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Describe how you will support and model the mission and values of Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch.

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Yellowstone Boys and Girls Club

A mission statement of an organization is composed with the aim of communicating to both the members of the organization and the general public, the purpose of the organization. The mission statement is usually short and related to what the organization is specialized in. The Yellowstone boys and girls club is aimed at helping young people prepare for their lives ahead which explains the club’s mission statement. A mission statement needs the support of the members of an organization if it is to be implemented to the latter.

As a member of the Yellowstone boys and girls club, I have a responsibility of supporting the club’s mission both within and outside the club. Yellowstone club is dedicated to helping the young people prepare for life as adults. Since there are a lot of challenges that face the youth, they need people who can guide them on how to lead their youthful years responsibly in order to have a bright future. Youths can be prepared for life as adults through engaging them in training programs that can help them explore their skills and identify their career paths. Taking youths off the streets and training them can be a great way of showing support for the club’s mission.

The clubs values such as hope, faith and integrity should be modeled by all the club’s members. As a member of the club, I can model these values by showing commitment to my fellow members by giving my support in club activities and showing up to any club-related activities. I should show integrity in all my actions by using the club’s resources for the right purposes and caring for others even when I have my own issues. Putting others first before ourselves is not common among people but doing that shows we care to fulfill a greater good that is bigger than us.

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