job fairs, the company can be able to interact with prospective employees. Networking involves developing contacts with the community or particular industry (Vashisht, 2006). The company can use these contacts to locate qualified candidates. Lastly, the company can rely on walk-ins, or the unsolicited job applications.


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