Imagine that you are a designer or the owner of a fashion or accessories business. Imagine that you have a new product launch, whether it be a new handbag, statement necklace, or cocktail dress. Write a press release for this product launch in around 300 words.


To gain practical experience in writing press releases.

To think critically and experience firsthand the various criteria and components of a successful press release.



We are thrilled to launch the new X handbag. The X handbag is a game changer in the fashion world. It is perfect for Eco-conscious leather consumer as it is manufactured using hides from the meat industry (Davis, A.K., Piger, J.M. and Sedor, L.M., 2012 p 850). Tanya Heath is the only fashion house that makes sure customers enjoy beautiful leather products without harming animals or the environment. The source of the raw material is what sets the handbag apart from other leather bags accessible. The X handbag is made of rawhides discarded by the meat industry and retrieved by the tanneries. No animals are exterminated for their skin.

The hand bag is also ideal for individuals who suffer from chrome allergies. It is made of fine-looking leather that is biodegradable and free of toxic chemicals such as chromium salts that is used to tan leather (Tanya Heath Paris). The bag will be sold for up to 70% off until the end of June. Afterwards, the bag will continue to retail to as low as $ 48. Tanya Heath offers free shipping to China, U.S and Canada for a period of one year starting today.

According to Davis, A.K., Piger, J.M. and Sedor, L.M., (2015 p 851), the genuine X handbag come with novel and original factory tag displaying the vegetable tanned leather consortium trademark and a unique serial number. Since our inception in the business, we have been at the top of the game. We are the prominent Canadian retailer of leather handbags, computer bags, wallets, and messenger bags. In addition to our leather products, Tanya Heath also manufactures high quality wool and silk goods. We are glad for your unremitting support. God bless Tanya Heath, God bless our Customers. Thank you.


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