New North Police Precinct


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New North Police Precinct

Seattle City Council is looking at the possibilities to build a new North Precinct. The precinct is meant for the police department, and the design has factored in several important sectors that would make the delivery of the law enforcement agency effective enough. A preliminary budget for the project has been a contentious issue among the council members with some considering that the budget is way above the expectations. However the estimated cut on cost that would be experienced in case the budget is trimmed in only expected to save the city council a little from the projected amount.

The new precinct is forecast to sever a community of close to 684,451 members (Council, 2015). The current facility is not sustainable for the risen number of the officers; the new project will accommodate at least 134 police officers and an additional 190 staffs. The new plan also provides and allowance for future growth of up to 20 years. The new facility will be very instrumental in providing a safe environment, maintainable and comfortable for the police to discharge their duties.

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The police have the responsibility to deliver maximum security especially and to ensure that order is maintained in a particular region. Having been operating in a smaller room, it would be imperative to have the police serve from a section that will give them the capability to have more staff at once working. Keeping quality data to track the crime trends in the community will also be possible, and this would be in handy to limit crime cases in the community.  Maintaining law and order in a busy in the city would be possible since the project is ready to support the availability of materials such as the police cars.

The government project will be instrumental in the reinforcement of law and order in the city of Seattle due to the many positive expectations that it entails. The infrastructure, the positioning, and the environment are all strategic.


Council, S. C. (2015). Seasttle Police North Precinct. Seattle

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