Discussion board participation provides an opportunity to practice writing and persuasive skills, as well to listen to, critique, and support the arguments and analyses of your peers


Discussion board participation provides an opportunity to practice writing and persuasive skills, as well to listen to, critique, and support the arguments and analyses of your peers. The evaluation of your discussion board participation is neither a measure of simple attendance nor that you answer questions correctly. Many of the issues we will confront in this course have been vexing the human mind for some time and while solutions would be welcomed, they are hardly expected. Moreover, learning is an experimental process and oftentimes the experiments of even the most dedicated and intellectually engaged students go astray.

This evaluation will reflect, however, the regular, careful preparation of assigned material and the consistent, enthusiastic attempt to share your interpretations with your peers and engage with their interpretations. Students finding it difficult to participate for any reason should see me as soon as possible

I think that this was my best discussion board post because I need to learn how to listen, being a good listener is an overlooked leadership tool that should be embraced.


Discussion Post Week 3-Listen Deeply

Since I work in a large hospital with many departments, I relate my experiences on a much smaller scale since we have almost 150 employees within the hospital pharmacy department alone.

Listen Deeply to Others (P117) is one foundation skill of almost everything you do. Non-verbal communications is just as important as communicating. Reading this section really resonated with me because I always want to talk. If I just listened more effectively I could ….

  • Reduce risk of inter-personal conflict
  • Listening creates respect, which facilitates success for the organization
  • Reduce risks of misunderstandings or regrettable mistakes and helps to problem solve
  • It breeds respect and trust
  • Listening gives a leader the power and ability to encourage and motivate employees
  • Strengthen customer relationships and aid in facilitating product and service improvement

There is always room for improvement in any leadership area. So after reading this section my thoughts on listening have changed. I once saw listening as a weakness as if you don’t know what to say. But when practiced it takes tremendous strength and security in yourself to actually employ this kind of leadership skill. It expands an individual’s moral obligation to find common ground and solutions that work when opportunities present themselves. I definitely need to “strengthen my ability to listen” (p.118).

How can I improve in this area?

  • I could set a goal of what percentage of time I plan to listen vs talking.
  • I could listen with an empathetic ear and maintain an open mind
  • I will practice positive communications skills
  • Speak genuinely and truthfully to others
  • By all means always maintain eye contact and be mindful there is value in listening, and not talking.

Clearly now is the time to practice these lessons as it will significantly improve my effectiveness in a leadership role. The most important role a leader can possess is the power to mentor and lead others; to excel in this role one must have a defined set of goals, expectations and procedures that are governed by a deeply ingrained practical and fair ideology. With this, a leader can actively listen for understanding first, use acumen to apply and new ideas that may be beneficial, and respond with unwavering conviction regarding the set principles.

Argument for which Grade I Deserve

I deserve a Grade Outstanding Contributor-A. This is because my response is substantive in that it examines all critical issues from multiple angles. In the first part, my post examines all the benefits of developing outstanding listening skills, which is vital in the communication process. Most often, people focus on talking and give little attention to listening, which leads to communication breakdown. The post offers insight into various ways of improving communication and developing mutual relations. The post provides an interesting insight about listening that most of people do not know of; that listening is a key leadership skill that takes tremendous strength for a leader to learn and employ effectively. Most of us have grown to believe that listening is just a normal routine. However, as a leader, one must learn to balance talking and listening, and most importantly to remain open to different viewpoints.

The post addresses all the critical elements, with well-substantiated points applied throughout the post. The post reflects an in-depth research in the area of communication, which is key in any research work. The presentation of the information is done in a methodical manner – the information is well structured and organized in a logical manner. For instance, I have arranged key details on improving communication in bullet format, making easier for readers to read and understand my point of view. This makes the post interesting and easy to read. My post can be of great use to any leader who aspires to improve his/her communication skills. This is because it covers most of the aspects involved in the communication process. That is why I am confident that I deserve the highest grade.