Magazine Feature Review


Choose a contemporary fashion magazine and review a fashion feature. Considering its content, tone, and the reader at which it is aimed, review the feature.

The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize yourself with fashion articles in magazines and to think critically about the article’s content, tone, and readership.

Below is the link of magazine feature that I chose:


Newspaper Feature Review

The article by Givhan (2016) gives an analysis of the billion-dollar brand, Ralph Lauren. In a 2016 fashion extravaganza, Ralph Lauren showcased one its finest flannel and taupe cashmere wears for women. Among the items showcased were roomy trousers, soft cardigan which could hit the market, simple culottes which fit elegantly, and perfect tweed jackets. According to Givhan (2016), the clothes showcased by Ralph Lauren are ordinary wears, the kind that may become common household pieces for every woman. However as he notes, these wears are classy since they are made by Ralph Lauren, popular with luxurious fabrics and keen construction. Among Ralph Lauren creations, Givhan (2016) gives an emphasis on the frock coat which according to him, was inspired by the PBS series, Lauren’s favorite series.

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Robin Givhan employs different tones throughout the article in order to make it interesting. First, he employs an optimistic tone in describing Ralph Lauren’s fashion line during the Fall 2016 show. Givhan (2016, p. 29) describes the simple culottes as ones that “would be forever relevant.” Also, he describes the soft cardigan as one that could “become a favorite part of a woman’s wardrobe.” He employs an appreciative tone regarding the Ralph Lauren’s pieces. Givhan says that these pieces are “worthy of applause”, meaning he is appreciative of the various pieces. A humorous tone is employed in describing the velvet frock coat. According to Givhan, the frock coat may not become popular in the current generation. He alludes that the only women willing to adorn a frock coat are the ones whose “last name is Lauren”. This article is aimed at young women, particularly those interested in designer fashion. Other fashionistas may also find the article interesting. It was featured in The Washington Post’s Arts and Entertainment segment.


Givhan, R. (2016, Feb. 18). The Downton Abbey-on-the-Rio Grande look? It’s Ralph Lauren,      obviously. The Washington Post.

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