New Year’s Style Country Comparison

New Year’s Style Country Comparison

Various countries usher in the New Year in distinct style. Most countries follow the Gregorian calendar when marking the New Year. The Gregorian calendar marks the New Year after every 365 days. In the United States, the New Year is celebrated on 1st January. Parties and gala celebrations mark the New Year in the U.S. Most individuals share gourmet food and take exquisite wine as a way of celebrating the New Year. Cakes, champagne, and black-eyed beans are common drinks and foods taken during New Year. Football tournaments are also common in New Year celebrations in the U.S.

Japan’s New Year celebrations are a bit different from those in the U.S. In Japan, the New Year is marked by vising temples for prayers. Prayers are said to commemorate the departed souls and to ask for good harvests or productivity. Temples ring bells for 108 times, which is meant to keep the evil away. When it comes to meals, the Japanese love Mochis, which are decorative homemade rice cakes. At the entrance of most homes, hand straw ropes are hung to usher in good luck.

New Year celebrations in France are similar to those in the U.S. in a few aspects. For instance, there is drinking of champagne in huge organized parties. New Year celebrations in France are known as Reveillion. Most families organize special feasts to celebrate the New Year. Fireworks, lighting, food, fun and drinks all mark part of the New Year celebrations in France.


China follows the Lunar Calendar. As such, New Year celebrations occur between mid-January and mid-February as per the Gregorian calendar. China’s New Year celebrations are referred to as Yuan Tan. These celebrations may last up to fifteen days. Celebrations are often colorful and marked with pomp and color. Celebrations may involve drum beating, dance, and feasts. Families and friends pay each other visits where they light lanterns.

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