Iconic Chanel Slingback Shoes


Write about the iconic Chanel Slingback shoes. The history of this pair of shoes and the impact on the brand.



Iconic Chanel Slingback Shoes

This year, the iconic Chanel Slingback Shoe has made a huge comeback. The slingback shoes made a debut in the 2015/2016 French fashion house fall. The slingback shoe is an original design by Coco Chanel. The shoe first made a debut in the fashion industry in 1957 (Jones, 2015). Coco Chanel promoted the shoe as one fit for all occasions – as office wear, home wear, and even when attending a party somewhere. The modern slingback shoe has a mid-height block heel, just like its predecessor. This enables wearers to fill much more comfortable to walk in than while wearing a pair of stilettos. Just like its predecessor, the slingback show retains its unique design of a two-tone cap toe (Chung, 2015). The slingback shoe is surely a timeless classic that transcends generations. The shoe can be worn with a variety of outfits such as biker jackets or ripped skinny jeans.

The shoe has a significant impact on the Chanel brand. In the 2015/2016 Chanel fall runaway, the shoe was the sole footwear. The shoe has appeared in numerous street style photographs since its huge debut during the 2015 Chanel fall (Jones, 2015). Since its comeback, various models have adorned the shoe including Lily Rose-Depp, Alexa Chung, and others. The shoe was also prominent during the New York Fashion Week, where various street style stars were spotted adorning the classic piece. The shoe retails at $800, meaning that the younger generation can be able to own a pair (Jones, 2015). It will be interesting to see Chanel’s Slingback shoe make a major comeback in the fashion industry.


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