How to get work experience to work for you


I need two supplemental questions answered. The assignment is as follows. Pretend that you are applying for this job. You do not meet the minimum qualifications (Bachelor?s degree, but have a combination of schooling and experience that qualify you for the position. Apply for the job and explain in the supplemental questions how your education and experience would make you a great candidate for this position.
I have attached a resume of education and work experience along with the job description that was given. The supplemental questions are in the fake job description. I need to get hired for the ?job? in order to get a good grade.

Sample paper

How to get work experience to work for you

Answers to Supplemental questions

Please list and describe the skills/techniques you’ve acquired through your education/experience that you believe will help you successfully manage a large caseload of clients and periodic policy and practice change

Throughout my career path I have learned to be a team leader, and responsible for directing others efficiently.  Working as a human resource specialist at the United States Army, I was in charge of monitoring employees and providing useful guidance to ensure maximum output from every individual. This also helped me gain coaching skills, especially when there was a new system that was to be adopted and the employees were having difficulties adapting to the changes I would come in and assist effectively in ensuring a smooth transition.

I have learned to be people oriented throughout my profession since I largely interact with personalities. My main focus while working with people is to provide a conducive environment for everyone to exercise their capabilities without limitation. It is a skill that I gained while working as a team leader with the United States Army, where I could organize and ensure that my team members delivered efficiently. In the same position, I also learned to be consistent with my decisions precisely when it comes to giving recommendations for promotional and dismissal purposes.

I am a versatile and determined person; I have the capability to switch from one position to another without facing any significant challenges. I was able to change my work position from the helicopter crew chief to the post of the human resource specialist working with the United States Army, under which I delivered to the expectations. Hard work is a skill that will always propel one to success and knowing this quite well I could not give a chance to slumber as a student which helped me achieve an Associates of Arts in Criminal Justice, and am focused towards achieving even greater heights. I believe I have the required skills that are well in in line with working with a high number of clients, and still open to learning to deliver the best better.

Please describe your current and past professional-level experience working with human service programs that address the needs of families and/or children from diverse racial and ethnic populations.

Working as a front desk clerk at Comfort Inn, I understood the scope of my responsibility incisively and the impact they would have on the image of the institution. We would receive guests in varying numbers, due to fluctuations in the visit during the peaks season, which comes during the holidays. My courteous and friendly welcoming to the new and the frequent guest made our establishment record an increase in visits by 20% by the end of the first year working at the position. Most visits were families who would check in for holidays, or those on trips to different destinations. We also received customers from diverse backgrounds and ethnicity some which needed the presence of a person to help with translation, which was amicably handled since my target was always to provide the best to my clients.

The plight of every family depends on the capability to have the providers of various families to render adequate care. As a human resource specialist with the United States Army, I had the responsibility to ensure that all the employees’ families were considered during any decisions making about the workers. Much of these included making appropriate packages that would cover the families and the extended families at large. We also provided education and health packages for various employees. This is my brief professional interactions with children and families, but I believe I can explore further and achieve more given an opportunity.


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